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South Carolina considers legalizing medical marijuana

Medical marijuana is legal in 34 other states, and lawmakers in South Carolina want to add the Palmetto State to the list.

Last week, a Senate subcommittee passed the Comprehensive Care Act, which a portion of, would legalize marijuana for medical purposes-- but not all lawmakers are on board.

"I think that's a very dangerous precedent, I don't think it's our role andIi wont be supporting the bill," said Rep. Senator Greg Hembree.

Legal medical marijuana is a heated topic among lawmakers in Columbia, but author of the bill, Senator Tom Davis (R - Beaufort), says it's all in an effort to empower doctors to help those in need.


Coffee shop serves up CBD-oil infused lattes

Revelator Coffee Company began serving CBD oil-infused lattes in all four of its Birmingham locations on Monday, and has sold dozens of the drinks in the first two days.

The coffee shop charges $1 to add three drops of CBD oil to a drink. It's featured in the Golden Latte with Relyf CBD oil.

Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, which some people use as a treatment for physical ailments, is made from industrial hemp, which contains a tiny percentage of THC, the intoxicating substance found in marijuana.

CBD oil can also be derived from marijuana and the Alabama Legislature has allowed limited exceptions to the law against marijuana possession for the use of CBD oil.


Religious leaders in South Carolina voice support for medical marijuana

Lawmakers in South Carolina are currently considering a new bill that would legalize medical marijuana. So far, the bill has seen support both among legislators and the general public.

And now, the bill has formally received support from a potentially important social group. This week, a group of leaders from a number of different religious organizations voiced their support for South Carolina’s Compassionate Care Act.

The support could help propel the state’s bill forward. And more generally, it could signal growing acceptance of medical marijuana among some religious groups.


Medical marijuana advances in South Carolina Senate

A key Senate subcommittee has passed the Compassionate Care Act, which legalizes marijuana for medical purposes.

The subcommittee, chaired by the bill’s author, State Sen. Tom Davis, R-Beaufort, voted 5-1 for the bill. The one dissenting vote was state Sen. Tom Corbin, R-Greenville.

The subcommittee added amendments to the bill that Davis and other supporters hope will soften opposition from groups like the State Law Enforcement Division, the S.C. Sheriff’s Association, the S.C. Medical Association and Attorney General Alan Wilson.


SC farmers will grow more hemp as 2019 season gets underway

Across South Carolina, farmers have long been planning their 2019 crops, and none more intently than the farmers who are invested in the state’s newest and most talked-about crop: hemp.

After a decades-long ban, 2018 was the first year in which Palmetto State farmers could legally grow hemp, with 20 farmers across the state being permitted to grow up to 20 acres each. A myriad of stipulations and background checks were placed on these farmers, but the program is growing statewide. In 2019, 40 farmers across 24 counties will be able to grow double the amount from last year, up to 40 acres each. Nineteen of the original 20 farmers are included in this year’s growing roster.


South Carolina Attorney General calls medical cannabis “the most dangerous drug in the world”

South Carolina is working on a bill to legalize medical cannabis, but despite bipartisan support, SC Attorney General Alan Wilson does not approve.


South Carolina lawmakers try to legalize medical marijuana, again

South Carolina lawmakers are once again introducing legislation to legalize marijuana for treatment of critically ill patients in the state, making another go at a debate that has gradually made progress in this deeply red state in recent years.

Sen. Tom Davis, a Republican from Beaufort, told The Associated Press that would file the Compassionate Care Act in the state Senate this week. In the House, Republican Rep. Peter McCoy of Charleston is sponsoring similar legislation.


New poll shows most South Carolinians support medical marijuana

A new poll shows that a wide majority of South Carolinians support legalizing marijuana for medical use.

The results from Benchmark Research shows that 72 percent of 400 South Carolinians polled support legalizing medical marijuana, including 84 percent of Democrats, 78 percent of independents and 63 percent of Republicans.

Geographically, medical marijuana had the strongest support in the Lowcountry, with 76 percent. The Midlands showed 71 percent support for legalization. And the Upstate and the Pee Dee registered 73 percent and 65 percent respectively.


SC inmate wants to be supplied marijuana, says it's part of his religion

A South Carolina inmate is now suing the Department of Corrections, saying they violated his religious freedoms by not allowing him to smoke marijuana.

James Rose, 41, is serving a life sentence at Lieber Correctional Institute following a 2013 murder conviction. Authorities say he was involved in an execution-style murder of the son of a town council member in Lincolnville.

In the lawsuit, Rose stated the Department of Corrections violated his constitutional rights by not allowing him to practice his religion by growing his hair to an unlimited length or by giving him marijuana as part of the Rastafarian religious practice.


Learning how to farm hemp: Presence of crop in South Carolina will expand in second season

Albert Bueno was one of the few farmers with fields located in The T&D Region who participated in the state’s industrial hemp pilot program this year.

He is looking forward to building on what he learned heading into next year’s pilot project.

The South Carolina Department of Agriculture selected Bueno as one of 20 farmers in the state for the 2018 Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. The crop was grown on a total of 365 acres in 15 counties.

Approximately 45 acres of hemp were grown in The T&D Region. Bueno, a resident of Lexington County, planted 20 acres in Orangeburg County. The other farmers were John Fogle and Patrick Jamison Jr.


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