Italy picks Aurora Cannabis as sole medical marijuana supplier

Italy has chosen Canadian-based Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NYSE: ACB) (TSX: ACB) as the


Italy’s ‘cannabis light’ creates buzz even if the pot won’t

It’s been called the Italian “green gold rush.” Mild, barely there marijuana dubbed “cannabis light” has put Italy on the international weed map, producing hundreds of stores that sell pot by the pouch and attention from investors banking the legalization of stronger stuff will follow.

The flourishing retail industry around cannabis light — weed so non-buzzy, it’s essentially the decaf coffee of marijuana — surfaced as an unintended by-product of a law meant to restore Italy as a top producer of industrial hemp. Now, storefronts that peddle chemically ineffective hemp flowers in varieties such as “Chill Haus” and “Black Buddha” are getting blowback that some Italians fear will nip business in the bud.


Developers race to meet demand for hemp-specific technology

Solutions for harvesting and processing the entire hemp plant are in overwhelming demand as inventors, engineers and other assorted tinkerers work feverishly to develop ground-breaking technology and machines for both small and large hemp-centric operations.

That was the general conclusion of 30 industry leaders from 14 countries who gathered to discuss the global state of Hemp Machines & Technology at a micro-summit recently held at HempToday’s International Center of Excellence in Poland.


Study: Italians stopped using pharmaceuticals when CBD became available

In December 2016, lawmakers in Italy legalized industrial hemp. Farmers in the country could cultivate and sell varieties of the cannabis sativa plant — provided that the plants contained no more than 0.2 percent THC.


Italian court bans cannabis derivatives, in blow to popular sector

Italy’s top court has banned the sale of cannabis products, on the heels of threats by the country’s deputy prime minister to close shops who sell legal derivatives of the plant.

Deputy Prime Minister and far-right League leader Matteo Salvini had declared war so-called “cannabis light” shops in the run up to the European Parliament elections.

The Court of Cassazione (Cassation), while not agreeing officially with Salvini, took his side stating the sale of cannabis derivatives such as “oil, leaves, inflorescences and resin” is outside the existing law.


Discover the barriers of accessing medical cannabis despite reform across Europe

Although regulatory reform has occurred across Europe, many patients still experience barriers regarding accessing medical cannabis, here Prohibition Partners explores further.

Prohibition Partners explains how legislation intended to improve availability of accessing medical cannabis for patients is being hindered by a lack of education in clinicians and regulators.


Anti-cannabis Minister threatens to bring down Italian Government

Italy’s firebrand Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has promised to shutter every legal cannabis shop in Italy “one by one” and collapse the government should his coalition partner, the Five Star Movement, not comply with the demand.

“From today, I’ll go to war on cannabis street by street, shop by shop, neighbourhood by neighbourhood, city by city,” Salvini said on Wednesday, May 8.

Salvini, who leads the ruling far-right Lega party, said the war on drugs was “a new national emergency”, and has demanded the government close “these places of mass miseducation”.


Can hemp decontaminate soil? Here's how italian farmers planted cannabis to save their land

Farmers in the Taranto region of Italy, once known for its cheeses, have resorted to planting a variety of cannabis on their land in order to clean up toxic industrial by-products that have contaminated their land.

Vincenzo Fornaro told CBS News that for “generations,” his family produced meat and ricotta on a farm that once had over 600 sheep.


These three medical cannabis companies are growing larger across the globe

Portuguese company Holigen is looking to build one of the largest cannabis cultivation facilities in the world in the Alentejo region of Portugal. The site will house 500,000 kilograms of cannabis per year to start.

According to the company, the warm climate and low labor costs make Portugal an ideal place to grow cannabis.

When it is fully operational in 2020, Holigen claims the facility will be capable of producing 635,000 kilograms per year. It’s a harvest that would place Holigen among the world’s top cannabis producers.

In August 2018, Holigen acquired a 5,000-square-meter site in Lisbon. In September, the company did its first non-founder capital raise to begin building the biggest indoor, and outdoor licensed medical cannabis grow in Europe.


Canopy Growth to spend $115 million to grow marijuana in Europe

Canopy Growth Corp., one of the world’s biggest medical cannabis companies, is planning a major investment in Europe.


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