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Cannabis company Wana Brands reimagines “Happy Hour” this summer

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The popular edibles brand introduces an innovative alcohol alternative through their “Summer of Quick” campaign.

Summer is in full swing, and Michiganders are celebrating with lakeside parties, backyard barbecues… and the inevitable hangovers that follow. But one cannabis company is offering consumers a new, hangover-proof way to enhance their sunny celebrations: fast-acting, THC-infused gummies.


Heat waves and weed: 5 ways summer heat can affect your high

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Here are some precautions and considerations to think about when you decide to get high and embrace the soaring temperatures.

Record heat events are starting to become the norm these days. Much of the US has already experienced multiple heat waves, and summer has only just begun. When the weather gets oppressively hot, there is not much you can do to improve the situation other than to stay hydrated, and if you consume cannabis, maybe get high and hope for a breeze. 


Delta-8: What you need to know to get started


Have you ever found yourself standing in front of a wall of delta-8 at the vape shop with no idea where to start? You are not alone! Dosing THC can be tricky, even for savvy cannabis consumers. And because delta-8 is new to the cannabis marketplace, it’s hard to get a straight answer about how much to take.

While some of the guidelines for dosing are the same as for weed or CBD, it doesn’t mean your ideal delta-8 dose will be the same, according to Robert Como, founder Hi On Nature, which manufactures high-end delta-8 products  “The compositions of different forms of THC are unique, he says, “and so are the goals, the body chemistry, and the tolerance levels of the people who use them.”


Hempire: The cannabis video game against stigma played by 22 million people

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Grow your own weed, leverage your resources, and get inspired by good old Farmville along the way. Do you remember the game? Well, there is something of all that in Hempire. However, instead of farms, the cannabis video game of the moment has flowerpots in the suburbs. And, at the center of everything, marijuana. (Benzinga)

"We wanted to build the best cannabis game in the world," says Canadian Solon Bucholtz about Hempire, the pot video game that he developed with his company LBC Studios.


Major League Baseball to allow CBD sponsorships

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CBD sponsorships are now welcome for teams in the Major League Baseball (MLB) organization, which could open up many new advertisement opportunities.

The MLB stated in a conference call on June 21 that CBD is now an “approved category” which means that teams are now allowed to sell CBD sponsorships as long as the brand has received an NSF certification (a verification that a product has no THC).

According to Sports Business Journal, MLB Chief Revenue Officer Noah Garden explained the reason for the change. “We’ve been watching this category for a while and waiting for it to mature to the point where we can get comfortable with it,” said Garden.


Endexx says to launch men's hemp-derived skincare line in Amazon's store


"This is a natural channel extension for us to continue growing our skin care business and meet customers where they are with the products they replenish regularly," said the company's CEO Todd Davis

Endexx Corp said it has received clearance for its hemp-derived and plant-based skincare and grooming products for men in Amazon's store. 

The products are rich in plant-derived nutrients proven to support healthy skin. They have no Cannabidiol or THC in their formulation, providing a clear and compliant pathway to successful e-commerce in the Amazon seller's central platform, the company said. 


APPlife Digital Solutions, Inc. announces opening of hemp and CBD products e-commerce site "Global Hemp Service"


APPlife Digital Solutions, Inc. ( ALDS) (“APPlife”, the Company”), a business incubator and portfolio manager that invests in and creates e-commerce and cloud-based solutions is pleased to announce that the Global Hemp Service LLC (“Global”) web site has recently completed its extended beta period and is now a fully-functioning e-commerce platform that offers an extensive line of hemp and CBD related products including those for personal, home, beauty, organic, and industrial uses.


Cannabis insiders split on market impact of inflation


The cost of cannabis has been declining in many major markets for months, with consumers seeing prices per milligram trending down for most of the year.

In the days leading up to the recent bear market entry, cannabis insiders provided Benzinga with varied opinions regarding the impact of inflation on the cannabis sector.

As fears of skyrocketing inflation fueled the bear market, some remained optimistic about cannabis, even confident in some instances.

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This cooling hemp skin-care line is a hot-weather hack

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Chances are your skincare routine needs to adjust to the extreme heat and sun exposure during peak summertime. For me, it means swapping out heavy creams for more lightweight formulas or opting for products with skin-cooling ingredients — and I just so happened to find the holy grail of hydrating hot-weather products at Hey Bud. The Australian skin-care brand is most notable for using hemp seed oil as a hero ingredient in its lineup, which not only helps relieve conditions like dermatitis and psoriasis but also aids in collagen production, thanks to the oil's high levels of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids.

2 cannabis growth stocks you can get for under $15


The real question is, do you want any cannabis stocks right now, regardless of price?

Of the 38 cannabis companies tracked by cannabis-centric news and information platform New Cannabis Ventures, only two have similar financial characteristics that set them atop the rest of the multi-state operators (MSOs). And only one has what no other does.


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