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Halt to marijuana prosecutions extended as N.J. legal weed stalls

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New Jersey’s top law enforcement official has extended an order halting prosecutions for low-level marijuana offenses through the end of March, according to a memo from his office addressed to prosecutors across the state.

The move from Attorney General Gurbir Grewal comes as two bills — one to launch a legal marijuana industry in New Jersey and another to halt many arrests related to the drug — sit on Gov. Phil Murphy’s desk unsigned.


With dispensaries in the pipeline, Jersey City eyes 2% tax on medical marijuana sales

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Jersey City doesn’t have any cannabis dispensaries yet, but the City Council will review an ordinance this week creating a 2% tax on medicinal marijuana sales.

While legislation legalizing recreational marijuana has stalled in Trenton, state law allows municipalities to levy a tax of up to 2% on medical marijuana sales. Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop tweeted over the weekend that the tax revenue generated from such sales would be directed toward affordable housing efforts in the city.


With legal weed coming to New Jersey, U.S. must open doors for cannabis research

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There’s an ancient botanical that millions of Americans take for epilepsy, cancer pain, Parkinson’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, multiple sclerosis and other serious and debilitating conditions.

The drug is cannabis. But American researchers who want to study cannabis are thwarted at every turn. Federal law still classifies cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug, a list that includes highly dangerous and addictive drugs such as heroin. The government says cannabis has no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. Even cocaine is not a Schedule 1 drug.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration limits research to poor quality cannabis from a sole supplier. Researchers who want to study the cannabis that patients are actually taking today are out of luck.


New Jersey Governor and Senate Nearing Agreement on Legalization

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New Jersey famously legalized cannabis this past election, but the clock is ticking, and there is still no formal consensus on how to get the ball rolling with legalization and set up a fully legal industry. Now, following many setbacks, the governor and state senate are finally close to reaching an agreement


Marijuana Is Now Supposed To Be Legal In New Jersey, But It’s Not

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While marijuana should have been legal for residents as of New Year’s Day, all the political figures responsible for making that happen failed.

Marijuana was supposed to be legal in New Jersey at the turn of the New Year, but it isn’t safe to use it just yet. 

When the voters hit the polls in the November 2020 general election, they overwhelmingly supported a ballot measure calling for the existence of a taxed and regulated pot market. It basically called for adults 21 and older to have the right to purchase weed like they would alcoholic beverages.  


68% of Americans Now Support Marijuana Legalization

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New polling data reveals that majorities of Democratic, Republican, and Independent voters support legalizing recreational marijuana for adults.


New Jersey is about to legalize cannabis, but home growers could still face up to 20 years in jail

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With New Jersey set to legalize recreational cannabis, advocates and researchers are sounding the alarm about legislation that still carries draconian punishments for home growers, Politico reports.

With a Jan. 1, 2021 deadline in mind, neither the proposed legalization bill nor the accompanying decriminalization bill addresses the long-outdated penalties for home growing.


Recreational Cannabis Could Show Up In New Jersey Within 6 Months


Reports estimate that just 37 recreational cannabis licenses will be available. More licenses are not expected to be released for another two years.

New Jersey lawmakers have passed a measure to allow a recreational marijuana marketplace in the Garden State.

The legislation will now be sent to Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy, who is expected to sign the bill. Once that happens, New Jersey cannabis businesses will be able to offer recreational weed within six months.

The Democrat-led Assembly and Senate passed the bill on Thursday.


New Jersey Moves Closer To Setting Up Recreational Marijuana

Members of the New Jersey state Assembly and Senate have given final approval to legislation permitting the possession of marijuana by adults and regulating its commercial production and retail sales. Each of the measures now awaits the signature of Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy. The Assembly approved A21 by a 49 to 24 vote with six abstentions, and the Senate later approved S21 by a 23 to 17 vote.


Cop Budgets Benefit from Cannabis Legalization, Sparking Backlash in 'Defund the Police' Er

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Far more popular than any politician, cannabis legalization is still being sold to American voters on a wobbly raft of lofty and discursive promises, uneasily lashed together with sinews of money. 

Several years into the experiment, cannabis is absolutely a multi-billion-dollar industry, but legal weed hasn’t fixed systemic racism, cured the ills of the drug war, or democratized business opportunities. Legalization hasn’t even guaranteed Americans reliable access to legal cannabis, in the states that have legalized.

But at least one promise has been kept: legalization has been great for cops.


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