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Why South Africa should decriminalise cannabis completely

A new in-depth research report by the Global Commission on Drug Policy suggests that global drug control policies and scheduling by the UN is completely broken – and some drastic changes need to be made to bring it in line with modern science.


World’s top cannabis business leaders to gather in South Africa

NAIROBI, KENYA: As the global medical cannabis market continues to expand and increasing numbers of countries around the globe legalise its use, the renowned CannaTech Summit will take place for the first time on the African Continent in Cape Town, South Africa, November 24 – 26.

With estimates that the cannabis and associated products market could be worth R27 billion by 2023, this immense potential has led to a boom in regional cannabis interest and investment.


Developers race to meet demand for hemp-specific technology

Solutions for harvesting and processing the entire hemp plant are in overwhelming demand as inventors, engineers and other assorted tinkerers work feverishly to develop ground-breaking technology and machines for both small and large hemp-centric operations.

That was the general conclusion of 30 industry leaders from 14 countries who gathered to discuss the global state of Hemp Machines & Technology at a micro-summit recently held at HempToday’s International Center of Excellence in Poland.


South Africa is on the cusp of its own booming – and legal – cannabis industry

Eastern Cape premier Oscar Mabuyane wants to make the province home to South Africa’s first cannabis industry – already reading proposals from interested international parties, and working on feasibility studies to register farms.

Speaking to the City Press, Mabuyane said that people had been growing cannabis in the province for years, but now the opportunity exists to formalise it, and turn it into a lucrative industry.

He said that the stigma attached to cannabis is that of smoking and getting high, but in markets in Europe and Canada, there is a large industry built around the plant, which includes medicines, bio-fuels and other products.


South Africa: Cape Town wants a slice of global cannabis pie

An untapped economic opportunity is emerging in South Africa after recent changes to its medicines laws, and a landmark Constitutional Court judgment lifted the ban on the private use of marijuana.

One South African economist is bullish about the growth prospects of the cannabis market, saying it could reach billions of dollars.

‘The value of the global cannabis industry is expected to reach $146 billion by the end of 2025,’ according to economist Jee-A van der Linde speaking on the local radio station, Cape Talk.

First cannabis facility

Cape Town will host the country’s first medicinal cannabis plant, producing medical cannabis, cannabis oil and capsules.


CBD sales are legalized in South Africa

The legalization process with regards to medical marijuana and CBD products are going apace throughout the world. As more and more countries are now making it easier for people to buy these products. The latest country to choose that course is South Africa and in a landmark development, the authorities in the country have decided that citizens would no longer need to present a prescription if they want to buy CBD produced from cannabis.

Removed From The Drug Classification System


Government just made a massive change to South Africa’s cannabis laws

On Thursday (23 May), the Department of Health published an update on regulations surrounding cannabis in South Africa, effectively deregulating certain components of the plant.

The cannabis plant comprises two main compounds – Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD).

THC is considered to be the psychoactive component of cannabis, whereas CBD is not associated with psychoactive outcomes.

According to Helen Michael – a director in the Healthcare & Life Sciences practice at Werksmans – before the publication of the gazette THC and CBD (which are not intended for therapeutic purposes) were all listed as Schedule 7 substances in term of the Medicines Act.


The African cannabis market is poised to reach $7.1 billion within four years

Cannabis is distancing itself from its former days of prohibition and people are enjoying legalization – both medically and recreationally throughout North America and Europe. But what’s been going on in Africa?


South African company approved to export cannabis to Canada

The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) recently opened the door to medical marijuana production.

The SAHPRA has granted three licenses to companies to grow medical marijuana for research purposes, local use and export.

House of Hemp backed by Afriplex received the first license to produce medical marijuana by SAHPRA earlier this year. Now, Leaf Botanicals have signed an agreement to export locally-grown cannabis to Canada.

While there is a lot of anecdotal evidence of marijuana being a panacea, there is still surprisingly little evidence to back the many claims. Marijuana is currently only recognised to aid in patients with chronic pain and multiple sclerosis in South Africa at the moment.


The African cannabis market could reach $7.1B by 2023

In the global cannabis landscape, Africa is an overlooked market. This is due to a number of factors, such as the illegality of the plant across the continent and the poor economic conditions that many African countries face.

Africa has the potential to become an enormous cannabis market due to the large population and favorable climate that makes growing weed easier than in neighboring Europe. A new report by Prohibition Partners suggests that by 2023, the African cannabis market could reach $7.1 billion.


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