Oklahoma to Take Legal Action on Cannabis Cultivators Over Noncompliance

Oklahoma to Take Legal Action on Cannabis Cultivators Over Noncompliance

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) has filed 165 petitions for revocation against licensed grow facilities for failing to have signage required by law.

The state’s Senate Bill 1737 took effect on 1 November 2023, which requires all commercial growers to post signage at the perimeter of their property.

The sign must be at least 18 inches by 24 inches, have standardised black font at least two inches tall on a white background and include the business name, physical address, phone number and OMMA license number.

OMMA Executive Director Adria Berry stated: “When the legislature sent this mandate to the OMMA to implement, our inspectors out in the field immediately began noting which facilities were in compliance and which ones were not.

“As a regulatory body, it’s our job to ensure the licensed medical marijuana industry is in compliance with state laws and regulations.

“Consistent regulation is essential for shaping a balanced and well-regulated cannabis market in our state. Kudos to the thousands of businesses out there that took the time to put up proper signage.”

The announcement follows recent news in September that the OMMA shut down five cannabis businesses and seized thousands of pounds of illicit cannabis. The Office stated it has seized or embargoed around 14,000 cannabis plants and 4,850 pounds of cannabis.

OMMA filed two Emergency Orders of Summary Suspension and Embargo in administrative court on 11 September that led to the shutdown of two growers – Solar Lights, LLC and JN Green Grow, LLC – pending further administrative proceedings.

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