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Pandemic accelerated marijuana sales but slowed alcohol purchases

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Nevada’s alcohol tax collections dropped during the pandemic, though tax officials attributed that more to a lack of wholesale purchases from casinos or bars than from any surge in teetotalers. 

Even with the COVID pandemic waning, state tax officials told legislators this month that Nevadans have made what appear to be some permanent shifts in how they buy legal marijuana through pick-up and delivery modes. Understanding changes in consumer behavior is key for legislators and tax officials, who use the information to make tax revenue projections while crafting state budgets.


Innovative company sheds new light on cannabis industry

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The cannabis industry is booming. A Nevada company had a bright idea by making itself a major player in the industry. However, they're not growing marijuana, or even selling it.

They didn't exactly build a better light bulb, but they argue they did build a better lighting system.

"We have this fixture with a lot more whites and blues, which you can physically see," said Ben Arnet, co-founder and president of Fohse.

"This one looks more orange or red."


LED Grow Lights

They manufacture unique high-performance LED grow lights for cannabis.

"I mean, obviously, light is the driving force in photosynthesis," Arnet said.


Where to buy legal weed in Las Vegas


Pick up prerolls, flower, tinctures, vape pens, edibles, and more at Vegas’ best cannabis dispensaries.


Rural county wants in on Nevada’s cannabis industry. Regulators say not yet.

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Rural Nevada is eyeing a new cash crop.

They’ll just need to get past the state’s cannabis regulators first.

White Pine County on Tuesday petitioned the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board to change the state’s marijuana regulations to let individual counties request a limited licensing window for businesses looking to obtain a marijuana business license within the county.


Cannabis business school helps BIPOC Nevadans entering industry


In just a few months, Clark County will begin accepting business applications for cannabis lounges. Now a first-of-its-kind program aims to propel people of color into positions of power in the marijuana industry.

It's called the Pathway to Ownership program, and the 17-week course aims to address the gap between the growth of the cannabis industry over the last few years and growing social inequities within the industry.

"Now that these white guys are making a fortune, let's pass some of that success on to other people," said Commissioner Tick Segerblom.

Last week, the Clark County Commission approved $270,000 of the county's marijuana fees to fund the business, networking and mentoring program, which offers a certificate to those who complete it successfully.


Clark County preparing for cannabis lounges

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Clark County officials are closely monitoring the state’s efforts to regulate cannabis consumption lounges, a process that will largely inform how the county sets its own expectations for the marijuana industry’s expansion.

When they open this year in Nevada as expected, following approval in the state Legislature last summer, lounges will provide locals and tourists with places to consume marijuana. But first, the state’s Cannabis Compliance Board must finalize regulations, which local jurisdictions may then strengthen if they wish.


Nevada marijuana firm accused of failing to pay state taxes


A marijuana cultivator and producer in Washoe County could lose its license after it avoided paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes, according to a complaint filed by the Cannabis Compliance Board this week.

NNV Operations I, INC, which operates under the name Silver State Trading, had numerous unpaid or underpaid wholesale marijuana taxes to the Department of Taxation dating back to June 2019, according to the complaint filed by the board. The state collects a 15 percent wholesale cultivation and production tax on marijuana in the state.


Weed lounges are coming to a city near you


Las Vegas hopes to become a pioneer in creating public consumption spaces.

Planet 13’s cannabis “superstore” on the Strip has 30,000 square feet of retail space alongside a cafe, a bar and a marijuana processing center, all behind a glass wall where customers can see the various contraptions used for making cannabis products.

But there’s one thing missing: a place to smoke weed.


High hopes for UNR cannabis education program

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RENO, Nev. (News 4 & FOX 11) — Extended Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno has high hopes for its new cannabis education program.

The fully online courses will be offered as four separate certificates to help students land jobs in the budding marijuana industry.

"I think the one thing we've seen with COVID is that people have been displaced from jobs. People have realized they might want a completely new career," said Jozi Herzik, interim vice provost with UNR Extended Studies. "This is an opportunity. And they're also really well paying jobs."

According to the program's website, skilled labor salaries in the cannabis industry are 11% higher than the average median salary in the US.


Add Nevada To The List Of States That Have Eclipsed The $1B Mark In Legal Cannabis Sales

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You can add Nevada to the list of states that have surpassed more than $1 billion of medical and recreational cannabis sales over a one-year period (according to state officials) and we consider this to be a milestone for the US market. (as originally appeared on


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