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Which Country Will Legalize Cannabis Next?

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It may be hard to pinpoint the exact time when cannabis will be legalized worldwide, but it’s a safe bet that eventually, most, if not all of the planet, will end cannabis prohibition.

In theory, there could always be a limited amount of countries that stay on the wrong side of history for a very long time. However, most countries will presumably legalize at some point.

Cannabis prohibition is a failed public policy wherever it exists, and that, combined with the economic benefits of a vibrant cannabis industry, is going to influence lawmakers around the globe to step up and end prohibition in their jurisdictions.


Finally! CBD Is Not Dangerous Drug, Says Israel

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More and more countries have been loosening their policies when it comes to the non-psychoactive component of cannabis – CBD (cannabidiol). With a new amendment waiting for final approval, Israel says CBD is not dangerous, and is expected next week to remove it from its Dangerous Drugs Ordinance.

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Israel Will Be One Of The Cannabis Sectors Major International Growth Markets To Watch In 2021

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Earlier this month, we highlighted the Israeli cannabis industry as one of the most exciting emerging markets due to the climate being prefect for cultivating cannabis and the export opportunity to the European Union (EU).

We want to briefly talk about the importance of these two factors so our readers can better understand our favorable view on the market. Israeli cannabis producers have been able to grow cannabis for less than $0.40 per gram (all-in costs). In Canada, the all-in cost per gram is closer to $1 and this provides Israeli producers with an economic advantage.


Aurora Cannabis (TSX:ACB) Signs Largest Marijuana Supply Deal in Israel

Marijuana firm Aurora Cannabis (TSX:ACB)(NYSE:ACB) has entered into one of the biggest medical cannabis supply deals by a Canadian pot grower with an Israeli firm to-date. This comes after the Canadian marijuana firm announced its two-year supply agreement with Cantek, a leading cannabis market player in Israel.

Aurora Cannabis said it “intends” to supply a “minimum of 4,000 kilograms of bulk dried cannabis flower” per annum to Cantek in a two-year deal that could be extended. The volume involved could make the ACB deal one of the largest export deals to Israel by a Canadian firm to-date.


Israel to legalize recreational cannabis use

The reform will be by way of regulation rather than outright decriminalization.

Minister of Justice Avi Nissenkorn has announced that he will promote the legalization of recreational cannabis use in Israel. From age 21, people will be allowed to use cannabis at home and at special stores. Allowing cannabis use in public places will be examined at a later stage.

Nissenkorn has adopted the conclusions of an inter-ministerial team that was set up to examine reform of the law on cannabis use, headed by Deputy Attorney General Amit Marari. According to Nissenkorn, the government-sponsored legislation will be completed within nine months.


Israeli start-up claims it can make cannabis plants resistant to powdery mildew

CanBreed, an start-up based in Israel, is reporting the company has used CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing technology to make the cannabis plant resistant to potentially deadly powdery mildew. Corteva Agriscience and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard hold the rights to the technology.

The start-up’s research and development team — which includes geneticists, molecular biologists and agronomists — “edited a gene that expresses a protein responsible for creating sensitivity to powdery mildew infection,” CanBreed CEO Ido Margalit told The Times of Israel.


New technology passes cannabis to brain through blood-brain barrier

Nextage Therapeutics has developed a system that allows cannabis molecules to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and reach the brain directly. The technology is based on research done at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and means that many side effects can be avoided and doses can be lowered in the medical use of cannabis.


Israeli company achieves success in possible cannabis treatment

Canassure, an Israeli company that focuses on medical cannabis research, announced the successful completion of the first stage of research meant to examine the effects of the plant on skin-related diseases.
The fruit of ongoing cooperation between Canassure and a Swedish company named Lipidor, the research examined the possibility of using cannabinoids – the active substance in the plant – together with one the Lipidor's experimental skin products. 
The idea behind the innovative research is to use cannabinoids in the form of aerosol that can be applied on the patient's skin. 

Cannabis falls from the sky in Tel Aviv

Cannabis rained down on Rabin Square in Tel Aviv earlier this week.

Hundreds of bags of cannabis were dropped by the “green drone” telegram group, reports The Jerusalem Post. The group advocates for the legalization of cannabis.

The group, which uses the slogan ‘free love,’ hinted at the operation in a post on the Telegram messaging app.


Israel: Health Ministry launches historic reform in medicinal cannabis treatment

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein and his deputy Yoav Kisch published on Wednesday regulations that will allow for lower prices for medicinal cannabis. The regulations are also expected to simplify the process required to go through for receiving a prescription.

Three weeks ago, the Knesset's Labor, Welfare and Health Committee raised various issues relating to the medicinal cannabis reform that were brought to light since it came into effect. The committee guaranteed that a row of steps will be taken in order to address said issues.


The Health Ministry went to work and on Wednesday morning announced that the required legal corrections that will fix the issues were completed and made public.


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