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Closed Massachusetts Dispensaries Pivot To Making Hand Sanitizer

Several Massachusetts recreational marijuana businesses that were ordered closed during a stay-at-home order issued in response to the spreading coronavirus pandemic are now manufacturing hand sanitizer to be used by local health care workers. 


'It's Very Tough': Retailers Across Mass. Shut Down Under State Order Worry About Future

Retailers across Massachusetts are closing their doors Tuesday, after Gov. Charlie Baker ordered all non-essential businesses in the state to close for at least two weeks.

The move is an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Grocery stores, pharmacies and other businesses considered essential by the state can remain open.

In Central Square in Cambridge, many of the businesses that line Mass. Ave. already closed before Baker's order. But some retailers tried to stay open.


The busiest pot shop in Massachusetts has halted recreational sales amid coronavirus outbreak

The busiest recreational marijuana dispensary in Massachusetts has halted sales to the general public, as others ban walk-in customers to comply with new rules aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

In response to Gov. Charlie Baker’s new restrictions on public gatherings, New England Treatment Access announced Monday that their store in Brookline will only be open to medical patients going forward — and that adult-use purchases would be “temporarily paused.”


Coronavirus and Cannabis Conventions – List of Cancelled Industry Events

The novel coronavirus continuing to spread around the world has taken the “work-from-home” concept to a whole new level.

At the moment, the global M.O. is to stay home as much as possible. Thankfully, we live in a time where that couldn’t be any easier. With abundant remote work opportunities, numerous product delivery options, and a slew of virtual services available, leaving the house is completely voluntary for some people.


The Marijuana Industry Already Employs A Quarter Million Workers

The marijuana industry supported 240,000 jobs nationwide as 2020 began, according to a Leafly study that focuses on the cannabis job market. That’s 15 percent more marijuana-related jobs than at the beginning of 2019.

That percentage translates into 33,700 new jobs in 2019, with Massachusetts, Illinois, and Oklahoma leading the way on cannabis industry job growth.


Boston Opens Up Its First Pot Shop

Reggae great Peter Tosh famously sang the song, "Legalize It" so it seems like poetic justice that his daughter, Niambe McIntosh, was the first customer at the first-ever recreational cannabis shop in Boston. 

I’m honored and humbled to be able to share this moment in history,” she said. “It’s a victory for all the families who have been affected by cannabis prohibition.”


Boston’s First Recreational Marijuana Shop To Open Monday

Boston’s first recreational marijuana shop will open next week. Pure Oasis in Dorchester was approved for opening by the Cannabis Control Commission Thursday. The shop said it would open Monday, March 9 at 11 a.m.


How Much Cannabis Each State Sold in First Month of Legal Sales

Illinois dispensaries sold nearly $40 million dollars with of cannabis in the first 31 days of recreational cannabis sales, according to new numbers released last week.

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation announced the number on Feb. 3. Officials said the final total of $39,247,840.83 came from the sale of 972,045 cannabis products at licensed retailers across the state.


Massachusetts’ cannabis sales worth over half of entire Canadian market

Dow do you like them apples?

In just over one year, legal cannabis sales in Massachusetts — a state with the population of 6.9 million — reached more than half of legal sales for the entire country of Canada, according to a U.S. national cannabis law firm.

All financial amounts in this story are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise noted.

Cannabis retailers in the northeastern state sold around US$509 million ($677 million) worth of legal weed from November 2018 to the end of January 2020, Vicente Sederberg LLP data analysis calculated.


Massachusetts’ Cannabis Shops Report $420M In Sales In 2019

Recreational marijuana shops in Massachusetts raked in more than $420 million in sales in the first full calendar year of legalization, according to new state data.

The data released this week by the state’s Cannabis Control Commission shows marijuana sales in December alone had topped $10.7 million even before Christmas.

The data will be updated to show the full 2019 calendar year sometime in January.

Massachusetts imposes roughly 17% to 20% in taxes on marijuana, including a 6.25% sales tax, a 10.75% excise tax and an optional local tax of up to 3%.


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