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South Africa Introduces Some of the Most Lax Laws on Cannabis Yet

After years of banning cannabis in all forms, South Africa is quickly jumping through hoops to become one of the more lenient countries when it comes to using cannabis, and a likely massive competitor in the world hemp growing market.


Countries Around the World Make Moves to Decriminalize Cannabis

In late 2019, a ruling by Italy's highest court struck down the prohibition against growing marijuana at home, ending a long legal dispute over that issue.

The court ruled that “at home, small-scale cultivation activities are to be considered excluded from the application of the penal code,” according to the New York Times.


South Africa approves country’s first cannabis college

South Africa is adding its name to the list of countries ready to provide residents with higher education.

The Eastern Cape’s Department of Rural Development and Agrarian Reform has been given the green light for the creation and development of a cannabis college that will train wannabe weed workers to cultivate and distribute the drug.

The facility is set to break ground in the Ingquza Hill Local Municipality in Lusisiki, thanks to the location’s excellent environmental conditions for growing the crop.

Local authorities hope that the college will provide residents of the struggling province with job opportunities and revitalize the local economy.


Cannabis in South Africa: the duplicity of colonial authorities

The history of cannabis in South Africa contains two particular trajectories that were sometimes in direct contradiction with one another.

The one, the 100-year-old effort to prohibit its use. The other, a history of colonial governments and administrators trying to develop cannabis in order to make money out of it.

These two paths began to develop in earnest after 1916.


Black South African Farmers Struggle To Enter Burgeoning Cannabis Market

Stacks of bright green cannabis plants, freshly harvested from nearby hothouses, are expertly sorted on a lab table by workers wearing hygienic gloves and caps who snip the leaves and buds and put them in bins for further processing.

Druid’s Garden in Hennops, about 20 miles north of Johannesburg, is a licensed farm which conducts research, legally produces cannabis and other traditional medicinal products for sale in South Africa and international markets.


1st commercial cannabis grow License issued in South Africa

A Cape Town strawberry farm has been issued the first commercial license to cultivate cannabis in South Africa, where medicinal use is legal, and recreational use is in the process of being legalized.

The license is for growing cannabis but not for manufacturing any end products for sale or consumption, reports EWN.

Medical uses for cannabis include products that help treat pain, anxiety, insomnia and cancer, according to Healthline.

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Dealing in dagga in South Africa: Cops continue to clamp down on cannabis

The South African Police Service (SAPS) issued a warning on 4 November 2019, that the sale of cannabis is still illegal if not specifically allowed under the Medicines and Related Act Substances Act.

This means that dispensaries or outlets, online sites and social media platforms which are marketing and selling cannabis and cannabis related products to the public, remain illegal.


South Africa hands out first commercial licence to grow cannabis

The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority has granted a strawberry farm in Cape Town the country’s first licence to produce medicinal marijuana.

The Polkadraai Strawberry farm will be allowed to grow 20 tonnes of cannabis, but will not be allowed to create any products for sale or consumption, reports Cape Talk.


You can now buy cannabis drinks, oils and food in South Africa – this is what is legal

An influx in the sale of cannabis products in South Africa has caused much confusion among consumers as to whether these products are legal, says Ferosa-Fae Hassan, an associate at law firm ENSAfrica.

According to Hassan, the market has been flooded by new cannabis beverages, oils, soaps, creams and even foods infused with cannabidiol (CBD) oils.

There have also been numerous exhibitions and festivals across the country demonstrating the health benefits of such goods.

“This new boost in cannabis products follows the September 2018 Constitutional Court judgement which held that certain provisions of the Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act and the Medicines and Related Substances Act are unconstitutional based on one’s right to privacy, said Hassan,


South Africa’s cannabis Industry expected to be worth $1.7B If legalized

In a country with 29 percent unemployment, South Africa could tap into a lucrative industry that creates desperately-needed jobs and boosts the economy if the government passes legislation.

A legalized cannabis industry in South Africa could be worth more than $1.7 billion annually by 2023, according to the African Cannabis Report, the first detailed report on the legal cannabis industry in Africa.


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