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Police Officers Discover Cache of Drugs in Southern Tajikistan » Avesta.Tj

Avesta.Tj | 02.10.2014 |Over 105 kg of drugs were seized by the police officers Wednesday in the southern part of the country, Tajik Internal Ministry said on Thursday.

According to the ministry, the cache of drugs was found in Navobod village of Shuroabad district.

There were also 5 bags of cannabis with a total weight of 15.2 kg.

Criminal proceedings have been instituted against the "owners” of cache. A search operation is underway, according to the ministry.  





Cannabis Cultivator Detained in Tajikistan » Avesta.Tj

Avesta.Tj | 30.09.2014 |Over 10 kg of cannabis were seized Monday from a 69-year-old resident of Isfara district (in Sughd province), Nasrullo Qodirov, the Tajik Internal Ministry said on Tuesday.

According to the ministry, during the house searches, the police found and seized 18 bushes of wildly growing Indian cannabis.

Qodirov was also the cultivator of cannabis, the ministry said.

Criminal proceedings have been instituted against Nasrullo Qodirov. An investigation is underway.


Tajikistan’s DCA Destroys Over 30 thousand of Wild Cannabis » Avesta.Tj


Avesta.Tj | 29.08.2014 | Around 30 thousand of wild cannabis were found and destroyed Thursday by Tajikistan’s Drug Control Agency (DCA) in B. Gafurov district (in Tajikistan’s northern province of Sughd), the DCA press center said on Friday.

On the same day, the officers from DCA’s office in Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO) found three thousand bushes of wild cannabis in the total area of 0.2 hectares of land in Buni village of Badakhshan’s Shughnan district.

The discovered bushes were incinerated as well by the DCA officers.

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