Russian government regulator threatens to block Reddit over cannabis thread

Internet watchdog Roskomnadzor emailed Reddit to request removal of subreddit thought to be /r/trees, complaining staff are ‘too relaxed during August’

 I come in peace, man: Reddit’s logo featuring its alien mascot, the target of Russian anti-drugs aggression. Photograph:

The Russian government’s technology and internet watchdog is threatening to block Reddit across the country if it does not remove a thread dedicated to growing cannabis.



Countries That Have Legalized and Decriminalized Cannabis For Personal Treatment

Here's an alphabetical list of Countries and States that have legalized treating yourself with the natural plant, cannabis: 

The first up is Argentina where it's legal for personal use in small amounts (in private).

Australia: Illegal (decriminalized in some states) One or two plants may be privately grown for personal use in the Australian Capital Territory and South Australia. Personal grows of up to two plants are decriminalized in the Northern Territory.

Belize: Illegal, but mostly tolerated.

Bolivia: Illegal (but decriminalized).

Botswana: Illegal, but mostly unenforced.


California has no water for fish and forest, but marijuana crops

A heavy drought continues to run wild in California. Water storage decreases, but the State authorities take no active measures to save ecology and areas under crop.

Instead of it, fishery farms and forestlands are also being eliminated. These areas are used for medical marijuana plantations.

A great deal of water is also being wasted for such purposes as growing marijuana.

As an editorial in the Fresno Bee noted, marijuana production has skyrocketed despite the drought, even to the point of causing irreversible environmental damage:


Crimea, Police find Cannabis island

Police have discovered a cannabis farm hidden on an artificial island in northeastern Crimea, it's reported.

About 500 plants were being cultivated in neat rows, concealed from prying eyes behind the island's tall rushes, Russia's news website reports. The farm covered 2,000 sq m (21,500 sq ft) of land, and a man found guarding it was detained, according to local police spokeswoman Yelena Alekseyeva. Video footage from the site shows some of the plants were almost as tall as the police officers who found them.


Russia Must Step Up and Fight Its Drug Problem

According to a recent poll by the Levada Center, 88 percent of Russians over the age of 18 have never taken drugs outside medical prescription. Only 17 percent know someone who has used non-prescribed drugs, with an overwhelming 80 percent answering in the negative.

It is thus unsurprising that among this demographic, which has limited first-hand experience of drug use, 69 percent would favor drug testing in schools, 72 percent would approve of criminal charges against drug users and 75 percent are against legalization of "light" drugs such as cannabis.

It is fair to point out that Russia's experience with drug use is a fairly recent problem. Apocryphally, there was no sex in the Soviet Union. But there was also very little in the way of drugs or rock 'n' roll, too.


'Drugs Were for Pigs,' Says Farmer Caught With Marijuana in Russia

A sexagenarian farmer caught in possession of a stash of marijuana said the drugs were for his pigs, narcotics officers said in a statement Monday.

Officers from the Federal Drug Control Service in the Rostov region found 1.2 kilograms (42 ounces) of marijuana in the trunk of the 66-year-old pig farmer's car, along with a few hemp seeds, the statement said.

The man said that he had prepared the marijuana from wild-growing hemp for his sickly swine, and insisted its usage was strictly for medicinal purposes. It was not immediately clear what health problems the pigs had.

Though the farmer told police he does not use the marijuana, investigators have ordered him to undergo toxicological tests.


Marijuana: New Studies Reveal New Benefits and Side Effects

As most of you already know, marijuana is a recreational drug made from parts of the cannabis plant - usually the hemp plant known as Cannabis sativa - which contains the mind-altering chemical THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol.)  Some of the most common nicknames include pot, weed, and many others.  Many people have a positive view of marijuana, considering it in some ways safer than nicotine or alcohol, as using it does not lead to liver or lung disease - and it is clearly safer and less addictive than hard drugs like heroin and cocaine.


These 2,400-year-old solid-gold bongs were used by Scythians for cannabis

Archaeologists in southern Russia recently found nearly seven pounds of truly spectacular, well preserved and solid gold artifacts from the Scythains, a nomadic people often written about by Greek historian Herodotus. In addition to the importance of the artistic depictions on the artifacts — which included jewelry, cups and a couple bucket-shaped vessels — the scientists made another important discovery when they had criminologists test the black residue inside the bucket-shaped containers.

The results showed traces of marijuana and opium, proving that these containers are indeed ancient bongs of sorts.

From National Geographic’s excellent report:


Archaeologists Find 2400-Year-Old Gold Vessels Containing Marijuana, Opium Residues

(Photo : Getty Images/Hulton Archive) The golden artifacts were unearthed in the Caucasus Mountains in Russia.

Archaeologists have unearthed a 2,400-year-old set of gold artifacts within ancient grave mounds in the Caucasus Mountains of Southern Russia. The set included solid gold bongs that tested positive for marijuana and opium.


Solid gold 2,400-year-old cannabis BONGS used by royal stoners dug up in Russia

ARCHAEOLOGISTS have uncovered what are thought to be 2,400-year-old bongs made of PURE gold that were used to get tribal royalty stoned.

The two bongs were used for smoking cannabis and opium, tests have confirmed, and were found with a number of other solid gold items weighing a combined total of 7Ibs hidden under clay in Russia where power lines were being put up.

They also found three gold cups, a heavy gold finger ring, two neck rings, and a gold bracelet.

A thick black residue found inside the two vase-shaped vessels was tested by criminologists who confirmed traces of the two drugs were found.


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