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New York Regulators vote to allow Marijuana Patients to grow their own Weed


New York cannabis regulators approved a rule that would allow medical marijuana patients to grow and harvest their own plants, making for a cheaper and more accessible alternative.

The New York State Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) has voted to adopt home grow rules that would allow medical marijuana patients and caregivers to grow and harvest their own cannabis plants. Tuesday’s ruling will go into effect on October 5.

The rule will allow registered medical marijuana patients and caregivers to grow and harvest up to six cannabis plants at a time. They would be able to possess up to five pounds of that cannabis, complying with the state’s cannabis laws.


Hopewell Township puts pause on future resolutions of support for Cannabis Retailers


Hopewell Township will halt future local support for cannabis retail establishments.

The township has already issued resolutions supporting four applicants.

Township Committee members voted unanimously to approve a resolution at the governing body’s Sept. 19 meeting.

“I think it is prudent to put a pause on things. We have vetted a couple opportunities and we have had a robust discussion over which applications might be stronger than others,” Committeeman Kevin Kuchinski said. “But that is ultimately a Planning Board and state decision.”

Mayor Courtney Peters-Manning, Deputy Mayor Michael Ruger, Committeeman David Chait, Committeewoman Uma Purandare, and Kuchinski voted “yes” on the resolution.


Galloway authorizes new Marijuana Standards

GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP - The Township Council authorized a report on Sept. 13 that lays out new, local standards on the growing marijuana industry.

The standards, which concern marijuana cultivation, come after residents raised concerns about potential odor from a proposed cultivation facility.

Township Redevelopment Attorney M. James Maley Jr. said that Galloway was a pioneer in developing the new standards. He noted how new the industry was and said officials were trying to ensure it benefited the entire township.


Treat Marijuana like Alcohol? New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission issues guidance for Workplaces

drink and cigar

The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission has issued guidance for workplaces, and state officials are suggesting employers treat marijuana like alcohol.

The news comes as a first step toward formulating and approving standards for Workplace Impairment Recognition Expert certifications.
It’s meant to support employers’ right to create and maintain safe work environments and to affirm employees’ right to due process.
The guidance iterates that employees cannot be acted against solely due to the presence of cannabis in their body, among other things, but employers have the right to drug test on reasonable suspicion of impairment.

Will NY’s medical marijuana operators supply first-round dispensaries?


Rumors abound over MSO buy-in to the recreational market, as well as how important they’ll be for supplying product to the new industry.

From whence cometh ample weed to supply the Empire State’s potentially large and lucrative market? All options appear to be open.

Both query and response loom large over New York’s cannabis regulatory process as the Office of Cannabis Management continues to issue its first round of adult-use retail, cultivator and processor licenses. Will there be enough product for processors to refine, for retailers to sell, and where will it all come from?


This is how much Tax New York State places on Marijuana sales


Let's be honest; the real reason New York State legalized adult-use recreational cannabis is due to the potential tax revenue it will produce.

Although marijuana was decriminalized, the state fast-tracked approval of the legalization of marijuana after COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the budget. So much money was provided for COVID-19 relief and to protect residents, that the state had few options to recoup the money. Then those in power realized that cannabis (and online sports betting) were the answer. Vices usually are, lol. People spend a lot of money on things like gambling, alcohol, tobacco, sex, drugs, and marijuana.


Despite cannabis now being legal in N.Y., child welfare agencies are still using weed to separate families

“Half of those interviewed at length were parents who said it has felt impossible to extricate themselves from deeply rooted biases in the child welfare system surrounding marijuana use, specifically toward people of colour”

Despite the legalization of cannabis in New York, child welfare agencies continue to cite use of the substance in family courts, with parents sometimes being separated from their children because of marijuana consumption.

It is reported that these parents are often minorities, who were disproportionately adversely affected during the War on Drugs.


'It will poison a lot of our children': Battle over marijuana heats up in Hunterdon County

old building

LEBANON TOWNSHIP - The township Planning Board is scheduled on Tuesday to start hearing an application to build a marijuana grow facility on Anthony Road, perhaps the most controversial issue in the northern Hunterdon County municipality in recent years.

The application by The NAR Group, of Warren Township, to open a 20,000-square-foot medical marijuana cultivation facility at 62 Anthony Road, the former site of the Diamond Aerosol manufacturing facility, was originally scheduled to be heard on Aug. 16, but NAR requested a postponement until Aug. 30.

To accommodate the large number of residents interested in attending, the hearing will be held at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the gymnasium of Woodglen Elementary School on Bunnvale Road.


Here’s how many Cannabis Licences New York will initially Award

Manhattan city

Regulators plan to award up to 150 licences across 14 regions in New York State

New York regulators are a few short months away from launching legal cannabis sales. Over the past year, responsible parties have been preparing laws and setting the stage for this launch.

Last week, the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) released a regional breakdown of possible dispensaries, showing just how many licences would be awarded per area.


State begins taking applications for retail Cannabis Dispensary Licenses


NEW YORK—The state Office of Cannabis Management is taking applications for people interested in applying for a retail marijuana dispensary license, the board said Thursday at a virtual news conference. 

The launch of the application portal for CAURD, Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary Licenses, the first adult-use retail cannabis dispensaries to open, is part of the state’s effort to give business opportunities to those affected most by the state’s once-strict marijuana laws.


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