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We need to reduce barriers to starting a cannabis business

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“Our goal is to help others get into the business as well. If we can help others avoid the pitfalls, we would gladly do it.”


Ayr receives final license to sell adult-use cannabis in Watertown, the company’s second approved adult-use dispensary in Greater Boston


Ayr Wellness (“Ayr” or the “Company”), a leading vertically integrated U.S. multi-state cannabis operator, announced that the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (“CCC” or the “Commission”) has granted a final license for the sale of adult-use cannabis at its AYR Watertown dispensary in Greater Boston. The CCC voted to grant the final license at its meeting on June 9, 2022.

“With our approval today to open our Watertown dispensary, Ayr will soon have two adult-use dispensaries serving Greater Boston, which has historically been under-served in access to adult-use cannabis,” said Jonathan Sandelman, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Ayr.


New cannabis testing to help growers manage, prevent microbial outbreaks



MCR Lab’s new Environmental Monitoring Testing Suite can pinpoint contamination causes & identify effective solutions

Local cannabis testing laboratory MCR Labs has released a new testing suite designed to diagnose microbial issues and determine the best path forward for successful remediative measures.

This new service can prevent future outbreaks by allowing cultivators to monitor their grow environment closely for any potential contamination sources, avoiding a full-on outbreak altogether.

“It’s really a game changer for growers, as microbial outbreaks are not an ‘if’ but a ‘when’ issue,” said Jonathan Wani, MCR’s director of Business Development.


Sacha Baron Cohen and the weed company he was suing agree to dismiss filing

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No settlement was announced, but actor and activist Sacha Baron Cohen reportedly will not move forward with his lawsuit against a cannabis dispensary that used an image and catchphrase of his Borat character in a billboard ad without permission.

According to The Associated Press, a document filed in Federal Court in Boston notes that both Baron Cohen, 50, and the Massachusetts cannabis company, Solar Therapeutics Inc., have agreed to dismiss the case.

WPRI reports that the suit was dismissed with prejudice.


Grows Space New England presents its take on the Massachusetts cannabis market at the Cannabis Capital Conference


Robert Wolf, Managing Executive at Grow Space New England was a guest speaker at Benzinga’s Cannabis Capital Conference (CCC). (Benzinga)

Grow Space New England operates as a gateway to cannabis cultivation in Massachusetts. The company finds legally compliant sites, gets the necessary construction permits, then constructs greenhouse and outdoor grow facilities that are leased to licensed cultivators. 


Article by Jad Malaeb


Senate passes bill to grow, diversify cannabis sector

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Wide-ranging marijuana legislation that targets some of the most persistent issues that activists, regulators, businesses and municipalities have said are holding Massachusetts back from realizing the full potential of the 2016 legalization law cleared the Senate unanimously on Thursday with senators pitching it as both an economic development and racial justice bill.


Tower Hill hosts online symposium on science of cannabis



Last week, Tower Hill Botanic Garden dove straight into the weeds in an online symposium that took an extensive look into the botanical science behind the cannabis plant. In doing so, it was among the first few major botanical gardens in the country to host a cannabis focused event, providing another example of how cannabis is being embraced more and more by mainstream institutions. 

“There hasn’t been a lot of mainstream horticultural focus on [cannabis],” said Jessica Pederson, Tower Hill’s director of education.

“There’s a lot of people who know about the horticultural components of cannabis but it’s long been not in the eye of the public garden world, so we felt like it was time to explore the horticultural components of cannabis and hemp.”


Clark University student brings yoga to new level with ganja

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At the onset of the pandemic, Clark University student and certified yoga instructor, Melanie Adams couldn’t make herself practice on her mat. With so much going on in her life — from being forced to go back home to leaving her friends behind and even trying to circumnavigate a virtual world — yoga wasn’t taking priority for Adams.

Her solution? Ganja yoga.

In October of 2020, Adams earned her certification in ganja yoga, making her one of only of two yoga teachers in Massachusetts trained to teach cannabis-enhanced yoga.

“This is a great activity because cannabis and yoga pair so well with some improved flexibility, and for some people their balance can improve,” Adams said.


Dreamer Dispensary in Southampton finds workaround for credit card cannabis customers

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Dreamer Dispensary in Southampton is using blockchain technology — the same computer code that drives cryptocurrency — as a workaround allowing customers to buy cannabis products with credit cards.

“Dreamer’s ability to figure out how to allow consumers to pay by credit card speaks volumes to our commitment to innovation,” said Kevin Perrier, chief operating officer of Dreamer.

“We’re trying to lead the way in consumer selection and customer service, innovating every day to bring customers the best experience. Our new credit card payment model is another example of that.”


Cannabis committee advancing bill to pave way for social consumption sites in Mass.

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The Joint Committee on Cannabis Policy is polling its members on legislation that appears to address the persistent issues with host community agreements and social equity in the new cannabis industry, and that would pave the way for social consumption sites in Massachusetts.

Members of the committee have until 5 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 28, to weigh in on redrafted legislation that would put tighter restrictions on the legally required contracts between marijuana businesses and their host communities, establish a Cannabis Social Equity Trust Fund, and lay the groundwork for cities and towns to allow on-site cannabis consumption establishments within their borders. The poll opened late in the afternoon on Wednesday, Jan. 26.


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