Arkansas has a solid October for Medical Marijuana, on track for a record year

Arkansas has a solid October for medical marijuana on track for a record year

LITTLE ROCK - Arkansas medical marijuana sales continued unabated through October.

The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration announced on Nov. 13 that medical marijuana sales for October totaled $23.4 million. The amount is down slightly from September’s $23.9 million in sales but in keeping with the state’s typical $23 million-plus in monthly sales.

State dispensaries sold 4,588 pounds of marijuana in October. The Natural Relief Dispensary in Sherwood sold the most at 443 pounds for the month, followed closely by Suite 443 in Hot Springs at 414 pounds.

Arkansas is on track to have record medical marijuana sales for the year.

“Through the first ten months of 2022, patients have spent $228.4 million to obtain 41,188 pounds of medical marijuana,” DFA spokesperson Scott Hardin said. “State tax collection on medical marijuana was $2.77 million in October, bringing the total for the year to $26.75 million. Since the state’s medical marijuana industry launched in 2019, the largest year for sales was 2021 at $264.9 million. Sales for 2022 should ultimately reach $275 million if sales remain consistent in November and December.”

The Arkansas Department of Health reports 90,148 active medical marijuana patient cards in the state.

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