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Deadline On NJ Marijuana Legalization Delayed

Gov. Phil Murphy

Gov. Phil Murphy and lawmakers continue to struggle to strike a deal that will allow New Jersey to begin the process of selling marijuana in New Jersey. But they're also raising hopes that some agreement could be reached soon.

Lawmakers extended a Monday deadline for Murphy to act on legislation that would begin the process of selling marijuana, signaling that all sides may be able to work out issues that have prevented a deal from happening.


New Jersey Wants Home Cultivation for Cannabis

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Every new location to legalize cannabis either recreationally or medically, comes up with its own set of rules for exactly what is legal. After the last US election, there were a few new additions to the legalization family, one of them being New Jersey, which legalized for recreational use. However, the State didn’t get everything it wanted. New Jersey wants home cultivation of cannabis to be legalized for its citizens, and right now, it is still not.


Letting you grow medical weed at home advanced by N.J. lawmaker

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After years of hesitancy among lawmakers to seriously consider allowing people to grow their own marijuana at home, two lawmakers have introduced bills in the past week that would overhaul the ban.

Sen. Troy Singleton, D-Burlington, introduced a home grow bill Thursday that would allow medical marijuana patients or their caregivers to register as home cultivators. They could then grow up to four mature marijuana plants and four immature plants.


Cannabis and the South: How Things Change

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When it comes to the North vs the South in America, there is usually a pretty evident divide when it comes to social issues. From abortion to religion in schools to drugs, the South is generally slower to adopt new policies. In the case of cannabis and the south, a lot of change has happened in the last few years, signaling a massive shift in overall public perspective.


N.J. court hears arguments in case that has stalled expansion of medical marijuana

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A three-judge appellate court panel heard arguments Tuesday in a case that has stalled the expansion of the New Jersey’s burdened medical marijuana program.

But the court must still issue a decision before the state can reopen its review of licenses that a lawsuit put on hold in late 2019.

The case involves eight rejected medical marijuana applicants from a round of licensing the Department of Health opened in 2019. The applicants in question lost out due to technical issues with their applications or because they had insufficient documents to show the town they wished to operate in approved of the business.


Cancel Cannabis? Some Lawmakers In Newly Legal States Sure Are Trying

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“This shows what can happen when politics override the will of the people and causes a stalemate in the rollout of voter-favored programs,” says one industry expert.

Four of the five states that passed cannabis-centric ballot initiatives on Election Day 2020 have since run into hurdles.

The pathway from ballot question to implementation has only been smooth for one of the five states to pass measures recently — Arizona. Adult use sales began on Jan. 22, with many medical dispensaries expanding to adult use to accommodate the newly opened market.

The Copper State sets a new bar by opening its market just a couple months after passing an initiative. Lawmakers from the other four states, however, are stalling the process.


New Jersey Lawmakers Advance Revised Bill On Underage Cannabis Use

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Lawmakers in New Jersey late last week moved forward on legislation designed to clear up penalties for underage cannabis use


New N.J. weed compromise moves forward — but it looks a lot like the last failed plan

Lawmakers on Friday advanced a new compromise on penalties for underage marijuana use, hoping to pass something that will make Gov. Phil Murphy agree to sign big bills to legalize and decriminalize weed into law.

It’s the Legislature’s second shot at a “cleanup bill” this month. The first fell apart when Black lawmakers came together in opposition, arguing that the penalties it set forth for those under 21 would disproportionately affect Black and brown youth.


New N.J. legal weed compromise offered with deadline looming for Murphy to act

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After weeks of fruitless negotiations on penalties for underage marijuana use and with a deadline to sign two marijuana reform bills looming, Gov. Phil Murphy and lawmakers inched closer to a compromise Thursday.

Talks resulted in a new cleanup bill to address the issue and discussions are continuing, according to two sources with knowledge of the negotiations. But they are far from becoming a done deal.


New Jersey: Medical marijuana patients just want to grow their own weed. Why lawmakers won’t allow it.

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When Jo Anne Zito was initially arrested for at-home cultivation nearly 10 years ago, her kids were taken away from her. Though her charge was later downgraded to low-level possession thanks to a grand jury, she’d already gotten a taste of how severely those who grow cannabis at home are criminalized.

Only after completing a pricey drug rehabilitation program was she legally eligible to receive custody, on top of serving three years of probation. Her husband, now deceased, was also charged and sentenced to drug court.


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