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Norway narrows marijuana ordinance

The Norway City Council on Monday struck growing facilities and microbusinesses from its ordinance allowing marijuana establishments within city limits.

Such operations will not be allowed in Norway to avoid odor issues, City Manager Ray Anderson told The Daily News.

The council requested the change at the June 7 meeting and can revisit the issue in the future if it wishes, Anderson said.

Because of the amendment, a resolution that would have defined the process for accepting, evaluating and approving applications for licenses to operate marijuana businesses was removed from Monday’s agenda, as it had several references to growing facilities and microbusinesses.


Cannabis: What Is Its Legal Status in Scandinavia?

canal with houses

While there are countries where the use of cannabis is a way of life, it is a big crime to be found with a cannabis product in many other countries.

What was once an illegal substance is now considered in many countries around the world as being acceptable. As you could guess, I’m talking about cannabis or marijuana. Thanks to its many benefits, cannabis has infiltrated many markets globally, with more and more people joining the bandwagon of users, sellers, transporters, and producers. So, what is its legal status in the Scandinavian world? Well, just a little patience will pay off, as the answer is just around the corner. But first things first: what is cannabis?.


Canada: Marijuana company Hydropothecary grabs a third of Quebec market, plots global growth

Hydropothecary wants to follow the footsteps of Couche-Tard, which started with one store outside Montreal before gobbling up rivals from Ontario to Norway.

As Canadian marijuana growers rush to boost production before pot gets legalized, Quebec’s biggest cannabis company is looking at the province’s global convenience-store giant Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. for a road map.

Gatineau-based The Hydropothecary Corp. says it wants to follow the footsteps of Quebec leaders such as Couche-Tard, the owner of the Circle K chain, which started with one store outside Montreal and gobbled up rivals from Ontario to Norway.


The Situation With Medicinal Cannabis In Europe – A Complete Overview

Medicinal Cannabis Sativex and Bedrocan are now available in many European countries, and several have infrastructure in place to supply patients with medicinal cannabis. So which countries are moving with the times, and which are dragging their heels? Where are medicinal and recreational users most (and least) free to utilize their drug of choice? Let’s take a look at the facts.


Norwegian Customs seize 1,600 kg cannabis in 1H

OSLO: Norwegian customs agents have reported a three-fold increase in the amount of cannabis confiscated at the nation’s borders.

Through the first six months of 2016, the Directorate of Norwegian Customs has seized 1,600 kg of cannabis, while just 550 kg was seized in the first half of last year. The agency director general, Bjørn Røse, said the increase may indicate that cannabis use is on the rise both in Norway and elsewhere in Europe. “Cannabis use has remained stable in Norway for several years, but the new figures give cause for concern,” he said. Røse said that major seizures had been made in trailer transports, vans and campers.


This Might Be the Best Marijuana Study You'll See All Year

Two Norwegian researchers examined the likelihood of marijuana to cause a motor vehicle crash, and came to a surprising conclusion.

Marijuana appears to be set up for what could be its best year ever.

The plant, which is currently illegal at the federal level, has expanded like a weed over the past two decades. A whopping 23 states have legalized marijuana for medicinal use since 1996, and four states have legalized the sale of marijuana for recreational purposes since 2012.


People Who Use Drugs Are Demanding Their Rights In Norway, Finding Support From Influential Voices

More than 90 academics, politicians and lawyers in Norway have signed a public statement in support of the country's organizations that fight for the rights of people who use drugs and their right to be heard and included in political decisions. The petition was published on February 12 in Norway's largest daily newspaper, Verdens Gang. Signatories include two former Supreme Court judges and the leader of the Liberal Democrat party.


Norway: The Emperor's New Drug Policies

The list of human rights organizations and UN agencies that recommend decriminalization is growing. So strong is the pressure for less punitive drug policies, that it has become impossible for states to ignore. Real change has started happening as well. Cannabis has been legalized in five American states, and Canada is set to become the first G7 nation to regulate the drug. Countless others are decriminalizing personal use and possession. We have come to the realization that punitive policies infringe upon basic rights and prevent people from seeking help.


North Korea bans cannabis based on Norwegian model

According to North Korean authorities there must be something wrong with the cannabis plant seeing that the USA is about to legalize it. North Korean authorities claim to have found a genetically modified variety that may have caused a large outbreak of independent thoughts in Colorado. North Korea now fears that seeds from this variety will be spread along the North Korean border from airplanes.

That Arctic doomsday seed vault? There's backup copies of cannabis in there, too. Lots.

This week, the "doomsday seed vault" (as it's known in headlines, anyway) made the news because scientists made the first "withdrawal" from the remote arctic store. But there's another reason to be excited about the underground vault on Norway's Svalbard archipelago.

Svalbard seed vault

Svalbard seed vault


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