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Malta: Cannabis: how do other countries legislate?

With the curtains drawn on the public consultation of a new White Paper and new laws due to be proposed in parliament this week, radically different cannabis legislation is on the horizon for Maltese citizens.

The law is proposing the effective decriminalisation of cannabis with a clear pathway to users being able to legally purchase buds and seeds for personal use.


Malta May Legalize Home Cannabis Cultivation

Cultivating cannabis is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding forms of gardening. Whereas some crops can take weeks or even months to show some growth, the cannabis plant grows fairly quickly.

It’s almost as if every day there are new leaves, and eventually, new buds on cannabis plants, which any seasoned cultivator will be quick to point out.

That near-daily gratification makes the cannabis plant one of the most fun crops to cultivate, especially considering that the plant is absolutely beautiful when in full bloom.


Malta: Cannabis should be regulated like tobacco and alcohol, ADPD says

Cannabis should be regulated and taxed like alcohol and tobacco, ADPD have said.  

The party was reacting to a statement by the Prime Minister Robert Abela where he announced that government will be launching a white paper on the decriminalisation of cannabis for personal use.  

“Over the years, despite the rhetoric and crocodile tears, authorities have ignored the suffering of thousands of people because of the so-called and ridiculous war on whoever smokes a joint. Victims of hard drugs are also made into victims of the justice system,” chairperson Carmel Cacopardo said.  


Malta Is on The Verge of Allowing Home Grown Cannabis

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The tiny island nation of Malta has just become the fifth EU member state to announce that it is stepping into the “responsible cannabis use” ring. Namely because it is far too embarrassing at this point not to tackle a major problem on the island that isn’t going away. This is a situation that more and more jurisdictions find themselves in, from state markets in the U.S. to sovereign nations in Europe.


Malta: Translating medicinal cannabis regulation into a patient-centred science

The Malta Medicines Authority is steering standards of good practice into day-to-day excellence, regulating medicinal cannabis through an approach that upholds scientific quality, innovative research and stakeholder engagement.


Malta is officially out of weed

Adult and medical users — of which there are an estimated 40,000 — on the central Mediterranean archipelago have been struggling to find cannabis in the midst of the driest season they’ve ever experienced.


Malta’s COVID-19 response secures cannabis industry growth

Malta Enterprise has played a pivotal role in ensuring support for research and industry in the face of the COVID-19 epidemic. It says Malta’s COVID-19 response is promising for the cannabis industry.

For most of 2020, coronavirus has shaped our lives and the world in which we live. The outbreak and official responses to it have affected all industries and businesses all over the world. The good news is that Malta has been very effective in mitigating and navigating this scenario – so much so that Hans Kluge, General Regional Director of the World Health Organization, singled the country out as the model that other countries should look up to and emulate. This is good news for the cannabis industry in Malta.


Loophole in Malta’s Cannabis Law Interferes with Personal Use

Sometimes loopholes in cannabis laws provide positive ways for people to get around the legislation, but sometimes loopholes work the other way, limiting a right that they’re supposed to give. Malta’s cannabis regulation does just this.

The Republic of Malta, generally referred to simply as Malta, is a country made of a grouping of islands that lie south of Italy and East of Tunisia in the Mediterranean sea. With a population just shy of 500,000, Malta is one of the smallest countries in the region, and has the smallest of any EU capital city -Valletta – by land size.

Malta is a republic with a two-party system which is strongly dominated by the Nationalist Party and the Labour party. Malta has got some lovely beaches, beautiful weather, and is a tourism hotspot.


Medicines Authority Malta: cannabis for medicine and research

Malta’s impetus, quest and vision for medicinal cannabis is driving the industry towards the manufacture of quality products and investment in research excellence.

The production of cannabis for medical and research purposes has been legal since 2018, and in 2019, medical cannabis was made legal for patients to access.


Economic innovation in the Maltese medical cannabis industry

Dr Joseph Muscat, former-Prime Minister of Malta, gave the keynote address at the Medical Cannabis World Forum in November 2019, which MCN attended as a media partner.

The Medical Cannabis World Forum was held in Malta from 19-21 November 2019; and Medical Cannabis Network was in attendance as a media partner of the Forum.


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