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Rwanda begins cannabis production

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Rwanda joins other African countries in entering the cannabis industry to boost economic development.

The Republic of Rwanda has quite a few interesting features. It is located just a few degrees south of the equator. Bordered by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, it is a highly elevated piece of sovereign real estate, picturesquely located where the Great African Lakes and East Africa meet.


Rwanda legalises medical use of Cannabis

Rwanda has passed a new order that legalises medical use of Cannabis, also known as marijuana, as the country moves closer to mass production and export of the multi-billion-dollar cash crop.

The consumption of Cannabis products for recreational purposes remains illegal in Rwanda. The country maintains harsh penalties for illegal production, distribution and consumption of Cannabis.

A new Ministerial Order governing Cannabis and its products in Rwanda gazetted on Monday lists guidelines for the growing, processing, exporting and medical use of marijuana.

Under the signature of the Minister of Health Daniel Ngamije and the Minister of Justice Johnston Busingye, the new law clarifies that recreational use of marijuana remains illegal and punishable by law.


What production of medical cannabis means for the Rwandan economy

Some know it as cannabis, while others know it as marijuana or weed, especially because it has been trendy in pop-culture music and because it has been immortalized in western films.

Whatever you call it, cannabis is the world’s most popular drug and is the highest value therapeutic crop known at the moment, despite being illegal in many parts of the world.

It wasn’t until Monday, October 12, that a cabinet meeting approved guidelines that allow the growing of cannabis in Rwanda, which drew mixed opinions from people.

Cannabis is a multi-billion dollar industry and it’s believed to be the world’s most valuable cash crop from the absolute value perspective.


18 Countries Ranked For Marijuana Tolerance In Africa

African governments have tried to limit and stop its use, but marijuana remains deeply ingrained in African tradition, recreation and economies.

It is illegal everywhere in Africa, but an important source of income. Levels of tolerance and law enforcement related to marijuana vary from country to country.

The website Marijuana Travels ranks 260 countries including at least 42 African countries for tolerance to marijuana. Countries are ranked from 1 — highly prohibited — to 10 — legal. Rankings include on-the-ground information on enforcement. The site appears to be updated regularly, in some cases, daily. The home page says the site was created to inform viewers of conditions affecting marijuana, which can change daily and sometimes hourly.

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