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Medical marijuana bill draws mixed reaction in South Carolina


South Carolina is one of 14 states that doesn’t allow medicinal marijuana use.

Senate Bill 150 aims to change that, but York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson is voicing his opposition to the legislation. He held a law enforcement forum to discuss the bill.

“If you’re going to call it medicine, then let’s treat it like medicine,” said SLED Chief Mark Keel.

Tolson added, “There is a concern amongst some leaders that this really isn’t about medical marijuana, the end game is recreational marijuana.”

The bill, filed by Republican Senator Tom Davis, states qualified patients includes those with chronic pain, people with PTSD and other debilitating medical conditions.


GOP Rep. Nancy Mace's cannabis decriminalization bill is personal – and a matter of principle

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Mace says she turned to cannabis for relief after a traumatic life event

Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., has introduced legislation that would decriminalize marijuana at the federal level and give states control over cannabis laws and regulations.

Speaking to Fox News about the bill, named the States Reform Act, Mace discussed her previous work on cannabis reform through the state House in South Carolina. Mace pointed to her support of the state's Compassionate Care Act, which would allow people with illnesses such as cancer or glaucoma to use non-smokable forms of pot.


Student faces charges with bringing marijuana, handgun to South Carolina school, deputies say

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A Wade Hampton High School student was charged after bringing marijuana and a handgun to school Tuesday, according to the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office.

Two students were acting “in a suspicious manner” just before 9 a.m., which caught the administrations’ attention.

According to the sheriff’s office, a 14-year-old student was speaking to the school administrators and the school resource officer about an unrelated issue when they pulled out marijuana. The officer then searched the student to find a handgun in their pocket.

Gun taken from student at Hughes Academy in Greenville 

The student was taken into custody. Deputies said they were not aware of any thearts being made.


South Carolina AG Office Puts Brakes on Delta-8

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South Carolina is the latest state where public officials are speaking out against delta-8 THC. 

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) Chief Mark A. Keel recently wrote a letter to his attorney general’s office expressing his belief that state law criminalizes the possession and distribution of delta-8.

Assistant Attorney General David Jones responded back to say his office agrees, as first reported by Law360.

“Our office agrees with SLED’s essential analysis that the Hemp Farming Act did not legalize THC except as defined in lawful hemp,” Jones said in a letter to Keel last week. “If the General Assembly intended to undertake legalization of THC on the scale that the industry posits, they would have done so expressly and unambiguously.”


South Carolina teacher arrested after student takes marijuana gummies from prize box in classroom, sheriff says


 A South Carolina teacher was arrested after a student allegedly found and took a pack of marijuana gummies from a classroom prize box, according to the local sheriff’s office. Victoria Farish Weiss, 27, is charged with possession of a Schedule I drug. On Sept. 23, the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department launched an investigation after a report that a student at Rocky Creek Elementary School had taken a pack of marijuana edibles from a prize box in a teacher’s classroom. The prize box was used to reward students.

The gummies are a kind of marijuana edible or cannabis-based food product. While they are available in other states and online, they’re illegal in South Carolina, according to Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon.


Hemp farmer accused of illegal growing had his crop destroyed in SC. Now he’s suing

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Two years ago, John Pendarvis was accused of illegally growing hemp on 10 acres in South Carolina. A large chunk of his crop was cut down as a result, and Pendarvis — a licensed hemp grower in the state — was placed under arrest.Now he’s suing. Pendarvis filed a lawsuit last month in Dorchester County against the S.C. Commissioner of Agriculture, the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office and the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division saying both his arrest and the destruction of his crops were illegal.


Here’s what marijuana laws look like around the Southeast, as NC considers changes


As North Carolina approaches a marijuana milestone, potentially legalizing the drug for medical use, nearby states are split in their approach.

The Southeast is coming late to the marijuana scene. The region is home to several of the 14 states that do not have comprehensive medical marijuana programs or full marijuana legalization, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.


Surprising Cities Where People Are Googling Cannabis Queries

The top five cities that are Google searching terms like “state cannabis legalization” are all places where cannabis is completely illegal.


Who Will Be Last? Wyoming, Idaho. Kansas, South Carolina only States Where Marijuana Is Fully Criminalized

With the country seeing a variety of marijuana reform measures advance in spring 2021, Wyoming, Idaho, Kansas and South Carolina are now the only states in the country where marijuana is fully criminalized.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed a limited medical marijuana bill into law in May, according to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey also signed legislation in May that will legalize medical marijuana in the state. Further reform has also been advancing in states which have already legalized or decriminalized marijuana, such as Nevada, Louisiana and Conneticut.


SC medical marijuana bill likely to be defeated without debate

South Carolina's medical marijuana legalization bill is heading to likely defeat without getting a debate in the state Senate.

Despite the discussion being scheduled for Tuesday, opposition to the proposal among lawmakers is becoming increasingly clear, with Sen. Greg Hembree (R-Myrtle Beach) announcing he intends to block the debate from even starting.

Under Senate rules, one senator has the power to hold up discussions. It would require three-fifths of senators to vote to override the move. It's unclear if enough senators support the divisive bill, but even its supporters contend that it isn't likely.


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