Nearly $3 million worth of cannabis found in boxes of chili peppers

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A man in his 20s is facing charges after police in Ireland discovered more than €2 million ($2.9 million) of cannabis hidden in boxes of chili peppers, reports the Irish Examiner.According to RTÉ, officers responded to the report and searched a nearby storage facility in County Laois, an area that’s home to about 85,000 people.Police saw pallets containing boxes of vegetables that had been unloaded from a truck.Upon searching the boxes, they found approximately 121 kilograms of cannabis mixed in with the veggies.

The man in his 20s was arrested at the scene. He is due in court this week and the investigation remains ongoing.

According to reports, the bust was part of Operation Tara, an anti-drug operation from Ireland’s national police service.


Some doctors say they will shun State’s medicinal cannabis programme


Doctors treating epilepsy patients say they will shun the Government’s medicinal cannabis access programme over concerns of “inappropriate and potentially harmful” products being made available under it.

Nine neurologists, along with patient organisations, have written to Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly expressing concern over the products likely to be offered.


Protest to 'end prohibition' of cannabis to take place in Cork

A demonstration with the aim to decriminalise cannabis is set to take place in Cork in the coming weeks.

The protest will take place in Cork city on 7 August on Mardyke Walk and include live music and a raffle to raise money for the a Cork missing persons charity, with pro-cannabis activist Martin Condon telling The Irish Examiner he hopes it will "keep the pressure on Government to end prohibition".

It is expected that around 200 people will attend the protest, which would allow for ample social distancing.


Vera Twomey celebrates after Dutch medicinal cannabis funded up front

image of Vera Twomey

Campaigner fought lengthy battle to obtain Bedrocan for sick daughter Ava

Vera Twomey has spoken of her joy at decision. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw


Campaigner Vera Twomey, who fought a lengthy battle to obtain medicinal cannabis for her sick daughter, Ava, has spoken of her joy after hearing the Bedrocan drug will now be funded up front.

Ms Twomey, of Aghabullogue, Co Cork had to find thousands of euro on a regular basis to pay for Dutch medical cannabis Bedrocan, which was excluded from the Medical Cannabis Access Cannabis programme (CAP).

Ms Twomey said about 60 per cent of existing medicinal cannabis patients are on Bedrocan under an individual license system.


Ireland’s Hemp Farmers Battling Red Tape

Hemp has a bright future in Ireland, but government obstacles are reportedly standing in the way.

Sinn FĂ©in is a republican and democratic socialist political party active in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Sinn FĂ©in spokesperson on Agriculture, Matt Carthy TD, says hemp cultivation can help farmers supplement their income in a more environmentally way.

“Uses for hemp include building material for houses, paper, clothes, heating oil and as a plastic alternative,” he said. “There is also an increasing demand for CBD health products, extracted by various approved methods from Hemp, both in Ireland and internationally.”


Ireland: Almost 40% favour legalising cannabis for recreational use, over 90% in favour of medicinal use

ALMOST 40% OF Irish people believe cannabis should be legalised for recreational use and there is an overwhelming support for the medical use of cannabis. 

New polling by Red C on behalf of The Journal shines a light on the nation’s views on legalising cannabis, with only 4% of people opposed to the medical use of cannabis.  

At present, the use of four cannabis-based products is allowed in Ireland in strict circumstances and under a pilot scheme.

There is near uniformity across different age groups in believing that medical use should be legal, but opinions vary on whether recreational use of cannabis should be permitted. 


Ireland- The burning issue: Should cannabis be legalised?


Sending people through the criminal justice system for simple possession is a complete waste of resources for the State and the individual, says Gino Kenny, TD

Earlier this week, the Irish College of Psychiatrists issued a stark warning that “cannabis represents the gravest threat to the mental health of young people today”.

The college further noted that there were suggestions that the drug was considered “harmless” and that the number of hospital admissions of young people with a cannabis-related diagnosis increased by 300% between 2005 and 2017.

There is no doubt that the potency levels of cannabis are different from what they were 10 years ago.


Irish start-up raises funds to get farmers to grow hemp using drones

An Irish start-up has just raised $5.3 million (€4.5 million) in financing to provide loans to farmers in Ireland and across the world to encourage them to grow hemp for use in cannabidiol (CBD) products.

Co Meath-based Greenheart CBD, which was founded by Paul Walsh and Mark Canavan two years ago, uses drones and artificial intelligence to help maximise crop cultivation by continually monitoring plant health.


Separate shipments lead to the same result: Irish authorities intercept weed from U.S., Canada, Spain and the U.K.

Irish Revenue officials have once again intercepted packages containing cannabis from the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Spain thanks to the Baileys, two drug-detecting dogs whose sole mission is to sniff out contraband.

In all, packages received at both the Dublin and Athlone mail centres contained 141,000 euros (just shy of $213,000) in illicit weed.


Cash For Ireland’s Medical Cannabis Scheme

hand holding a cbd oil dropper

Ireland’s Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly TD, has announced provision for the delivery and funding of the country’s Medicinal Cannabis Access Programme.

Ireland’s then-Minister for Health Simon Harris signed legislation to kick off a formal medical cannabis program in Ireland in July last year and it was expected the program would be up and running (funded) by the end of 2020. But better late than never.

Ireland’s Budget in October 2020 saw an extra €4 billion added to the Health Budget, and thanks to this extra funding the Medicinal Cannabis Access Programme has been added to the HSE (Health Service Executive) Service Plan for 2021.


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