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What’s up with cannabis legalization in Belgium?

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The country is slow to consider enacting any kind of cannabis reform, with a law on the books that is 101 years old this year to regulate the plant.

As Belgian cannabis advocates pointed out in spades this year on 4/20, the country is hopelessly behind the times when it comes to reform. This is true not only compared to other countries across Europe, but also to its neighbors who exist in a tripartite political and economic union and alliance with each other within the E.U. These are the so-called Benelux countries. This inter-regional coalition, created in 1944, consists of Holland, Luxembourg, and Belgium. The cooperation between the three countries is in many ways similar to the DACH alliance which unites Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.


Growing cannabis at home: how COVID-19 has fueled a boom around the world

Back in the days when “skunk” was mainly associated with Pepé Le Pew and hydroponics was a way of improving cucumbers, most of the UK’s cannabis supply was imported from places such as Morocco and Lebanon. This changed in the past two or three decades in the UK and many other countries as organised criminal gangs set up growing operations closer to home.


Belgium Legalized Smokable CBD Flowers and Upped Its Medicinal Cannabis Game

Getting in on the new medical cannabis and CBD industries is all the rage globally. Countries that started out slow, like Belgium, are quickly picking up the pace as these markets expand very fast, opening new possibilities for self-production and global exportation.

When legalizing cannabis for medicinal use first became a thing, the idea of it was clearer and more direct than it is today; it meant legalizing cannabis for residents of a country with specific medical issues. And it still does a lot of the time, but it doesn’t have to anymore.


How hemp quietly became legal in Belgium thanks to its ‘unique’ situation

A legal loophole that allowed Belgium to enjoy hemp flowers for the past year and a half has led to the legalization of the product — and other countries are following suit.

Once budding entrepreneurs realized that there was no law forbidding them from selling hemp products — as long as they contained less than O.2 percent THC — hundreds of shops popped up across the country, providing access to a wide range of products.

Once the country’s finance department realized the potential for profit, however, it quickly legalized dried hemp flower, classified it as a tobacco product and taxed it at 31.5 percent in addition to a 21 percent value-added tax.

Hemp products can now be sold wherever tobacco is, opening up over 100,000 new potential points of sale.


Cannabis flowers are legal in Belgium, and nobody noticed

Read entire article here.

Thanks to some recent legislative changes, anyone wanting to purchase cannabis buds in Belgium can simply stop by the nearest tobacconist.


Belgium steps up medicinal cannabis plans with New Government Bureau

Belgium has laid out plans to increase medicinal cannabis production, promising more money for research and domestic cultivation.

The Belgian government has announced plans to launch a dedicated ‘Belgian Cannabisbureau’ to oversee the local production of cannabis. 

The Cannabisbureau will operate as a wing inside the Belgian Federal Agency for Medicine and Health Products (Federaal Agentschap voor Geneesmiddelen en Gezondheidsproducten / Agence fédérale des medicaments et produits de santé).

It will authorise private companies to produce cannabis and will also be responsible for the import and export of medical cannabis.


Will the Town of Kinrooi Become the Mecca of Medicinal Cannabis in Belgium?

The Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAMHP) has received anapplication to allow the establishment of a large R&D facility to perform large-scale research into medicinal cannabis in the town of Kinrooi in the provence of Limburg. If this research facility can be established, it will generate approximately 500 to 800 new jobs.

The suppression of spasticity in MS patients or pain relief to cancer: the impact of medical cannabis in the year 2016 is undisputed. "Still, much more research is absolutely needed," says Joris Vanvinckenroye, founder of Royal Doctors.


The Situation With Medicinal Cannabis In Europe – A Complete Overview

Medicinal Cannabis Sativex and Bedrocan are now available in many European countries, and several have infrastructure in place to supply patients with medicinal cannabis. So which countries are moving with the times, and which are dragging their heels? Where are medicinal and recreational users most (and least) free to utilize their drug of choice? Let’s take a look at the facts.


Why Belgians Urge You to 'Pull Your Plant'

The Belgian cannabis movement, a small but powerful force, is still recovering from the shock caused by the unexpected death of legalization advocate and long-time resident of the country, Joep Oomen, in March. Oomen was a pivotal figure in the broader European drug reform movement and founded Belgium’s first Cannabis Social Club (CSC). Members gathered at the 11th annual Cannabis Liberation Day in Antwerp last month and considered how Oomen’s legacy will inspire the European legalization movement going forward.


The Rise of the European Cannabis Social Club

As a European, it’s been exhilarating to watch how the cannabis industry is sweeping across the U.S. The new brands, technology, science, culture, and great products are awe-inspiring. As much as I would love things to follow the same path here in Europe, I just can’t help but feel that things are not going to.

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