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The Medical Cannabis Industry Is Booming In Puerto Rico

Despite hurricanes, the pandemic, and economic woes (and maybe because of there things), Puerto Ricans want their weed.

Puerto Rico legalized medical cannabis in the summer of 2017. Two months later Hurricane María tore through the island, leaving it in chaos and without electricity for months on end. Political turmoil and earthquakes followed. And this year, the pandemic has wreaked havoc on the population. 

However, through it all, the medical cannabis industry has managed to thrive, selling an average of $10 million a month in 2020. To date, sales have reached $51.4 million. Last year, sales reached $128.5 million and produced $14 million in taxes.


Another Three Hemp Plans Get USDA Green Light

Earlier this week, the US Department of Agriculture approved hemp production plans under the nation’s Domestic Hemp Production Program for Minnesota, Tennessee and Puerto Rico.


Puerto Rico’s Hemp Industry Growing Roots

The Puerto Rico Department of Agriculture estimates that by 2020 there will be at least 10,000 acres of hemp cultivated in Puerto Rico for commercial purposes.

The director of the Office for Licensing and Inspection of Hemp of the Department of Agriculture, Irving Rodríguez, said that the local government needs to submit a plan before the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) by January.

“After that we will move on to the commercial phase. There are already farmers with thousands of acres waiting,” the official said.

He anticipates the development of products such as cooking oil, milk or hemp juice, hemp blocks (hempcrete), animal feed, clothing, medical treatments and CBD items.


Cannabis Territory

Since cannabis legalization became the law of the land on the entire West Coast of the United States, much of the weed-concerned American public turned their attention to the East and Midwest. But the legalization trend has also continued west of the West Coast. Two U.S. territories, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands, legalized cannabis for adult use within the past year — and other U.S. territories are quietly making moves in that direction.


Medical marijuana companies continue expanding in Puerto Rico

Medical marijuana firms are continuing to flock to the island, with the latest investments announced by Cansortium, Columbia Care and Bhang.

Cansortium recently announced that it was opening its second Fluent medical marijuana dispensary in Puerto Rico. Columbia Care is set to launch “vertically integrated operations” on the island, including a dispensary in San Juan and a cultivation and manufacturing facility in Cidra. Bhang, meanwhile, has signed a deal to distribute its more than 25 cannabidiol (CBD) brands to the island.

Cansortium’s new 2,200 square-foot dispensary is in San Patricio, Guaynabo, while the company’s first facility in San Juan began operations in Jan. 2018.


Will Puerto Rico produce the United States cannabis supply?

Drugs are central to Puerto Rico’s place in the world. Without Puerto Rico, the world would run out of medicine; without medicine, Puerto Rico would run out of money.


Vireo Health expands into Puerto Rico’s rapidly growing medical cannabis market

Vireo Health International, Inc. (“Vireo” or the “Company”) (CSE: VREO), a leading physician-led, science-focused multi-state cannabis company, today announced the acquisition of medical cannabis licenses in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The acquisition is comprised of pre-approvals for licenses to cultivate, process, and sell cannabis products and operate up to six dispensaries.


Chemesis International Inc. expands cultivation operations in Puerto Rico

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Chemesis International Inc. launches Viverian CBD products in Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico should legalize cannabis

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There is no one solution for all of Puerto Rico’s problems. Currently the disaster stricken island needs everything from an entirely new infrastructure to a program to dig itself out of its 70-billion-dollar debt. To make matters worse, its population is fleeing to the mainland US in hopes of carving out a better life.

But should the government of Puerto Rico consider legalizing recreational marijuana?


Say I currently lived in NYC. Where can I go on vacation that I know I can walk around to a dispensary and get an 1/8th of lemon haze? The west coast and pacific north west? The Netherlands? Canada?


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