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MedPharm, Iowa’s first medical marijuana company, changes name to Bud & Mary’s, expands in Iowa and other states

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The new name, now seen on dispensaries in Sioux City and Windsor Heights, reflects shift to recreational pot allowed in other states

Iowa’s first medical marijuana manufacturer and distributor is changing its name, planning a $10 million expansion in Iowa and moving into other states.

MedPharm Iowa will become Bud & Mary’s Cannabis Co., reflecting a shift in the company’s focus from just medical marijuana allowed in Iowa to recreational pot products legal in other states.

“Bud & Mary's deep roots in plant science guides their pharmaceutical approach to producing cannabis products that medical patients can rely on and lifestyle customer can enjoy,” according to a news release late Wednesday.


Despite demand, Iowa lawmakers see no future for legalizing cannabis


While Congressional lawmakers are taking steps toward decriminalizing cannabis, Iowa Republicans say there's no appetite for it in their caucus.

Driving the news: The U.S. House passed a bill decriminalizing the possession and distribution of cannabis earlier this month — prompting Iowa activists to gather at the State Capitol and call on lawmakers to consider doing the same here, Iowa Capital Dispatch reports.

  • The result: The protest ended after activists were told they would be arrested.

State of play: In March, the Des Moines Register's Iowa Poll showed that 54% of Iowans support legalizing recreational marijuana and 78% support expanding the state's medical cannabis program.


Armed woman who posted snaps smoking weed on social media convicted

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Woman also ran her vehicle into a snowbank, with police reporting there was a clear cannabis smell coming from the car.

It took only less than two hours for an Iowa jury to find a 23-year-old woman guilty of possessing firearms while being a cannabis user.

The physical evidence may have accounted for the rapid decision-making, including pictures the woman had posted on social media showing her holding a weed blunt and speaking about cannabis use during a recorded telephone call.


Three Iowa Senators Aim to Legalize Recreational Cannabis


These Iowa senators would like to see recreational cannabis pass in 2022, but will the rest of the state government let it happen?

A trio of Democratic lawmakers in Iowa want to bring cannabis legalization to the ballot. 

The idea comes via three state senators, Joe Bolkcom, Janet Petersen and Sarah Trone Garriott, who said at a press conference on Tuesday that they intend to push a constitutional amendment that would legalize recreational pot use for adults aged 21 and older. 

“Marijuana prohibition has been a costly failure,” said Bolkcom, who represents Iowa City (home to the University of Iowa), as quoted by local television station KWQC. “It’s ending across America because it has caused far more harm than good.”


Farmer offers pick-your-own hemp

hemp field

This harvest season, pumpkins and apples aren’t the only autumn commodities available to pick yourself in Johnson County.

Now in rural Oxford, pick-your-own hemp is available — at least for a couple weekends — at one of Iowa’s hemp farms. On Sept. 18 and 19, hundreds of visitors flocked to Carriage House Hemp Farm, where hemp farmer Mark Wright helped them clip and bag the right flower buds to take home. Another pick-your-own weekend was also planned recently.

So, why not let them pick it, he asked himself.


It’s time to legalize recreational marijuana in Iowa and nationally

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Iowa should legalize recreational marijuana, and the federal government should eliminate barriers to marijuana recreational use as determined by the states. I am not advocating marijuana use any more than I advocated tobacco use in 2000 when I introduced in Congress a bipartisan bill to allow tobacco regulation by the Food and Drug Administration. That bill served as a guide for FDA regulation of tobacco.

There are many things to consider: health concerns, substance abuse, crime, road safety, economic outcomes, and budget impacts, among others.


History’s lost cash crop: The state of hemp in Iowa

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As a close cousin to marijuana, hemp was swiftly and severely regulated and restricted with the passing of the Controlled Substances Act in 1970. A part of Nixon’s “War on Drugs,” it placed cannabinoids like marijuana and hemp in the most dangerous category: “Schedule 1,” the most addictive substances with the least evidence of health benefits. That’s right alongside heroin, and above cocaine and meth.

Hemp and marijuana are both cannabis plants, but they are classified differently based on one important chemical—THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the intoxicating compound in cannabis that causes a high when introduced to the body. Hemp contains 0.3% or less of this chemical, making it non-intoxicating. Marijuana, however, can contain up to 30%. 


Why does cannabis smell like skunk? This Iowa State professor has answers.

Iowa State professor Jacek Koziel's exposure to research on the smell of marijuana happened while assisting a former Ph.D. student with her mapping of the substance's compounds.

Koziel remembers thinking "Oh yea, this is intense," as he saw three large canvas bags of police-confiscated marijuana, donated to their research at the State Forensics Laboratory in Ankeny. The student, Somchai Rice, now an Iowa State researcher, delved into similar projects with heroin and cocaine, creating an extensive library of compounds in the substances.


Iowa Poll: Majority of Iowans polled are in favor of legalizing marijuana

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A recent Iowa Poll reports a majority of Iowans who would be in favor of legalizing marijuana.


Bill could reduce penalties for first-time marijuana offenders in Iowa

A bill in the Iowa Senate that would loosen Iowa’s marijuana penalties has bipartisan support from lawmakers.

SF 533 would lower the legal penalty for first time offenders possessing less than five grams of marijuana in Iowa to a simple misdemeanor, translating to a maximum sentence of 30 days in prison and a fine between $105 – $855. Current state laws could result in up to six months of imprisonment and $1,000 in fines.

The bill has received bipartisan support and was originally introduced by Sen. Brad Zaun, R-Urbandale. It was unanimously passed in a Senate Committee on March 3, meaning the bill can be called for a full vote on the Senate floor.


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