Seward County deputies find 10.5 pounds of fentanyl, 30 pounds of marijuana on Interstate 80


Seward County deputies seized 10.5 pounds of fentanyl and 30 pounds of marijuana from a car hauler tractor-trailer.

Deputies later arrested three people from Ohio and also seized $25,000 and an AK-47.

The Seward County Sheriff's Office said deputies stopped the car hauler with eight vehicles loaded on and became suspicious of the vehicle.

When deputies inspected the car hauler, they found three tires with contraband. Deputies took the tires to a local repair shop to further inspect them. That's when they found the fentanyl and marijuana inside of the tires.


Hemp, Promise and Problems

man harvesting hemp

Yellowing soybean leaves and drying corn husks are early autumn signs that huge combines will soon gobble grain from vast fields of Nebraska’s two main crops.

They also mark completion of a promising but problematic harvest: Hemp.

It’s the second year Nebraska farmers can legally grow and process industrial hemp.


Surprising Cities Where People Are Googling Cannabis Queries

The top five cities that are Google searching terms like “state cannabis legalization” are all places where cannabis is completely illegal.


Medical Cannabis Bill LB 474 Fails in Nebraska by Two Votes

Pending legislation in Nebraska that would have established a medical cannabis industry failed by two votes, a frustratingly tight margin for advocates. The vote needed 33 yes votes to pass, and only received 31, making it unable to break a filibuster. LB 474 is officially off the table. 


Nebraska Is Working To Legalize Medical Marijuana Possibly This Week

Nebraska Aims To Legalize Medical Marijuana


Nebraska’s Governor Stokes Cannabis Fears

Defending his stance against a bill to adopt Nebraska’s Medical Cannabis Act, Governor Pete Ricketts says “legalising marijuana” will “kill kids”.

In a press conference after discussion between lawmakers regarding Legislative Bill 474, Governor Ricketts said:

“So this is a dangerous drug that will impact our kids. If you legalise marijuana, you’re going to kill your kids. That’s what the data shows from around the country.”

It was really an over the top statement given Legislative Bill 474 is in connection to medicinal cannabis – but the Governor sees it as the thin edge of the wedge and also wants the FDA’s blessing on any medical cannabis products.

Here’s the full video, posted by The Recount:


Nebraska Farmers Transition from Hops to Hemp

marijuana plants lined up in a greenhouse

Annette and Bruce Wiles are spending the snowy winter selling their hops equipment after six years of selling their fragrant flowers in the brewery supply chain. It was a good experience, Annette says now, and the learning curve has helped get them to where they want to be as the 2021 season opens: primed and ready for hemp cultivation.


Nebraska State Senator Introduces Recreational Marijuana Legalization Amendment

marijuana plants

A state senator introduced a proposed amendment to the Nebraska Constitution on Thursday that would legalize marijuana for adults 21 and older. If advanced by the Nebraska Legislature, the proposed amendment from state Sen. Justin Wayne of Omaha would appear on the ballot in 2022.


New initiative to legalize medical and recreational marijuana in Nebraska

someone measuring out cannabis buds from a jar

There’s a renewed push to legalize medical and recreational marijuana in Nebraska, lawmakers say they plan to obtain 250,000 total signatures to get both medical initiatives on the ballot in 2022.

Nebraska voters are already weighing the pros and cons to both proposals.

“There's a negative propaganda about it and I think... people should look deeper into it,” said Nick Hancke. “There’s a positive aspect to it than what’s been said about it.”

“I think everything has its limitations,” said Princess Brown. “So as long as it’s not something that is going to be abused, which we all know people do that, I do think it would be beneficial.”


Governor of Nebraska Weighs In On Legalized Cannabis in South Dakota

Even as historically conservative states have embraced legalization, reefer madness is alive and well in Nebraska.

At least with the state’s governor, Pete Ricketts, who on Tuesday once again sounded the alarm on something that a growing majority of the country is cool with.


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