FSD Pharma to expand into Jamaican market and introduce FSD Jamaica

FSD Pharma Inc. ("FSD" or the "Company") (CSE: HUGE) (OTC: FSDDF) (FRA: 0K9) is pleased to announce that it intends to launch a strategic partnership into the Jamaican cannabis market as part of its plan to expand internationally.

FSD has signed a Letter of Intent ("LOI") effective September 10, 2018 with JJAMACANN Inc. ("JJAMACANN") to form a joint venture operating as FSD Jamaica ("FSD Jamaica").


Scientists are on a quest to find and preserve Jamaica’s unique strains

Despite the island’s mythical status in cannabis culture, no one has a thorough understanding of Jamaica’s unique strains.

Despite Jamaica’s symbolic importance to the global cannabis movement, very little is known about the herb that exists on the island. There’s potentially dozens of strains with unique combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes being cultivated by Jamaica’s farmers as well as growing wild there.


The 5 countries most likely to legalize cannabis next

Find out why these are the top contenders for countries most likely to legalize cannabis.

Thirty states already have some form of legal cannabis law. In Canada, recreational cannabis is about to become legal for adult-use coast to coast. While it’s hard to definitively say which countries will follow suit in legalizing cannabis, these five are a safe bet. 


Canadian cannabis company makes historic investment in Jamaica

The Jamaica Medical Cannabis Corporation Ltd. (JMCC), a Canadian-Jamaican medical cannabis exporter, signed an agreement to invest USD $2 million over ten years to identify analyze, and preserve Jamaica's indigenous cannabis strains.

JMCC signed an official Memorandum of Agreement with the National Foundation for the Development of Science and Technology (NFDST) on Monday, June 25th, to undertake the project, titled “Identification, Isolation and Conservation of Local Strains of Cannabis for Medicinal Use.” The project is funded through the JMCC’s charitable foundation, 102.


The top 8 emerging countries in the cannabis space

As marijuana business grows globally, many stock watchers and research analysts are making predictions about where the most significant investment opportunities are.

Investment site, The Motley Fool, recently published an analysis by Keith Speights of forecasts for the 2022 marijuana market.

A lot can happen even monthly in the ever-evolving cannabis space. Here is a different analysis of it. 

8. Germany


Get ready for Hempire Jamaica

A Canadian company is entering the Caribbean marijuana market and is counting down to the launch of Hempire Jamaica.

CROP Infrastructure Corp., a publicly listed company on the Canadian and US stock exchange, this week announced it has acquired a 49 percent stake in a 217,000 sq. foot property ideally situated for future cannabis production and extraction in the Westmoreland Parish of Jamaica.

“CROP continues to build its global footprint by securing this strategic joint venture in Jamaica,” said CROP Director & CEO Michael Yorke. “Many countries are now introducing new licensing and legislative regimes for CBD and cannabis and are prime entry points for our growing organization.”


Jamaica’s medical marijuana industry

Jamaica is moving to establish a medical marijuana industry, according to Audley Shaw, minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries.

He said the government is moving to ensure that Jamaica is not left behind in the growing medical cannabis industry.

Shaw noted that while Jamaica has only decriminalized the use of up to two ounces of marijuana and issued a few licenses for production and processing, the product is now legal in Canada, and 31 states in the United States have been producing and using it for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Shaw said Jamaica needs to move quickly to take advantage of opportunities in the growing of cannabis and manufacture of its products.


3 Cannabis industry headlines you need to know

The cannabis sector was under pressure yesterday and we have been monitoring the recent decline.

Over the last few weeks, the Canadian cannabis sector has been under considerable pressure and this is a trend that investors need to keep an eye on.

Although companies have been reporting significant developments, the sector has been trending lower and this has put pressure on even the best run businesses. Today, we highlighted 3 company announcements that we think investors need to be aware of.


Is Cannabis an exporting opportunity for Jamaica?

A couple of years ago, the previous government of Jamaica passed a law decriminalizing carrying up to two ounces of marijuana for personal use.

The current government wants to go well beyond that, not necessarily to encourage its people to get stoned, but to develop, in the words of one official, “a major industrial enterprise in Jamaica.”

Audley Shaw, Jamaica’s minister of commerce, industry, agriculture, and fisheries (Image: Peter Buxbaum)

Ganja has suffered from a stigma, especially among those who would discourage the use of psychoactive substances, but, said Jamaica’s minister of commerce, industry, agriculture, and fisheries Audley Shaw, “it has more good qualities than bad.”


Jamaican government official says marijuana is a 'birthright'

Many people know about the connection between Jamaica and marijuana, but now one government official is ardently making the case that cannabis is important for his people, writes Joseph Misulonas.


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