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Nevada has the most expensive vape pens, Washington the cheapest pre-roll

There’s an old saying that ‘all politics is local’ and it turns out the same goes for marijuana prices. A new report from cannabis data company Headset looked at pricing trends from four key states that have fully legalized cannabis including two states with mature sales data and two fairly new states.

The study examines average item prices throughout 2018 and for the first two months of 2019. The sales data comes from customers who participate in store loyalty programs, as well as the $4.5 billion in transactions that Headset tracks.


CROP’s Nevada tenant receives go-ahead for 2019 hemp production and extraction licences

CROP Infrastructure Corporation’s 49 percent-owned subsidiary, Elite Ventures, reports that its Nevada tenant, Hempire, has been issued 2019 hemp handler, hemp nursery and hemp grower licences.

The licences cover 1,350 irrigated acres (546 hectares) on its 2,115 acres (856 hectares) of owned or leased CBD-focused lands, notes a press release from Vancouver-based CROP, which is publicly listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange and is focused on cannabis branding and real estate assets.


Las Vegas dispensary introduces 'Black Market Killer' cannabis brand

The black market for cannabis is still alive even in states with legalized recreational marijuana. But one Las Vegas dispensary is hoping to introduce a new cannabis brand that will kill off the black market once and for all, writes Joseph Misulonas.


Marijuana tech is being shunned at CES 2019

It's not easy being green — especially at CES, the world's largest consumer electronics convention. Marijuana tech companies are grumbling about how difficult it is to participate in CES 2019 because organizers will not allow them to exhibit.

"We’re not allowed on the showroom floor, and it’s apparently because [organizers] say they haven’t created a category for cannabis vaporizers yet," says Jeff Brown, vice president of public policy and communications at PAX Labs, an electronic vaporizer company. 


A Las Vegas dispensary just sold the most expensive marijuana product ever

When people go to Las Vegas, they expect to lose money whether it's through gambling or restaurants or clubs or anything else the city offers. But one person decided their trip to Vegas was not complete without dropping five figures on a blunt, writes Joseph Misulonas


Most new marijuana dispensary licenses go to a handful of companies

Marijuana companies in Nevada submitted more than 450 applications for five dozen new dispensary licenses.

More than half of the licenses went out to just a small handful of companies creating some discontent among businesses who say they were left out.

The brewing controversy has spawned a lawsuit.

The parent company of Planet 13 filed a lawsuit last week challenging the results of the state's licensing process for five dozen new dispensaries.

Nevada's coveted marijuana dispensary licenses are hard to get. There are 63 licensed dispensaries in the Silver State and state regulators have issued 61 more conditional licenses to open up more dispensaries in the next year.

Sahara Wellness owner Brenda Gunsallus landed one of them.


Nevada awards 61 more recreational marijuana dispensary licenses

A few cannabis companies are reaping riches after the latest Nevada dispensary licensing round.

Green Growth Brands and TapRoots Holding have each been awarded seven licenses to operate in the state while GreenMart NLV took home four.

This month Nevada awarded 61 conditional recreational dispensary licenses, including 31 in Clark County. Currently, there are 65 dispensaries operating in the state.

The Nevada Department of Taxation, which oversees the industry, declined to name the awardees until they receive a final state license after inspection. That could take up to a year.

Green Growth and GreenMart, which are both publicly traded, issued statements announcing their awards. TapRoots CEO Shane Terry confirmed by email his firm received seven licenses.


Nevada's marijuana sales hit nearly $150 million in first quarter

According to the Department of Taxation, retail and medical marijuana sales for Nevada in the first quarter of the 2019 fiscal year were $146.7 million.

July and August 2018 both had sales of over $48 million. September had $49.4 million in sales.

Of all the total sales, $23.48 million dollars were collected for taxes. More than $11 million will go towards funding for Nevada schools. Roughly $12.5 million will go to the state Rainy Day Fund.

The 2018 fiscal year saw $529 million in taxable sales, nearly $70 million was collected in tax revenue.


Las Vegas cousins overcome humble beginnings to create popular new weed product - Las Vegas Sun

The cousins from New Jersey shared a studio apartment in downtown Las Vegas as they worked to make their mark in the marijuana industry. There was no wall separating where Jacob Silverstein slept on a small bed and where Zachary LoBello lay on a futon.

One night earlier this year, while eating downtown with a potential client, the two realized they had only $12 to their names before a deposit was set to be made the next morning. Instead of ordering off the menu like the client, the two split a small basket of $7.99 chicken wings, which left enough for a tip after tax.

“We just told them we weren’t that hungry,” LoBello said. “There were a lot of situations where we had to compromise.”

The sacrifices have worked.


Las Vegas dispensary sees rush for cannabis butter, other ingredients for 'Baked' Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, some people rushed to stores to pick up cannabis infused ingredients to enjoy their traditional meal in a different way.

"Always ask your guests if they're Ok with the ingestion," said David Rivera, store manager of Essence Las Vegas. "You should never give someone a false high," added Rivera.

Rivera says cannabis infused ingredients such as olive oil and butter have been in high demand.

The butter has been the hottest seller and is used in nearly every bit of the traditional holiday menu, according to Rivera.

"Instead of using the full serving of regular butter, you would use half of your regular butter and then use the rest with the infused butter," said Rivera.


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