Could Greece's legalisation of cannabis save them money?

Earlier this month, Greece joined several European countries, including the Netherlands, Portugal, Finland, the Czech Republic and Spain, in legalising marijuana for therapeutic purposes. This revolutionary move now allows the medical community to use cannabis-based medicine to treat patients in need. In the context of the economic crisis and decaying health care system, could this new decision help Greece save money?

Greece legalizes marijuana for medical purposes

Greece has become the latest European country to legalize marijuana for medical purposes.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said last week that doctors will soon be able to prescribe the drug for a variety of medical conditions.

Cannabis is normally prescribed for conditions like muscle spasms, chronic pain, PTSD, epilepsy and cancer.

‚ÄúFrom now on, the country is turning its page, as Greece is now included in countries where the delivery of medical cannabis to patients in need is legal.‚ÄĚ Mr Tsipras said at a press conference, as reported by the Greek Government Gazette.

Greece is the sixth EU country to take this action after the Czech Republic, Finland, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain have already legalised the drug for medical use.


Use, Production of Medical Cannabis May Be Legalized in Greece

The Health Ministry is set to propose changes to legislation covering the use and production of medicinal cannabis.

Health Minister Andreas Xanthos suggested measures are on the way allowing doctors to prescribe drugs that contain cannabis purely for medical reasons.

The government is also set to put forward draft legislation that would allow these types of medicines to be packaged and produced in Greece. The ministry’s decisions are based on a scientific study on the effectiveness of medicinal cannabis for treating certain illnesses.

Medical experts suggest the use of cannabis helps alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain, glaucoma and multiple sclerosis. However, they also warn it can be addictive and regular use can cause psychotic disorders.


Teenage Cannabis Use Rises in Europe - EU Espad Survey

Cigarette and alcohol use among 15- and 16-year-olds is declining across Europe but the numbers using cannabis are growing, an EU survey shows.

The Espad report for 2015 includes most EU countries, but not Germany or the UK, and data for Spain is incomplete. 

In 2015 "current smokers" accounted for 21% of those surveyed, and the highest total was in Italy (37%). 

In 1995-2015 those using alcohol in the past 30 days fell from 56% to 47%. Top in cannabis use were the Czechs (37%).

That figure for Czech teenagers reporting a lifetime experience of cannabis was higher than the level in the US - 31% in comparable surveys. 


Debate on medical use of cannabis in Greece begins

The ministry of health on Monday announced the formation of a working group consisting of  academics, psychiatrists, and scientific and legal advisers of the prime minister, health ministry and the justice ministry and members of patient associations, to initiate a discussion on the medical use of the cannabis.
The group’s mission is to assess the contemporary use of the cannabis and the legislative framework, and to propose feasible regulations that would make the medicinal use of cannabis possible.
It's findings will be advisory and the working group is to submit its propositions to the minister of health by October 30, 2016.


Cannabis for Medical Use to be Legalized in Greece

The Greek Health Ministry on Monday announced the formation of a working group consisting of  academics, psychiatrists, and scientific and legal advisers of the prime minister, health ministry and the justice ministry and members of patient associations, to initiate a discussion on the medical use of the cannabis.


Greece: 36 SYRIZA Deputies are Calling for the Legalization of Medical Cannabis

36 leftist SYRIZA MPs submitted a question to Greek Health Minister Panagiotis Kouroumblis regarding the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. The question, titled ‚ÄúNational plan for medicinal cannabis,‚ÄĚ follows a previous request for the legalization of¬†medical marijuana¬†production in February.


International attention in hemp and medical cannabis in the European Parliament

International attention was raised yesterday in the conference held inside the European Parliament in Brussels on hemp and medical cannabis hosted by SYRIZA MEP, Stelios Kouloglou. 

Prominent figures from the world of politics, international organizations and civil society and many participants from all over Europe to the US participated in a rich and constructive debate on the therapeutic value of cannabis and the multiple uses resulting from the cultivation of this plant helping thus to boost the employment and the economy.

The¬†European¬†magazine¬†Politico¬†announced the conference¬†with a¬†special report¬†entitled¬†‚Äúis¬†growing¬†hemp¬†the way to¬†save the¬†Greek¬†economy?‚ÄĚ


Greece: Twenty SYRIZA MPs Propose Cannabis Legalization for Medical Purposes

Twenty SYRIZA lawmakers proposed in parliament on Monday the full legalization of cannabis for medical and pharmaceutical purposes.

The proposal was addressed to the Ministers of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights; Health; Economy; Development and Tourism; Agriculture and Food, Interior and Administrative Reconstruction.

MP Makis Balaouras was the first to sign the proposal arguing that the cultivation of industrial cannabis can be a positive factor in Greece’s efforts to redeploy the primary and secondary production and boost economy.


Archaeologists discover 2,400-year-old solid gold ‚Äėbongs‚Äô used by Aryan kings to smoke cannabis at ceremonies

Archaeologists have uncovered two 2,400-year-old pure gold ‚Äėbongs‚Äô that were used by Aryan tribal chiefs to smoke cannabis during ceremonies. The historic drug paraphernalia was found alongside 7lbs of other gold items when an area of land was dug up in Russia to make way for power lines. They items had been buried in a stone chamber before being concealed by a thick layer of clay.¬†

Criminologists have since carried out tests which indicate that the thick, black residue found inside the vessels comes from the cannabis and opium which the tribal royal smoked. Experts believe the items belonged to the Scythians, a nomadic warrior race who ruled large swathes of Europe and Asia between the 9th century BC and the 4th century AD.


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