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New poll shows South Dakota will legalize both recreational and medical pot on Election Day

A majority of voters in South Dakota support legalizing both recreational and medicinal cannabis on November 3, a new poll released this week indicated. 

South Dakota is the first state that will vote on legalizing both recreational sales and the medical use of cannabis this November 3. According to the survey released by Argus Leader Media and KELO-TV, 51% of voters appear to be in favor of recreational marijuana as opposed to 44% who said they would vote against the measure. 

At the same time, the poll suggested much broader support for legalizing medical marijuana as 74% of voters said they will vote yes. On the other hand, only 23% of respondents said they intend to vote against medical pot, while 3% declared themselves undecided on the matter.


How to Vote for Cannabis Research on November 3rd

It was 1996. I was four years old. California Proposition 215 passed and for the first time, legal medical cannabis became available. I don’t remember it honestly, but that moment triggered a reckoning of outdated and ineffective efforts to control cannabis, which continues on November 3rd.

The moment in 1996 created for me and my generation of millennials a new, decriminalized lens for which to view cannabis and its potential. In my lifetime, from first experimenting with cannabis after high school and then earning my PhD in plant biochemistry, advancing cannabis research, to starting an agtech company dedicated to the genetic improvement of cannabis, we continue this march toward legalization. But another march hasn’t started yet.


Amendment A would allow recreational marijuana in South Dakota

On Nov. 3, South Dakotans will have the opportunity to make history as the first state to legalize medicinal and recreational marijuana at the same time. But what, exactly, does each measure accomplish? Here, the Capital Journal breaks down the main points from Amendment A.


How conservative South Dakota could be at the forefront of legalizing marijuana

While ruby red South Dakota may not be a swing state in the presidential election -- it may be at the forefront of the green revolution as one of five states where recreational and medical marijuana legalization are up for a vote this election year.

And it is the only state where both forms of legalization will be on the ballot.


USDA Approves South Dakota’s Industrial Hemp Plan

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has approved the Industrial Hemp Plan submitted by the South Dakota Department of Agriculture. The department is currently working to promulgate emergency administrative rules to establish a program in accordance with state law and the USDA approved plan. South Dakota Farmers Union Lobbyist Mitch Richter is pleased it’s moving forward as his group has been pushing for this plan for some time.

He says while there won’t be a huge number of acres of industrial hemp planted, there will be some farmers who will want to try growing the crop.

Richter says another positive for farmers being allwed to grow industrial hemp is the spin off economic development it will create.


The cannabis industry could be a big winner on Election Day

  • Many states have adult-use legalization initiatives on their November ballots.
  • Vice President Joe Biden and running mate Senator Kamala Harris support adult-use marijuana decriminalization, moderate rescheduling, federal medicinal legalization, allowing states to set their own laws and expunging prior cannabis convictions — though not federal legalization.
  • Alongside tax revenue and job creation, social justice reform is the strongest argument for legalization, on both the federal and state levels.

Cannabis Legalization Measures On The Ballot In 5 States

The 33 states with some form of legal cannabis could gain additional company this election season as voters in five states consider ballot measures to legalize marijuana. Three states will see initiatives to legalize recreational marijuana, another will decide on the medicinal use of cannabis, while the fifth will consider separate measures for both.


These 4 states are voting to legalize and tax marijuana sales

Things may go green in four states this fall, as voters will decide on legalizing and taxing marijuana.

Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota all have measures up for a vote to legalize and levy recreational marijuana.

Thus far, 11 states have legalized recreational pot: Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont and Washington state.

Levying legal weed is looking attractive at a time when states are anxious to boost their coffers.

Jurisdictions often slap an excise tax, along with a state general sales tax, on pot sales.

Just  don’t count on legalized marijuana to singlehandedly save state budgets.


This State Will Make Marijuana History in November

There are expected to be a number of fast-growing trends this decade, including cloud computing, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. But don't sleep on marijuana.

After generating an estimated $10.9 billion in worldwide sales in 2018, legal channel cannabis sales are expected to hit anywhere from $50 billion to $200 billion a year by 2030, according to various Wall Street estimates. Yes, this is a pretty wide range, but it's to be expected of an industry that's never been legalized in the modern era, and which has tens of billions of dollar in activity occurring behind the scenes.


3 Major US States That Could Legalize Recreational Cannabis By Years End

Read entire article at Technical 420.

With the November election being less than two months away, many investors are trying to determine which states will pass legislation that is pro-cannabis.

The opening of new markets has been one of the most significant growth drivers in the US. Another major growth driver is the transition from being a medical only market to a recreational market. If you look at the performance of states like Illinois and Michigan, you will notice that there has been an incremental increase in the amount of cannabis that is being sold and we expect to see additional states go this route in November.


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