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Why these local business owners are so passionate about these proposed ballot issues



As owners of Platte Hemp Company in Casper, Sam Watt and his wife have been vocal advocates for hemp, CBD, and marijuana education, as well as responsible packaging.

They spoke out against manufacturers who packaged THC products to look like candy after Casper Police reported finding such packaging during a traffic stop. All products in Platte Hemp are clearly labeled so customers know what they are buying, exceeding Wyoming law on the matter, and staff is always happy to educate those with questions.


Medical marijuana bill filed in Wyoming Legislature

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Another attempt at legalizing marijuana — this time, for medical use — has been filed in the Wyoming Legislature.

House Bill 143, sponsored by Green River Libertarian Rep. Marshall Burt would allow Wyoming doctors to recommend marijuana as treatment and would task the state’s liquor division with regulating its distribution.

During last year’s session, a bill that would have authorized a study on medical marijuana in Wyoming failed along with an attempt at legalization.


Wyoming Troopers seized 24.5 pounds of fentanyl, 7,200 pounds of marijuana in 2021

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The Wyoming Highway Patrol announced Tuesday that troopers had seized 24.5 pounds of fentanyl, 7,200 pounds of marijuana, 207 pounds of methamphetamine, and 5 pounds of cocaine in 2021.

“Numerous states continue to deal with an increase in drug overdoses, while controlled substance problems continue to be a problem in Wyoming,” the WHP release said, adding that it was a “crucial issue and needs to be addressed head-on.”

The numbers come as part of the agency’s 2021 overall activity report.

Distracted, reckless, and/or impaired driving was another issue troopers were “diligent” in addressing, the release said, adding the agency had investigated 4,779 crashes throughout the year.

720 impaired drivers were stopped and arrested, the WHP said.


Real talk for parents – Cannabis and your kids

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As various forms of Cannabis have been made available around the country, Fremont County Prevention and WASCOP encourage families, schools and communities to have honest and educated conversations about the risks associated with using Cannabis.

For the purpose of this discussion, Cannabis can be broken down into four categories. This includes FDA-approved prescriptions, Hemp products, CBD products and Marijuana products.


In Wyoming,


Wyoming Activists Prepare Cannabis Reform Initiatives


Like many other states, Wyoming is gearing up for cannabis reform on the legislative sector in 2022. Here’s to positive change!

Activists in Wyoming are circulating petitions for two ballot measures to reform cannabis policy in the state, including one to legalize medical marijuana and a second to reduce penalties for cannabis-related crimes.


Marijuana ballot initiative OK’d to start collecting signatures

Wyoming’s Secretary of State approved the first 100 signatures for two marijuana bills, which brings them one step closer to the 2022 ballot, the National Libertarian Party announced Wednesday.

The bills would legalize medical marijuana and decriminalize recreational marijuana. Supporters can now officially start collecting more signatures to put the measures on the ballot.

“This effort, at its core, is about one simple thing — extending to the people of Wyoming the same basic rights that are already enjoyed by so many others to make these important choices or themselves,” Libertarian Party executive director Tyler Harris said in a press release.


Surprising Cities Where People Are Googling Cannabis Queries

The top five cities that are Google searching terms like “state cannabis legalization” are all places where cannabis is completely illegal.


Who Will Be Last? Wyoming, Idaho. Kansas, South Carolina only States Where Marijuana Is Fully Criminalized

With the country seeing a variety of marijuana reform measures advance in spring 2021, Wyoming, Idaho, Kansas and South Carolina are now the only states in the country where marijuana is fully criminalized.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed a limited medical marijuana bill into law in May, according to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey also signed legislation in May that will legalize medical marijuana in the state. Further reform has also been advancing in states which have already legalized or decriminalized marijuana, such as Nevada, Louisiana and Conneticut.


Hemp enters its second season in Wyoming

Wyoming will be entering its second season in which the state is issuing licenses to hemp producers and processors. 

The crop is still highly regulated and remains in a niche market. That means there aren’t a lot of farmers trying it, and those that are endure a lot of trial and error. 

Mother’s Hemp Farms owner Dave Tenhulzen said he planted 144 acres of hemp at two sites last year: one near Deaver and another just outside of Powell. The approximately 30 acres that were harvested near Powell produced about 90 tons of raw hemp.


Wyoming medical marijuana bill advances out of committee

Asecond Wyoming bill related to marijuana advanced out of the House Judiciary on Thursday after a 6-3 vote.

Public comment for House Bill 82, which would authorize funding for a report on medical marijuana, was given at the same time as that for House Bill 209, a full legalization effort, on March 12.


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