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Businesses in Thailand join hands to promote Hemp industry in Asia

Private businesses in Thailand are looking to network with hemp suppliers in order to capitalize on the plant’s industrial and medical potential.

The Thai Industrial Hemp Trade Association (TIHTA) recently signed a cooperation agreement with 12 manufacturing industries to showcase innovations and technology related to the hemp industry later this year.

TIHTA President Pornchai Patthaminthara said this development will promote networking and allow for better access to quality raw materials.

The agreement will also contribute to product research and development, knowledge sharing, improved production standards and planning, and forward management of prices.


Thai Medical Organisations ask Government to rethink Cannabis Legalisation

cannabis plant

The Medical Council of Thailand, along with 16 other medical organisations and royal colleges, have signed a petition seeking to limit the use of cannabis to medical purposes and firmly opposing its use for recreational purposes.

They claim that the current policies, which do not consider cannabis to be a dangerous or illegal drug and allow people to grow and use cannabis for treatment by themselves, are causing problems which will lead to negative consequences in the near future.

Therefore, they have offered five suggestions on the use of cannabis and its extracts for medical treatment, which are:


Thailand has Legalised Cannabis, but its War on Drugs Continues


Thailand has introduced the most progressive drug laws in South East Asia in relation to cannabis. But the war on ‘harder’ drugs continues. Dateline meets some of those on the frontline.

Desperate to revive tourism, Thailand has relaxed its drug laws. But will visitors on a high, deepen the nation’s drug problems? Watch Dateline's documentary 'Thailand: Drugs, tourists and prison time' 9.30pm Tuesday August 30 on SBS or stream it via SBS On Demand. Thailand’s reputation is somewhat of a paradox; while it’s long been seen as an adult playground for Western tourists, the country is also notorious for its hard-line stance on drugs.

Cannabis Cafe opens up in Bangkok just weeks after Thailand Decriminalised the Drug

thailand cafe

A Cannabis Cafe has opened up in Bangkok just weeks after Thailand decriminalised the drug.

Thailand became the first Southeast Asian country to legalise cannabis for medical use back in 2018.

But it wasn't until June this year that it was officially decriminalised. The business opportunities afforded by the move did not go unexploited.


Researchers are feeding chickens cannabis instead of antibiotics


Organic birds fetch twice the price.

An organic farm in northern Thailand has been feeding chickens cannabis for over a year now in a bid to keep the birds off antibiotics, Business Insider reported. The method seems to be working so far. 

Excessive usage of antibiotics is a problem that has plagued the poultry industry for many decades. Estimates suggest that 70 percent of the antibiotics approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for poultry are already in use on farms today. This disproportionate use of antibiotics has given rise to antibiotic resistance that not only affects the birds but also has an impact on humans.


Thailand just decriminalized cannabis. But you still can't smoke joints, minister says



Thailand on Thursday became the first country in Asia to decriminalize cannabis -- but tough penalties will still apply to those who use the drug to get high, according to the minister who spearheaded the change.

Speaking to CNN in an interview ahead of the move, Thai Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said he expected legal cannabis production to boost the economy but cautioned that recreational use of the drug remains illegal.
"It's a no," said Anutin, who is also a deputy prime minister.
"We still have regulations under the law that control the consumption, smoking or use of cannabis products in non-productive ways."

Thailand to give away 1 million free cannabis plants for home cultivation


Thailand residents may also grow “as many cannabis plants” as they wish at home for medical purposes.

Let the planting begin. Thailand’s government leadership signaled optimism regarding the country’s recent shift in medical cannabis reform with a massive plant giveaway.

Thailand Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said he will offer households 1 million cannabis plants for free in a May 8 Facebook post. Furthermore, beginning on June 9, Thailand residents will have the freedom to grow “as many cannabis plants” as they like in their own homes for medical purposes, according to Charnvirakul.


SƍRSE Technology enters Thailand’s CBD marketplace via exclusive partnership with Hempagoda


SƍRSE Technology Corporation, the leading water-soluble emulsion technology company for Consumer Packaged Goods, today announced that it has entered the hemp and cannabis marketplace in Thailand. SƍRSE currently powers over 100 infused products on the market. SƍRSE has entered an exclusive partnership with Hempagoda to make the SƍRSE Technology platform available to the Thai market. In 2019, Thailand became the first Southeast Asian country to legalize cannabis for medical use and research, as well as hemp for producing textiles, garments, and other products. In February 2021, Thailand legalized the use of hemp and CBD in food and cosmetics, and early this year, the government removed cannabis and hemp from its list of controlled substances.


Shining a light on the Thailand cannabis community


In a country known for cannabis exports, the Thailand cannabis community thrives despite legislative challenges.

Thailand hasn’t always prohibited cannabis; it’s part of the culture.

Ganja plants were typically grown on the side of the house and used in traditional Thai medicine and Thai massage. Even today, some grandparents cultivate a few plants and toss a couple of leaves in their Tom Yom (traditional Thai soup).

The U.S. illicit market fueled Thai Stick exports, which came from U.S. soldiers based in the Kingdom during the Vietnam War. At the time, there was no legal or moral taboo surrounding the plant in Thailand.


Thailand drops cannabis from its list of controlled narcotics


Public Health Minister Anutin Charnivakul said the move marked the beginning of “a new history for cannabis” in the country.

Two years after becoming the first nation to legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes, Thailand has taken another step toward becoming the first Southeast Asian nation to decriminalize the drug. Yesterday, Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul signed a ministerial announcement officially removing cannabis and hemp from Category 5 of the country’s list of narcotics.


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