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SC medical marijuana bill likely to be defeated without debate

South Carolina's medical marijuana legalization bill is heading to likely defeat without getting a debate in the state Senate.

Despite the discussion being scheduled for Tuesday, opposition to the proposal among lawmakers is becoming increasingly clear, with Sen. Greg Hembree (R-Myrtle Beach) announcing he intends to block the debate from even starting.

Under Senate rules, one senator has the power to hold up discussions. It would require three-fifths of senators to vote to override the move. It's unclear if enough senators support the divisive bill, but even its supporters contend that it isn't likely.


South Carolina's hemp industry set to grow again this year

Department of Agriculture officials said that 323 farmers have applied for permits to be able to grow hemp in South Carolina.

Last year, 265 farmers grew the crop.

It was first legalized in 2018 and grown by 20 people that year.

Hemp is considered to be one of the biggest trends in the farming world with research firms estimating it to be a $20 billion industry by 2027.

This year's permits will be granted next month.


These 4 Red States Could Go Green In 2021

letter cubes spelling out Illegal with a finger separating the word legal

Legalization could mean millions of dollars for the states as the growth of the supply chain will open multiple opportunities.

The growth of medical marijuana has seen the trend of legalization and opening of new markets prevalent in recent years. Some states that were not leaning towards legalization have greater chances of success this year. More importantly, there is a big possibility for four traditionally red states to make the move to allow medical marijuana programs: Alabama, Kansas, Kentucky, and South Carolina.


Medical marijuana proposals eyed in Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina

marijuana plant

State legislators in Alabama, Kentucky and South Carolina have filed or pre-filed bills establishing such medical marijuana programs, according to a Reckon report.

These states would join Mississippi, the latest state to adopt a medical cannabis program, making it the 35th state to legalize medical cannabis.

In Alabama, state Sen. Tim Melson plans to file a medical cannabis bill similar to the one he filed in 2020.

This will be the third year Melson has presented a medical cannabis bill in the state legislature.


South Carolina farmers can apply now to grow hemp for 2021 season

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The South Carolina Department of Agriculture will accept applications for hemp farming permits for the 2021 growing season from Jan. 1 through Feb. 28, 2021.

The state's Hemp Farming Program has grown from 20 farmers in 2018 to 265 farmers in 2020 - and each year, the program has changed as state and federal laws changed. When the federal government approved South Carolina's State Hemp Plan in April 2020, the program entered a new period of regulatory stability, one that SCDA expects to continue in 2021. The agency now has six full-time staffers devoted to hemp regulation.

Requirements to receive a hemp farming permit include:


States to Watch in 2021: South Carolina

In advance of the 2021 legislative sessions, NORML will be providing a more detailed break down of legislative efforts in various states across the nation that are poised to enact significant marijuana reforms next year. This is the latest in a series of blogs examining where state-specific reform efforts stand.


South Carolina Pre-Files Cannabis Reform Bills

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Many states have stepped up to legalize medical or recreational cannabis, and federal legalization or decriminalization could finally be on the horizon for the U.S. But South Carolina continues to hold out as one of the states without even a medical industry, falling behind the rest of the country.


Could 2021 be the year for medical pot in SC? Legislators gear up for debate

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South Carolina lawmakers are slated to consider multiple bills next year that could legalize marijuana for either recreational or medicinal use.

Though some Democrats are pushing for complete decriminalization of the plant, there is a bipartisan effort to push legalization of medical marijuana in the state.

Medical marijuana bills prefiled this month in both the House and the Senate tout sponsors from both parties. If either bill — both named the “South Carolina Compassionate Care Act” — were to pass, South Carolina would join 36 other states in allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes.


Medical marijuana in South Carolina: Republican lawmaker says bill could pass in 2021

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Right now, 36 states have legalized medical cannabis in some form. Advocates hope the Palmetto State is next.

Senator Tom Davis (R-Beaufort) prefiled S.150 the South Carolina Compassionate Care Act this week. Sen. Davis said he has been pushing for legalization of medical cannabis since 2014 and believes next year it has a chance to pass.

“I have a majority of state Senators who will vote for this and I have a majority of House members who will vote for this bill,” Davis said.


Marijuana Legalization – Medical Or Recreational – Still Faces Long Odds In South Carolina

someone handling cannabis bags

November was a huge month at the ballot box for marijuana legalization as voters in multiple states approved new medical and recreational measures. In Mississippi and South Dakota, voters overwhelmingly approved new medical marijuana laws – with Mississippi voters expressly rebuking their political leaders and endorsing an expansive decriminalization bill.

“Republican” officials in the Magnolia State had advocated on behalf of a far more restrictive medical marijuana bill – demeaning proponents of the broader proposal as “stoners.”


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