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Malawi joins Zimbabwe in switching from cultivating tobacco to cannabis

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Malawi has just followed Zimbabwe in reaffirming an intended agricultural switch from tobacco to cannabis. Both countries are doing so for economic survival as the long-term viability of tobacco is giving way to another crop entirely.


Malawi ready to produce cannabis for industrial and medicinal use

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Malawi is ready to start commercial production and processing of cannabis for medicinal and industrial use, the southern African country’s new Cannabis Regulatory Authority said on Tuesday.

Malawi’s parliament passed a bill in February that makes it legal to cultivate and process cannabis for medicines and hemp fibre used in industry, but stops short of decriminalising recreational use.

A growing number of countries around the world are either legalising or relaxing laws on cannabis as attitudes towards the drug change. They include several in southern Africa, including Zambia, Lesotho and Zimbabwe.


Next Stop for Cannabis Industry Investors: Malawi

The countries in Africa are falling one by one. First Lesotho, then Zimbabwe, then Zambia, and now Malawi. Quickly changing their cannabis regulation to promote global medical marijuana export markets. How will Malawi’s introduction onto the playing field fair?


1 Country Just Legalized Medical Marijuana and Another May Be on the Way

Marijuana legalization has made significant progress over the years, and Malawi is the latest country to permit its use. The African country of about 19 million people will now allow cannabis to be used in medicine and in the creation of hemp fibers. While it doesn't permit the recreational use of marijuana, it's another significant step forward for Africa, where Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, and South Africa have all loosened their laws relating to cannabis.


Malawi Legalizes Medical Marijuana

Marijuana legalization continues to advance around the world: Malawi's parliament passed a bill last week that will permit the cultivation and sale of cannabis for medicinal use or to process the hemp fibers for industrial use. 

Malawi joins four other African countries that have loosened laws relating to cannabis: Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, and Lesotho. Lawmakers are hoping that cannabis cultivation can provide an economic boost to Malawi, one of the world's poorest countries.


Malawi legalises cannabis amid hopes of fresh economic growth

Malawi has passed a bill decriminalising cannabis for medicinal and industrial purposes, almost five years after a motion to legalise industrial hemp was adopted.

The country follows in the footsteps of Zimbabwe, Zambia and Lesotho, neighbouring south-east African states that have legalised medicinal cannabis, as well as South Africa, where medicinal and recreational use was decriminalised in 2018.


World’s top cannabis business leaders to gather in South Africa

NAIROBI, KENYA: As the global medical cannabis market continues to expand and increasing numbers of countries around the globe legalise its use, the renowned CannaTech Summit will take place for the first time on the African Continent in Cape Town, South Africa, November 24 – 26.

With estimates that the cannabis and associated products market could be worth R27 billion by 2023, this immense potential has led to a boom in regional cannabis interest and investment.


Emerging markets - African countries exporting marijuana

African governments are considering ways of tapping into the lucrative marijuana market. According to a UN survey, more than 10 000 tons of cannabis are produced on the continent each year, which could be worth billions of dollars in a rapidly expanding global market for legal cannabis.

Although African governments have not yet followed the trend of marijuana legalisation seen in Europe and the Americas, legitimate marijuana production for medicinal and industrial use is taking off. For instance, Lesotho is the continent's first country to offer legal licences to grow marijuana, signalling a shift towards more liberal policies.


The green gold rush: Could Africa be on the verge of a weed race?

Several African governments are considering tapping a lucrative natural resource.

More than 10,000 tons of cannabis are produced on the continent each year, according to a UN survey, which advocates believe could be worth billions of dollars in a rapidly expanding global market for legal weed.

African governments have not yet followed the trend of legalization seen in Europe and the Americas. But Lesotho's recent announcement of the continent's first legal license to grow marijuana is part of a wider shift toward more liberal policies.


The Hidden C in Malawi's Three Cs

There are three main drugs of abuse in Malawi, namely alcohol and Cannabis Sativa

The Malawi Government (GoM) uses what is called the drug scheduling system to declassify and classify drugs in the country.

Under the Dangerous Drugs Act of the Laws of Malawi, there are three schedules of controlled substances known as Parts which weigh a drug’s medical value and its abuse potential.

The GoM considers cannabis, raw and prepared, to have a potential for abuse and no medical value. The growing, possession and usage of cannabis is illegal in the country.

In this feature the author was examining the use of Cannabis amongst young people in Malawi.

Cannabis is famously known as “chamba” in the native language, Chewa.


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