Jamaica: Cannabis banking prospects improve; scepticism and stigma remain

The nascent medical cannabis business in Jamaica is challenged by limited access to banking facilities. Many of the major banks have asked clients engaged in legal medical cannabis businesses to close their accounts for fear of breaching federal laws in the USA. Further, despite provision in law for researchers to investigate and innovate, projects are being held until financial rules are settled. On top of this structural barrier, scepticism and stigma perfuse the system.


Jacana exported medical marijuana out of Jamaica, but is that legal?

Minister of Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture, and Fisheries, Audley Shaw, recently lauded Cannabis company, Jacana, for making a multi-million-dollar investment in the cannabis industry as the first local entity to export cannabis flowers from Jamaica.

It was further reported by New Cannabis Ventures on February 28th, 2019 that Jacana has completed the first-ever international export of Jamaican medicinal cannabis flower, securing multiple international licenses and permits to date.


Caribbean region emerges as next big cannabis marketplace

As a commercial cannabis industry is established in Jamaica, more Caribbean nations are moving toward decriminalization and establishing medical marijuana programs.

With regional leader Jamaica having recently exported its first cannabis products to Canada, other island nations of the Caribbean are readying their own proposals for either decriminalization, a legal medical market for cannabis, or both. 

After Jamaica, Saint Vincent & the Grenadines was next to strike out towards decriminalization, and it looks like Saint Kitts & Nevis are headed in that direction as well. Dominica and Grenada are also studying such proposals.


Barbados plans development of cannabis industry

Barbados has announced plans to establish a medicinal cannabis industry project implementation unit tasked with establishing the administrative framework for the timely implementation of the project.

Prime Minister Mia Mottley, who delivered her administration's 2019-2020 national budget, earlier this week, said the Unit will be headed by a director, who will be responsible for championing the programme and ensuring that an expansive educational and sensitisation campaign is implemented.

She said it was necessary to explain to Barbadians “what we are doing with the development of this new industry and how it can help many many Bajans in the management of serious medical conditions which the fees in this country”.


Jamaica ships medical cannabis to Canada for testing

JACANA, a newly launched local medical cannabis company, has completed the country's first international export of the Jamaican medical cannabis flower.

The company completed its first delivery to cannabis-testing firm Anandia in Canada late last year.

The company has raised $2.7 billion (US$20 million) to cultivate, develop and distribute certified Jamaican medical cannabis that provide natural alternatives to the artificially manufactured products in the market.

The new investment will be used to expand operations in Jamaica, create further employment opportunities locally, drive research and development in Jamaica, and build on Jacana's existing global presence.


Woman-led startup Jacana raises €22M funding to cure chronic pain sufferers with Marijuana

Recently, Jacana, a global medical cannabis company based out of London has announced the launch of a new kind of medical company that harnesses the power of nature to produce certified medical cannabis.


Jamaica poised to make billions as local cannabis industry thrives

Jamaica is poised to rake in billions as its local medical cannabis industry heats up–at least according to Professor Wayne McLaughlin of the University of the West Indies.

The country holds a massive variation of 98 percent on its cannabis cultivars, and experts think that could be the key to staggering industry profits.


5 of the best marijuana-friendly travel destinations (besides Colorado, obviously)

Colorado will forever be the first state in the U.S. to legalize recreational marijuana, but as more states and countries follow suit the possibilities for traveling with bud are blooming.

If you're itching to visit new and exciting destinations but want to do make sure that you can engage in cannabis culture while doing so, take a look through this list of marijuana-friendly travel destinations.


Canada-bound shipment of cannabis oil leaves Jamaican ports

“The shipment marks the first step in positioning Jamaica as the medical marijuana hub for the world,” vendor, Timeless Herbal, said.

A large shipment of cannabis oil leaves Jamaican ports bound for Canada with less than ten days away from the northern nation’s legalization of recreational marijuana.

The Caribbean company, Timeless Herbal Care, is behind the latest shipment, which is said to be Canada’s first ever export consignment medicinal cannabis from Jamaica and will be tested and analyzed by Ottawan health authorities.


Jamaica makes first shipment of medical marijuana to Canada

Jamaica has made its first shipment of medical marijuana extract oil to Canada.

In making the announcement, Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries Audley Shaw, “Jamaica is uniquely positioned to be a global player and we are committed to providing the leadership and resources required for opening the international markets including Canada and Europe for our licensed and regulated Jamaican companies.”

The shipment was authorised through an import permit issued by the Government of Canada through Health Canada for Jamaica and an export permit issued by the Ministry of Health in Jamaica.


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