75 marijuana licenses up for grabs in Illinois

The state is announcing 75 new licenses up for grabs for people looking to get into the "adult use" or recreational cannabis business.

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations has put out applications for new dispensing organizations.

People with medical cannabis dispensaries in the state were already able to apply for up to two recreational licenses - one for their current facility plus an additional location.

These new applications tell us how many more marijuana shops communities could expect.


Legalize signage: CBD store told it can’t display cannabis leaf

Advertised on the shingle hanging above the merchant’s door is a representation of the wares offered within. The butcher and the baker and the haberdasher alike all make their presences known in this way; why should anything be different for the purveyor of herbal wellness remedies? Because marijuana, that’s why!


Illinois marijuana companies receive first state licenses for growing

As the date when the legalization of recreational marijuana in Illinois takes effect draws closer, the state issued its first licenses to growers. 

The first companies to be granted approval for cultivation are Cresco Labs, PharmaCann, Ascend Illinois and Columbia Care. For the first crops to be ready by January 1, 2020, when legal sales of marijuana kick-off, cultivation needs to take off immediately. 


Weed will soon be legal in Illinois. Here’s what it means for Chicago’s cannabis startups.

Come Jan. 1, it will be legal to purchase and possess recreational marijuana in Illinois. And as the new year gets closer, several Chicago cannabis startups are beginning to imagine what the future holds for them under the new law.

For cannabis growers and dispensary operators, they can expect to attract a whole new set of buyers—not just those with a medical marijuana license. The tech-based startups that simplify how people buy cannabis or how marijuana companies advertise their offerings should also expect to find new consumers. And as happens with any big cultural or economic shift, new companies are likely to pop up once voids in the industry are discovered.


Inside look at Chicago’s proposed cannabis rules

The city of Chicago staked out some of its claims in the expected land grab over legalization of recreational marijuana.

Getting into the weed business will require money and luck. The legislation proposed to the City Council today includes fees and a provision for a zoning lottery, and it lays out licensing fees for those who get into the industry.

The city has the option to charge a sales tax of up to 3 percent—in addition to the 20 percent to 34.75 percent cut the state will get from marijuana sales.


20 States expected to fully legalize marijuana by 2024

The legal marijuana industry is budding before our eyes. What had once been considered a taboo industry that was swept under the rug by lawmakers has now become a front-and-center issue, as well as a big-time moneymaker for investors and companies involves in the pot industry.


Sorry, marijuana fans: Illinois is having trouble preparing for recreational weed

Recreational marijuana will soon be legal mere miles from Evansville. But that doesn’t mean it’ll be easy to get.

As we all know, Illinois legalized weed over the summer. Sales are set to begin on Jan. 1.

According to reports from The Chicago Tribune and others, though, preparation for the rollout has been messy and shrouded in confusion.


These 3 States will begin selling recreational pot fairly soon

Pardon the cliche, but the marijuana industry is budding before our eyes. Even though cannabis sales have existed behind the scenes for decades, we're beginning to see the impact of how big a legalized marijuana industry could be. Last year, legal global sales sprouted to $10.9 billion, which more than tripled worldwide legal weed revenue from 2014.


Illinois sets strict rules for cannabis growers on how much water, energy they can use

Both recreational and medical cannabis growers in Illinois will have to meet high standards for their energy and water use.

A state law signed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker in June places limits on the amount of water and electricity growers can use, as well as setting requirements for water runoff and wastewater.

“This is a high-resource-use industry, and it doesn’t have to be,” said state Rep. Kelly Cassidy, D-Chicago. “Illinois can show the way to do it in a better way.”


Illinois Lawmakers partner with tech nonprofit to expunge cannabis convictions

At a news conference on Tuesday, law enforcement officials from Illinois’ Cook County announced that they would be collaborating with Code For America to initiate expungement proceedings for possession charges of up to 30 grams of cannabis.

Here’s a quote from the announcement courtesy Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx, which we hope is heard ‘round the world:

“It is prosecutors who were part of the war on drugs, we were part of a larger ecosystem that believed that in the interest of public safety, that these were convictions that were necessary to gain. In the benefit of hindsight and looking at the impact of the war on drugs, it is also prosecutors who have to be at the table to ensure that we are righting the wrongs of the past.”


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