Former Goodyear Tire in Hartford could become cannabis retailer if given a special permit

Former Goodyear Tire in Hartford could become cannabis retailer if given a special permit

This former Goodyear tire could be the site of a new cannabis retailer in Hartford. 

Right off the highway, around the corner from Dunkin' Park, and down the road from Xfinity Theater, plans for a cannabis retailer are in the works in Hartford.

The cannabis company Let's Grow Hartford is seeking a special permit to open up shop on Market Street under the name 306 Market Street LLC. The LLC, which lists LAZ Parking CEO Alan Lazowski as principal, is looking to occupy the approximately 14,700-square-foot building on the corner of Market and Pleasant streets. Previously the building was home to Goodyear Tire and Service.

"The location is really part of our thesis, the visibility,"  Let's Grow Hartford CEO David Salinas said.

Salinas said Lazowski is involved with the project as an investor and not as part of his LAZ business.

Salinas is working with Janice Flemming-Butler, a Hartford native and lobbyist, on the project as partners. The two previously planned to create a "campus" in Hartford comprised of multiple types of cannabis businesses. 

However, Salinas said at this point the idea of the campus is "no longer an option" because of real estate and regulatory constraints. Let's Grow Hartford will instead have locations across the state with a "flagship" location in Hartford, assuming the special permit is approved. 

"So we have a vertical license, which allows us to do everything from seed to home," Salinas said. "So we have delivery, seed cultivation, manufacturing, retail, and delivery. The businesses will be spread out throughout the state." 

The structure currently occupying the building would be divided into retail space, an area for shipping and receiving, and a warehouse to hold the product they plan to sell, according to the special permit application. The parking area will be repaved with a total of 23 spots. In total, the lot is 31,980 square feet. 

The LAZ Parking lots surrounding the location often used for Dunkin' Park and Xfinity will not change.

The special permit would allow the company to operate a cannabis retail location, but does not involve a zone change, according to the application. The application was tabled at a Jan. 23 meeting until the Feb. 9 meeting because of technical difficulties with the virtual meeting platform.   

On the special permit application, 306 Market Street LLC lists Scott Consoli, a partner at Consoli Bartolan Law Group, as its attorney. Like LAZ Parking, Consoli's law firm is located inside the Gold Building in downtown Hartford. Consoli did not respond to requests for comment. 

Salinas said the business model will be focused on "convenience and experience." He said the vertical business will allow them to offer a wide variety of products.

Hartford is already home to cannabis retailers Higher Collective and Curaleaf. 

Let's Grow Hartford is a social equity joint venture, so leading up to the launch, the group has held "house party" discussions with residents about the needs of the community and has partnered with local groups supporting youth. They're also planning to give back to the community in the form of over 100 jobs across the state.

"It's a very robust, serious industry," Salinas said. "And it needs to be treated with the respect of that as well, which is that it is an economic driver now."

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