Ireland: Almost 40% favour legalising cannabis for recreational use, over 90% in favour of medicinal use

ALMOST 40% OF Irish people believe cannabis should be legalised for recreational use and there is an overwhelming support for the medical use of cannabis. 

New polling by Red C on behalf of The Journal shines a light on the nation’s views on legalising cannabis, with only 4% of people opposed to the medical use of cannabis.  

At present, the use of four cannabis-based products is allowed in Ireland in strict circumstances and under a pilot scheme.

There is near uniformity across different age groups in believing that medical use should be legal, but opinions vary on whether recreational use of cannabis should be permitted. 


Ireland- The burning issue: Should cannabis be legalised?


Sending people through the criminal justice system for simple possession is a complete waste of resources for the State and the individual, says Gino Kenny, TD

Earlier this week, the Irish College of Psychiatrists issued a stark warning that “cannabis represents the gravest threat to the mental health of young people today”.

The college further noted that there were suggestions that the drug was considered “harmless” and that the number of hospital admissions of young people with a cannabis-related diagnosis increased by 300% between 2005 and 2017.

There is no doubt that the potency levels of cannabis are different from what they were 10 years ago.


Irish start-up raises funds to get farmers to grow hemp using drones

An Irish start-up has just raised $5.3 million (€4.5 million) in financing to provide loans to farmers in Ireland and across the world to encourage them to grow hemp for use in cannabidiol (CBD) products.

Co Meath-based Greenheart CBD, which was founded by Paul Walsh and Mark Canavan two years ago, uses drones and artificial intelligence to help maximise crop cultivation by continually monitoring plant health.


Separate shipments lead to the same result: Irish authorities intercept weed from U.S., Canada, Spain and the U.K.

Irish Revenue officials have once again intercepted packages containing cannabis from the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Spain thanks to the Baileys, two drug-detecting dogs whose sole mission is to sniff out contraband.

In all, packages received at both the Dublin and Athlone mail centres contained 141,000 euros (just shy of $213,000) in illicit weed.


Cash For Ireland’s Medical Cannabis Scheme

hand holding a cbd oil dropper

Ireland’s Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly TD, has announced provision for the delivery and funding of the country’s Medicinal Cannabis Access Programme.

Ireland’s then-Minister for Health Simon Harris signed legislation to kick off a formal medical cannabis program in Ireland in July last year and it was expected the program would be up and running (funded) by the end of 2020. But better late than never.

Ireland’s Budget in October 2020 saw an extra €4 billion added to the Health Budget, and thanks to this extra funding the Medicinal Cannabis Access Programme has been added to the HSE (Health Service Executive) Service Plan for 2021.


Ireland: Medical cannabis programme to begin this year after funding received

Funding has been made available for a new programme providing cannabis-based medical products to patients to begin later this year, the Department of Health has announced.

Use of products licensed under the Medicinal Cannabis Access Programme can apply where conventional treatments are unsuccessful.

The types of conditions that might benefit from such an approach include spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis, intractable nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy, and severe, treatment-resistant epilepsy.


Easier Medicine Access For Ireland’s Medical Cannabis Patients

person holding a bottle of cbd oil

A temporary scheme enabling patients in Ireland easier access to their prescribed medical cannabis treatments has been made permanent.

In Ireland, specialist medical consultants can prescribe medical cannabis for patients with certain conditions assuming an appropriate application is submitted to the Department of Health and accepted. The country’s Medical Cannabis Access Programme kicked off in 2019 on a pilot basis for five years.


Cannabis Delivery To Ireland Is Here To Stay

flag of ireland against a marijuana leaf

In a huge move for the very conservative country, Ireland is now allowing prescribed cannabis to be delivered within the nation’s borders, so that legal patients no longer need to travel to the Netherlands or other legal, European countries just to get the medicine they need. 


Man claims more than a kilogram of cannabis was meant for a (very big) batch of homemade soup

50-year-old Irish resident caught with €20k worth of weed.

An Irish resident is definitely in the soup after claiming that the €20,000 ($31,000) worth of weed he had in his vehicle was merely meant as an ingredient for the soup he planned to make.


In fact, after being caught with the substantial stash, Eddy Osagie, 50, initially claimed the weed wasn’t really weed at all, according to EchoLive. Osagie said the paste-like substance found inside a couple of cereal boxes was a completely different material than cannabis.

The explanation failed to convince Irish gardai, who had stopped the man and grew suspicious when they noticed a marijuana smell emanating from his car.


Irish Farmers Association ask Government to legalise medical cannabis

FARMERS IN Ireland are set to ask the government to legalise medical cannabis so they may become 'major players' in the cultivation of the plant.

The Irish Farmers Association are set to ask the government to consider legalising access to cannabis for medicinal reason, which would allow the plant to be grown by farmers in the Irish countryside.

The trade is growing quickly worldwide,and some countries, such as Canada and the United States, have legalised it for recreational use for those over the age of 18.


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