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New York judge says he will not send people back to prison for cannabis

He said cannabis use can trap people in the criminal justice system when they’ve improved every other aspect of their lives.

A federal judge for the Eastern District of New York, Jack B. Weinstein, says that he will no longer send those under supervised release back to jail if their probation officers catch them smoking marijuana.

In a 42-page decision which came down on June 5th, Judge Weinstein admitted that he had been too harsh on marijuana users in the past and vowed to be more lenient with people who have shown improvement in every other aspect of their lives after leaving prison.


Cynthia Nixon offering supporters chance to win bong — but contest's legality is in question

Cynthia Nixon is offering supporters high on her gubernatorial campaign the chance to win a bong to highlight her call to legalize pot. But there’s questions about whether the giveaway is legal. Nixon tweeted Sunday about the unusual contest prize for a political candidate.

The clear glass-looking bong contains the signature of Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, the stars of Comedy Central’s “Broad City.”

Famed defense attorney Ron Kuby called the contest a “technical violation of federal law” that prohibits the sale or offering for sale of drug paraphernalia. The term sale could include offering a bong as a contest prize even if there is no exchange of money, he said.


New York governor announces further action to support medical marijuana and industrial hemp

New York’s Governor issued the following press release earlier this week:

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced further action to support the development of medical marijuana and industrial hemp businesses in New York, directing the Department of Financial Services to provide guidance to support the safe and sound provision of banking services for these businesses.


NY urges banks to start doing business with marijuana industry

New York wants state-chartered banks and credit unions to start providing services to medical marijuana businesses which operate on a cash-only basis because banks are afraid to get involved in the pot industry.

Medical marijuana businesses are forced to pay their employees and taxes with wads of cash, according to memo released today by the state Department of Financial Services.

These cash-only businesses, their employees and customers are in danger of becoming targets of criminals, according to the memo.


Millennial investors are flocking to the first marijuana company to hit the New York Stock Exchange

  • Canopy Growth Corporation moved its stock listing to the New York Stock Exchange in May.
  • Shares have been relatively flat since the move, but that's not slowing millennial investors.
  • Robinhood data show that more than 16,000 traders on the app currently hold the stock.

The first marijuana stock to ever trade on the world's most famous stock exchange might be struggling to gain momentum,  but that's not deterring millennial investors.


Legal pot coming to New York? You can bet your unrealized tax revenue on it

Is legal pot coming to New York? A not-yet-released study will support it, state Health Commissioner Howard Zucker has said. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who used tocall marijuana a "gateway drug," also seems on board — does anyone think the health study's impending results would be tipped if not?

When? How? Those are questions that have less clarity than the sure bet that recreational pot, for adults, will be allowable in some forms. Every state does it a bit differently — Vermont, for example, doesn't even have a taxing system set up, something New York surely won't forget todo.


Marijuana in New York: Here's how the laws are changing

New York is getting closer to legal marijuana.

On Monday, the state health commissioner said he would recommend legalizing the drug, and on Tuesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the city would hand out tickets to people smoking pot instead of arresting them.


Potential legalization of recreational marijuana sales poses opportunity in NY

When investors begin testing the waters in the budding and potentially lucrative marijuana market, the dollars flow somewhat tentatively.

Marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, and despite the eight states that have legalized it for recreational use and the 29 that have legalized it for medical use, there’s a hovering uncertainty for investors — one aggravated recently when the Trump administration said it was calling for more aggressive enforcement of federal law External link .


NY's top health official wants to legalize marijuana

Another barrier to legal pot just went up in smoke.

The state’s top health official said Monday that he’s going to recommend the legalization of marijuana in a report to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“We looked at the pros. We looked at the cons and when we were done, we realized that the pros outweighed the cons and the report recommends that a regulated, legal marijuana program be available to adults in the state of New York,” Health Commissioner Howard Zucker said at an event in Brooklyn.

“I will finalize that report soon and bring it to the governor.”

It’s a stunning reversal for an administration where Cuomo once described the five-fingered leaf as a “gateway” drug.


8 out of 10 New York doctors support medical marijuana

A new study printed in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research finds widespread support for the medical marijuana use among licensed doctors from New York. Investigators from the University of New York discovered that 71% of practicing doctors in the state are in favor of legalizing medical marijuana.

In the survey covering the whole state of practicing doctors, the researchers discovered that 76% admitted to having patients who acknowledged having used cannabis for medical purposes at some point. In addition, 50% said that they had patients who asked them about cannabis during last year.


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