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Canada: Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation unveils rendering of new pot shops

The designs for 12 Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) cannabis shops were released on Monday by the organization’s President and CEO, Bret Mitchell.

Eleven of the cannabis shops will be located within NSLC locations, which will undergo $500,000 renovations to accommodate the shops-within-a-shop. One vacant store in Halifax will reopen as the sole cannabis-only store in the province.

Based on the renderings, the shops are well-lit with white walls featuring a few punches of bright colours. There will be a wall of weed boxes behind the cash registers that will display the products.

“We have what I consider a modern, bright, really merchandise-intense full-service environment which we are going to roll in July,” said Mitchell.


Canada: Nova Scotia cannabis legislation sets fines, syncs weed and alcohol penalties

Proposed Nova Scotia legislation would see fines as high as $10,000 for illegal marijuana sales or distribution to a person under 19, while impaired drivers will also face stiff penalties.

The fines are part of a series of penalties around the legal age, possession and cultivation of recreational cannabis included in the province’s new Cannabis Control Act introduced Tuesday by Justice Minister Mark Furey.

Anyone under 19 found with less than five grams will face seizure of the drug and a fine of no more than $150. Those who buy cannabis from anyone other than the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) could be fined up to $250.

Furey said the province will harmonize its penalties for alcohol with those proposed for marijuana so sanctions are consistent.


Canada: Marijuana outlet crackdown makes no sense, says criminologist

The legalization of pot may be looming but that doesn’t mean police are backing off their crackdown on the “grey” marijuana market.

Most recently, RCMP in Colchester County raided the Community Compassion Centre in Bible Hill. They seized cash, marijuana, marijuana derivatives and drug paraphernalia, and charged Ricky Joseph Leclerc, 51, of Upper Kennetcook.

He’s scheduled to appear in Nova Scotia provincial court Friday.

“The RCMP will continue to work within the existing legislation under the Controlled Drug and Substances Act,” RCMP spokesman Cpl. Dal Hutchinson said Monday in an email. “If we determine that there is a violation of the legislation, we will take appropriate action.”


Canada: Cannabis company to use fish waste to grow marijuana in former pulp mill

A Nova Scotia company will soon begin growing cannabis in a former pulp and paper mill in Queens County, and hopes the buy-local ethos extends to marijuana.

Health Canada granted Aqualitas Inc.'s cultivation licence Jan. 19, making it the third Nova Scotia company to get the approval — joining Breathing Green Solutions Inc., which has a production facility in the Wentworth Valley, and THC Dispensaries Inc. of Antigonish. 

Myrna Gillis, co-founder and CEO, said Aqualitas plans to start growing its first crop in February and then it will test it and apply for a sales licence, with the hope of selling cannabis this summer. So far, none of the three Nova Scotia companies are licensed to sell. 


Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island both set legal age for marijuana use at 19

Nova Scotia and P.E.I. both set their legal age for marijuana at 19 on Thursday, but the two East Coast provinces are taking different paths on how weed will be sold.

P.E.I. said it will sell marijuana at standalone outlets run separately by its liquor commission, while Nova Scotia said pot will be sold alongside alcohol in its provincial liquor stores.

Justice Minister Mark Furey said Thursday Nova Scotia believes selling marijuana through existing liquor stores will provide the necessary control to ensure public safety.

"They have a social responsibility mandate and we trust their experience in selling restricted products," said Furey. "The Nova Scotia Liquor Commission also has the infrastructure in place to support a province-wide retail operation."


Nova Scotia gets its first licensed marijuana producer: Breathing Green Solutions

Nova Scotia has its first licensed producer of cannabis in the province — the Wentworth, N.S. based Breathing Green Solutions.

Health Canada issued the license on Friday along with three other producers across the country.

Saskatchewan’s Agro-Greens Natural Products Ltd., Agrima Botanicals Corp. in British Columbia and Ontario’s Bloomera Inc. were the three new producers issued licenses.


Nova Scotia to start marijuana consultations with public

Nova Scotia will be launching its public consultations for marijuana legalization within days, with results expected to be compiled and released before the end of the year, the premier’s office has confirmed.

Of the Atlantic provinces, Nova Scotia is the last to launch its consultations, which will include telephone and online surveys. P.E.I. just completed an online consultation, garnering around 3,000 responses, Newfoundland released a report of its consultation period in August, and New Brunswick — the furthest along — last month announced its framework for legalization, including plans to follow Ontario in creating a Crown corporation to oversee all pot sales.

New Brunswick has also already signed deals with suppliers.


Dispensaries in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is Canada’s second-smallest province, so perhaps it isn’t surprising that it tends to slip under the media radar. While Vancouver makes headlines for regulating dispensaries, and Toronto makes them for raiding dispensaries, little attention has been paid to Nova Scotia’s capital: Halifax.

For a long time, Halifax was served by a single dispensary, one that had been raided on more than one occasion. It’s current incarnation is Farm Assists, and its owner Chris Enns is still facing a court date from an earlier raid, but it isn’t the only dispensary in town anymore. “In 2014, the Farm Assists was still the first and only store-front dispensary in the city, ” said Mr Enns, “we now have at least a couple dozen.”


Canada: Truro Cannabis Plant Contract Awarded

Dreams of a medical marijuana production facility in Truro are one step closer to fruition. 

The Truro Herbal Co. (THC) has awarded a contract to Lindsay’s Construction of Dartmouth for the development of a state-of-the-art cannabis production facility in Truro. 

The company says construction of the 20,000-square-foot facility will begin this month on a 6.3-acre lot in the Truro Industrial Park. 

“We are working toward an aggressive construction schedule to see completion by early 2018, and are confident in Lindsay’s ability to deliver within our timelines,” said Ron Meech, who oversees THC’s construction committee, in a news release. 


How will Nova Scotia regulate marijuana? Political leaders unclear

With a little more than a year to go before the federal deadline to legalize marijuana, the incoming provincial government will have to work quickly to implement new provincial pot laws. 

None of the three party leaders has a definite plan on how they want to regulate the drug, but say they will be working on the issue in time for July 1, 2018.

Legalization was a key campaign promise by the Trudeau Liberals in 2015, but Ottawa has given discretion to the provinces over issues such the price of the drug, and how it is distributed and sold. The federal minimum age to buy marijuana will be 18 but provinces are permitted to set an older age limit. 

McNeil: 'Uniform approach' needed


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