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Taiwan resists as activists launch campaign to legalize marijuana

Activists in Taipei, inspired by new laws in parts of the United States, kicked off a campaign this month to legalize marijuana, but they are given low odds of a breakthrough against the traditional anti-drug ethic of East Asia.

Some 300 people launched their effort April 20 with a demonstration outside the Taiwan parliament compound in Taipei. They asked that marijuana be regulated as a medication instead of as a drug – the possession of which carries three years in prison.


Taiwan: Cannabis Debate Heats Up Online

FOLLOWING THE PACK: No country in Asia allows cannabis or cannabis products for medicinal use, and neither should Taiwan, Ministry of Health and Welfare officials said.

The Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Health and Welfare on Wednesday dismissed an e-petition that urged that cannabis be downgraded to a Category 3 drug and its use in medical treatment be legalized, sparking a vigorous debate among netizens yesterday.

The e-petition was on the Public Policy Network Participation Platform of the National Development Council’s Web site and garnered more than 5,000 signatures since July, exceeding the threshold needed for the proposal to receive consideration by the government.


Bee Breeders Announce Winners of Cannabis Bank Competition

Through their international architecture competitions, Bee Breeders give young architects and designers the platform to question the social and political role of architecture. Their latest competition, a Cannabis Bank without a specified site, was an open-ended question into the role and relevance of the increasingly normalised substance. The judges selected three winners and six honorable mentions, all of which presented ideas that open up the discourse around cannabis and its integration into the built environment.

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