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Cannabis Business: Latin America Can Export More Than Raw Material

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Latin American businesses and governments are seeing the marketing and export potentials of an incipient liberalization of marijuana laws in the region. But to really cash in, it must be an investment in more than simple commodity crops.

After his stint at Stanford University business school in California, Uruguayan entrepreneur Andrés Israel began to research the nascent global cannabis industry, to find the countries with the most favorable regulations for its large-scale production and use. They were Canada and Uruguay, with the latter legalizing its recreational use in 2013.


Uruguay Considers Opening Legal Marijuana Market to Tourists

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Uruguay, the world’s first nation to legalize cannabis for medical and recreational use, is considering opening its regulated marijuana market to tourists. Under the proposal from the administration of President Luis Lacalle Pou, visitors to the country would be permitted to purchase marijuana at licensed outlets, providing a new source of revenue for Uruguay’s struggling regulated cannabis industry.


Mexico Became the 4th Legalized Country

It started with Uruguay in 2013, then came Canada in June 2018. This was followed by a recreational legalization in Georgia in July 2018, and now by Mexico in 2021. Though the US and Australia both boast legal locations, Mexico is now the 4th legalized country to allow recreational cannabis use nationwide.


Why Different Countries Are Relaxing Their Cannabis Laws

As the first European country to legalize cannabis, Luxembourg has called on other European countries to relax their drug laws, specifically cannabis production and consumption. According to the European state, the continent’s drug policy has not worked over the last few decades, and forbidding everything made it more attractive for people to find new ways of skirting laws.

The country’s relaxed laws will see residents over 18 years old able to buy cannabis for recreational use starting from 2020. The state will establish a cannabis agency to regulate all production and distribution. What’s more, minors between ages 12 and 17 will not face criminal charges if caught in possession of five grams or less of the drug. However, those who break the law will receive harsh penalties.


Uruguay Pharmacies to Sell Stronger Cannabis

Lawmakers in Uruguay made history by passing an adult-use legalization measure that was signed into law in late 2013.

Uruguay will forever be known as the first country on earth to legalize cannabis for adult use, as well as the first country to allow legal adult-use cannabis sales.

Only one other country, Canada (2018), has legalized cannabis for adult use.

Uruguay’s legalization model differs quite a bit from Canada, with one of the biggest differences being who can legally purchase cannabis.


Does culture influence how often countries use behavioural strategies to combat cannabis consumption?

More needs to be learned about what drives behavioural strategies used by different cultures to combat cannabis consumption, intoxication and related harms to enhance the protection of those who use the drug, a U.S. study suggests.

Researchers at the University of New Mexico explored the cannabis protective behavioural strategies (PBS) used by five different countries — namely the U.S., Argentina, Uruguay, Spain and the Netherlands — by seeking input from 1,175 colleges students from those jurisdictions who reported past-month weed use.


Uruguay Passed New Decree That Could Make it a Cannabis Logistics Epicenter

Uruguay has been making tremendous strides in international cannabis distribution. The country’s buds have already made it all the way to Germany. 

But a recently approved decree has the potential to propel Uruguay to the forefront of cannabis logistical endeavors.

Other countries can now ship cannabis products to Uruguay. While in the country, the products can get repackaged while in transit before being reexported to other countries – without any payment of customs duties, explained Bruno Guella, managing director of MVD Free Airport.

MVD Free Airport is a company operating the cargo terminal inside the airport for Uruguay’s capital city, Montevideo. The airport area it operates in is a free-trade zone.


Use Algorithms To Expunge Cannabis Convictions

Cannabis prohibition is one of the worst public policies in modern times. Prohibition is often used to trample on citizens’ rights around the world, including and especially citizens of color.

Efforts to dismantle global institutional racism must absolutely include ending cannabis prohibition.


COVID-19 pandemic is upping the global demand for weed

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in long periods of isolation, social distancing mandates and disruption to lifestyles across the globe.


Report Shows Teen Cannabis Use In Uruguay Has Not Been Impacted By Legalization

Seven years after it became the first country in the world to fully legalize marijuana, Uruguay’s youth are no more likely to get high under the new law, according to a


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