Child accused of passing out Marijuana Candy in School

Child accused of passing out Marijuana Candy in School

Parents of students at a local school are furious over a situation involving drugs brought by a student.

KTAL Reports are stating that a female student brought the marijuana edibles from home and passed them out to some students. Reports also state that the mother of a 13 year-old student at Green Oaks Performing Arts School in Shreveport said her daughter was given the edibles while in school.

The gummies seem to be regular candy, but if you inspect the packaging it shows that they are laced with the active chemical in marijuana (THC).

Several parents are upset that the school did not notify parents of the incident at the time it was happening. One parent reported that the suspected student had at least 50 of the laced candies in her backpack. Nearly 300 dollars worth of marijuana edibles.

The effects of THC on a person that has never used it could be scary! Some of the effects could include paranoia, panic attacks, dizziness, and emotional distress.

A spokesperson for Caddo Parish Schools issued this statement:

“Board policy will be followed to discipline any student found to be in possession of an illegal substance. We take the health and safety of our students very seriously and any illicit products will be immediately confiscated. We encourage students to notify a teacher or an administrator if they believe a classmate has a controlled substance."

Parents have all now been notified of the incident, and the student's punishment is being evaluated by the Caddo Parish School Board.

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Region: Louisiana

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