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Death Penalty for Cannabis: Which Countries Will Kill You

name plate that reads Death Penalty, and legal gavel on a desk

It’s almost hard to believe that as the UN voted on recommendations to globally open the legality of cannabis, that some countries are still so against it that they’ll kill you for crimes related to it. Yup, it might be 2020, but you can still receive the death penalty for cannabis crimes in many different places.


Iran Still Hands Out Death Sentences for Cannabis

With a range that goes from practically decriminalized recreational cannabis to death sentences for selling large amounts, Iran runs the gamut when it comes to cannabis toleration, and exemplifies the issue of religious law vs penal law.


Cannabis and CBD oil use in muslim culture

In an era where veganism and a “woke” mentality dominates the Western cultural climate, holistic health remedies are just around every corner.

It’s no surprise cannabis and CBD alternatives are growing in popularity, even in Muslim cultures where the substance is strictly forbidden. With regard to cannabis, Sharia law has established that the cultivation and consumption of cannabis [shahdaneh] for the purpose of narcotic use is forbidden and considered a sin against the commands of Allah (God).


Trump Tuesday: World reacts to Donald Trump’s furious Twitter rant at Iran

Donald Trump’s explosive Twitter tirade has unleashed a torrent of responses, ranging from Iran’s official retort and wild memes.

IRAN’S foreign minister has hit back at Donald Trump with a dire warning styled in an imitation of the US President’s explosive Twitter rant, declaring himself: “UNIMPRESSED.”

Mohammad Javad Zarif responded to Mr Trump’s warning to the Iranian president to “NEVER EVER THREATEN THE UNITED STATES AGAIN” with his own shouty message.

“We’ve been around for millennia & seen fall of empires, incl our own, which lasted more than the life of some countries,” said Mr Zarif. “BE CAUTIOUS!”

The head of Iran’s powerful Basij militia said Mr Trump’s threats were “psychological warfare”.


Iran is Surprisingly Progressive on Cannabis

When examining cultural differences around the globe, one doesn’t need to work hard to see the gap between Iran and the entire Western World.

The 1979 revolution which toppled the U.S. supported Persian monarchy and instituted a strict Religious Islamic regime made our co-existence on this planet somewhat frosty.  In recent years, there have been varying degrees of thaw and refreeze, but still, the cultural and political differences remain. One of the few exceptions to that rule is marijuana.


High marijuana use a growing phenomenon in Iran

In the ultraconservative nation of Iran that is known to uphold a harsh code of conduct, the popularity of marijuana is growing with little interference by the government. 

According to a New York Times report Saturday, Iranian police pay little heed to the vast use of marijuana, which is allegedly vaguely mentioned in the country's Islamic penal code.


From cannabis cafes to death row: drugs laws around the world


The hardline drug policies adopted during the 1980s in the “war on drugs”, including mandatory minimum sentences for some drug-related crimes, has led to extremely high levels of incarceration in the country. The US has more than 2 million people in its jails – the second highest rate of incarceration per capita in the world – about half of whom were convicted of drugs-related crimes.


The Complicated History of Cannabis in the Islamic World

Although the Koran does not specifically outlaw cannabis, and it was apparently never mentioned by Mohammed himself, the plant and products made from it are still considered haraam (forbidden). However, cannabis grows and is processed into hashish in many Muslim-majority countries around the world, and it has been an undeniable part of the culture for centuries in many of these countries.  


Nine Signs the World's War on Drugs Is Waning

Number one: Canada elects a marijuana-legalizing prime minister.

The global anti-drug regime has been in place for more than a half century now, but the prohibitionist consensus has been crumbling for at least 20 years, and the decomposition continued apace this year.

The international treaties that make up the legal backbone of international drug prohibition still stand, but they are under increasing attack at the United Nations, which will take them up again next year. They are increasingly being breached (especially by marijuana legalization at the national and sub-national level) and nibbled away at around the edges by moves like drug decriminalization and some harm reduction measures such as supervised injection facilities.


The stunning paradox of Iran’s war on drugs: How it actually makes America look worse

Iran regularly puts drug traffickers to death—but it also tests out progressive policies for treating drug addicts

Situated between Afghanistan’s extensive poppy fields and eager Western markets, Iran has an extensive history of domestic opium, alcohol, tobacco and cannabis use dating back centuries. In recent decades, heroin has become more popular. Most recently, the use of methamphetamine has exploded and is reportedly in demand across the social spectrum, from tired workers to women seeking weight loss.


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