Cannabis store shut down for alleged unlicensed sales

Cannabis store shut down for alleged unlicensed sales

Jaydega 7,0 Cannabis Store Shut Down for Allegedly Selling Products Without a License.

The Jaydega 7.0 store on Main Street, Canandaigua was shut down Thursday after allegedly selling cannabis products without a license, according to the state Office of Cannabis Management. 

Daniel G. Haughney, director of enforcement for the state office, said a notice of violation and cease order directing the proprietor to stop all illegal, unlicensed cannabis sales was issued after an inspection in June. 

The store continued to operate as an unlicensed cannabis dispensary in clear defiance of the order, and a temporary restraining order against the proprietor as well as a temporary closing order were obtained Wednesday in state Supreme Court in Ontario County, Haughney said. 

A "few hundred thousand dollars’ worth" of cannabis flower, cannabis edible products and cannabis concentrate were seized from the store Thursday, but a more detailed inventory will be done in a controlled environment, Haughney said outside the store. 

“We will be pushing for a permanent closing order,” Haughney said, adding the office is not pursuing criminal charges at this point. 

The proprietor, George West, said outside his store that the product taken represents “hard-earned” income, and asked that he be regulated and able to do the job. 

West, who said he has applied for a license, did not say what his next steps will be. 

"I don’t know what will happen to Jaydega or myself in the future with cannabis, but I hope it is positive,” West said. “I’ll keep a positive outlook for as long as I can.” 

West said people with medical issues such as cancer and multiple sclerosis are customers. 

“Those people count on me,” West said, adding that so do store employees. 

The store opened in 2019. 

The closing order was the first taken in Ontario County, Haughney said. 

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