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How To Regulate Cannabis In Britain. The CLEAR Plan Version 2.0

CLEAR has published a revised and updated version 2.0 of its plan for the regulation of cannabis in Britain. This is based on the 2011 study 'Taxing the UK Cannabis Market' which CLEAR commissioned from the Independent Drug Monitoring Unit (IDMU).

Peter Reynolds, president and elected leader of CLEAR, said:


Bebo co-founder Paul Birch shows high ambition with UK cannabis legalisation political party

A co-founder of social network Bebo has launched a new disruptive UK political party centred on the legalisation - and taxation - of cannabis.

Paul Birch, who aided husband and wife team, Michael and Xochi Birch, in founding once momentous social network Bebo, last week launched the Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol (CISTA) to evoke a UK policy change towards cannabis.

After reinvesting his tech industry profits in CISTA, the newly launched manifesto claims the ‘War on Drugs’ has been lost.

It reads: "By reforming cannabis laws, we could raise £900m in duties and cut the deficit by £1.25bn or free up spending on essential public services."


Cannabis political party called Cista launched in UK to campaign for drug law reform

A new cannabis political party has been launched in the UK in the hope to push reform of laws prohibiting sales and possession of the class B substance.


The UK Has a Brand New Cannabis Political Party and I Went to the Launch Party | VICE | United Kingdom

The CISTA logo

When you think of the smell of cannabis, as familiar to some London streets as sirens and the night bus, you don't really think of Tottenham Court Road. For all its alternative religion and dodgy electronics shops, TCR is still part of the culturally bankrupt tourist heart of London. But it's here, in a back alley behind the Burger King-Boots megacomplex, that CISTA, a new political party dedicated to the legalisation of cannabis in the UK, is holding its launch event.


Parliamentary conference to discuss alternatives to UK's failing drug laws

A high-profile parliamentary conference is to be held next month to discuss alternatives to Britain’s failing drug laws and influence the international debate on drugs.

The provisional programme for the conference, to be hosted by the UK parliament’s Commons home affairs committee, includes officials from Mexico’s foreign ministry, legalisation campaigners such as Danny Kushlick, of Transform, and health experts such as Prof David Nutt.

The conference will also form part of preparations for the UN general assembly special session on the world drug problem, to be held in 2016.


Senior surgeon calls for drug law relaxation after son dies of overdose - Telegraph

The surgeon father of a young musician who died after a heroin overdose has called for Britain to adopt Swiss-style 'shooting galleries' where intravenous drugs can be administered more safely.

In a letter to the Telegraph, John Skipper claimed that had his son Rob been given the opportunity use a supervised consumption room, he might still be alive.


Cannabis may slow or stop the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease

Medical marijuana advocates in Maine are trying to spread the word about a recent study indicating the drug may slow or stop the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease.

The Gelassen family of Portland says it works.

Allen Gelassen is a pretty happy guy despite living with Alzheimer’s.

“I always have a problem (remembering) day-to-day,”said Gelassen, “But distance, some of it I can, some of it I can’t.”

The diagnosis came a few months ago, after the stroke that left him in a wheelchair. And with it, prescription painkillers; something that impacted his kids’ lives too.

“Groggy, depressed,” said his son, Benjamin Gelassen, “Which put that energy onto me.”


Cannabidiol treatment: doctors versus patients

12 January, 2015

A survey about using marijuana-based treatments appears to have split opinions between people with epilepsy and the doctors who treat them. Specialists warn there is not yet enough evidence to support their use

The survey findings were presented in the medical journal Epilepsia. Researchers conducted the survey online between 20 May 2014 and 1 September. It was open to anyone – researchers, medical professionals, patients and their families.


Cannabis E-Cigarettes (AKA E-Joints) To Hit The UK On Christmas Day

The first legal cannabis e-cigarette could soon be landing on British soil. And when we say soon, we mean next Thursday - or so say the Metro.

The company behind the cannabis e-cigarette, KanaVape, claims that the vaporiser is perfectly legal due to the lack of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is a chemical found in the drug.

THC is known for its mind-altering effects and can induce hallucinations and a change in thinking, as well as cause delusions.


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