Here’s what you need to know about Indonesia’s marijuana law

Every now and then you might come across headlines about those who are arrested in Indonesia for smuggling marijuana, while some are nabbed for growing cannabis for medicinal use or producing marijuana-laced cake, and you might wonder: How illegal is cannabis in the country?

Despite growing calls across the world for marijuana legalization – with some countries, including Thailand, already allowing the use of the drug for medical purposes and other countries decriminalizing recreational cannabis – Indonesia still adamantly prohibits the consumption of marijuana, even as an alternative for medical treatments.


Indonesian Man Jailed for Growing Cannabis to Help Wife Dying of Cancer

An Indonesian man has been jailed for planting medicinal cannabis to ease the suffering of his wife, who was dying of cancer. Human rights groups slammed the authority’s decision, saying that the situation was an emergency.

The district court in West Kalimantan province on Borneo Island issued the sentence for Fidelis Arie on Wednesday, his lawyer Marcelina Lin told Reuters. 

Divonis 8 Bulan Penjara Terkait Kasus Ganja, Fidelis Arie Akan Berunding dengan Keluarga


Marijuana laws changing around the world

It's an issue that divides society - to smoke or not to smoke.

Throughout the world, a number of countries are slowing changing their laws around medicinal and recreational cannabis use. New Zealand's laws have stayed relatively the same for some time, with the exception of cannabis based products now being approved for use, but still tightly controlled.

So, which countries are leading the way in this area, and where can you use it either for fun, or for well-being?

Here in New Zealand, cannabis remains illegal to possess, and illegal to grow.

Medicinal use is tightly controlled but can be granted by the Ministry of Health.

Across the ditch it's a similar story.


British former war correspondent on trial in Indonesia for hashish


A British former war correspondent on trial in Indonesia on charges of possessing hashish faces up to four years in prison, a prosecutor said on Thursday.

David Fox was arrested on October 8 along with Australian bar owner Giuseppe Serafino on the tourist island of Bali. Police said they confiscated a total of 10.09 grams (0.36 ounces) of hashish from Fox's clothing and house.


From cannabis cafes to death row: drugs laws around the world


The hardline drug policies adopted during the 1980s in the “war on drugs”, including mandatory minimum sentences for some drug-related crimes, has led to extremely high levels of incarceration in the country. The US has more than 2 million people in its jails – the second highest rate of incarceration per capita in the world – about half of whom were convicted of drugs-related crimes.


Indonesia: BNN wants farmers to stop growing marijuana

The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) has stepped up its campaign to encourage marijuana farmers to give up their work and start growing more sustainable crops.

BNN said that it would continue to expand its campaign to other places in the country. 

“We started the program in Aceh in 2015 and will continue by taking the program to other areas in Indonesia,” BNN spokesperson Slamet Pribadi told The Jakarta Post on Wednesday.

Pribadi said that the campaign in Aceh had begun to show success as farmers had started to grow regular crops and plants. 


5 Places You Don't Want To Get Caught With Cannabis

Cannabis use is going mainstream in North America, but that's not the case everywhere. If you're travelling to any of these destinations, you'll want to consider a temporary hiatus from herb.


British man jailed in Indonesia over cannabis haul 'released from prison'

A British man jailed in Indonesia for possession of drugs has reportedly been released from prison.

Paul Beales was sentenced to four years in December 2012 in a case which involved three other Britons, one of whom is facing death by firing squad.

Beales was found guilty of illegal possession of cannabis after being arrested with Rachel Dougall and her partner Julian Ponder earlier that year in a sting operation against alleged drug traffickers.

They were held alongside Lindsay Sandiford, from Cheltenham, who was found with cocaine worth about £1.6 million as she arrived on the island three years ago.


Californian city to get 'marijuana innovation zone'

This week’s best city stories from around the web talk about marijuana zones in California, a forgotten waterway under the streets of Auckland, a mushroom farm in Camden and mime-artist-assisted traffic control in Bogotá. We’d love to hear your responses to these stories, and any others you’ve read recently, both on Guardian Cities and elsewhere. Just share your thoughts in the comments below.

Pot city


Australian gets 1-year sentence for smoking marijuana

The Denpasar District Court sentenced on Thursday Australian national Nicholas James Langan and his Indonesian friend Hanung Pekik Hermantoro to a one-year term of imprisonment for smoking marijuana. The sentence was lighter than the four-year prison term demanded by the prosecutor.

Both Langan and Hermanto were arrested on Batu Bolong beach in North Kuta in late January as they shared a marijuana joint. Police seized a used marijuana joint weighing 0.1 grams and 0.86 grams of marijuana wrapped in brown paper.

The court found them guilty of violating Article 127 of Law No. 35/2009 on narcotics.


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