Invest in a Massachusetts Cannabis Cultivation Facility

State of Massachusetts

An exciting crowd funding cannabis cultivation project is scheduled to start this week for Grow Space Orange, the Massachusetts company that develops cannabis cultivation facilities that are leased to licensed growers. Grow Space Orange, Inc, is a wholly owned subsidiary of New England Agriculture Technologies, LLC ("NEAgTech") in which investors are able to get in on the ground floor of an asset-based cannabis business with planned above-average returns plus the exciting possibility of being an owner of a prosperous cannabis cultivation operation. Full details of this and other NEAgTech projects including financial forecasts is on the investor section of the website.


Marijuana Delivery Opens Door For Young Entrepreneurs

Marijuana delivered right to your door. Delivery for recreational cannabis started this summer and it has opened up a door for young entrepreneurs who may not have had the chance before.

Marijuana retailer Cultivate has teamed up with the app Lantern and We Can Deliver to bring orders to homes. And people of color are first in line to benefit from this new industry.


Cannabis in the workplace: Employers’ obligations

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Four New England states now allow medical and recreational use of marijuana, which means local companies must review their current drug testing and substance use policies to ensure they are compliant with state and federal laws.

With Connecticut legalizing recreational marijuana in June — and Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont laws already in place — only New Hampshire and Rhode Island remain as holdouts for legalization. The provisions of the Connecticut law that affect employers will go into effect on July 1, 2022.


Delta-8 THC is legal in many states, but some want to ban it

Nickolas Jarosh started smoking marijuana after his shifts as a 911 dispatcher. He’d flip between working days and nights, and the inconsistent schedule made it difficult to fall asleep. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, helped, he said.

Jarosh, 29, who now lives outside Houston, no longer works a job that forces him to keep inconsistent hours. He also no longer has access to marijuana, which he said had also been helping to ease his anxiety and depression.


Massachusetts Cannabis Commission Fines Tilt Holdings, Ayr Strategies

The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission fined both TILT Holdings Inc. (CSE: TILT) (


Ayr Wellness Receives Provisional License to Sell Adult-Use Cannabis at Flagship Boston Dispensary

Boston skyline

TORONTO, June 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ayr Wellness Inc. (CSE: AYR.A, OTC: AYRWF) (“Ayr” or the “Company”), a leading vertically integrated cannabis multi-state operator, announced today that the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (“CCC” or the “Commission”) has granted its local partner Sira Naturals (“Sira”) a provisional license for the sale of adult-use cannabis at its Boylston Street location in Boston. The CCC voted to grant the provisional license at its monthly meeting earlier today. The provisional license allows for the continued development and construction of the dispensary and marks a significant milestone toward the opening of Ayr’s first adult-use store in the Greater Boston area.     


First-Ever Legal Marijuana Delivery Made in Massachusetts

Freshly Baked, a small business in Taunton made history Monday afternoon by implementing the first-ever legal marijuana delivery.

Freshly Baked is the first licensee to receive authorization to start conducting delivery service in the Commonwealth, the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) tweeted. A large win for a market that has only been legal for under five years.

The groundbreaking delivery went directly to the founders' home, part of a test run before the company starts taking real orders from the public next week.


Taxing Marijuana: Which Recreational States Levy The Highest Taxes?

American attitudes towards the legalization of marijuana have shifted in the last few years. In 2019, 66% of Americans say the use of marijuana should be legal, which represents a stark difference from the 33% of Americans who supported the measure in 2009.

As a result, a growing number of states have legalized recreational marijuana. Nine states are currently selling marijuana recreationally and several other states have legalized marijuana but are still setting up the retail and tax structure. 


Indoor cannabis grow centers responsible for 10% of industrial electricity consumption in Massachusetts

Indoor cultivation of cannabis is responsible for about 10% of all industrial electricity consumption in Massachusetts, a representative from the Northeast Sustainable Cannabis Project estimated Tuesday as he called on lawmakers to allow marijuana and hemp growers to use organic farming practices that could shift some of the cultivation outside and under the sun.


Massachusetts State launches marijuana delivery license application program

After years of stops and starts, the Cannabis Control Commission announced Friday that eligible applicants can now seek pre-certification and licensure as marijuana delivery operators, a business type that regulators and advocates said will be an important part of an equitable industry.

The new “marijuana delivery operator” licenses created in the new industry rules the CCC approved late last year will be available exclusively to participants in the CCC’s social equity program and economic empowerment applicants for the first three years.

The new license allows its holder to buy products wholesale from growers and manufacturers and deliver them to their own customers, and requires them to follow customer verification and safety regulations.


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