Hemp officially on the map in Florida

It’s full-steam ahead for industrial hemp in Florida now as Gov.


The business of cannabis in the sunshine economy

Business from cannabis is growing fast in Florida; some of it regulated tightly, and some of it without rules. But all of it comes with cash that the banking industry is reluctant to touch. 

The first legal industrial hemp seeds in decades are growing now in South Florida soil.

CBD is showing up in ice cream, gummy bears and cocktails, but the state says the products are illegal.

And millions of dollars are being generated by the medical marijuana industry in Florida, but few banks want the money.


Great-Grandmother arrested at Disney World over medical marijuana

A great-grandmother from North Carolina got a big surprise when she arrived at Disney World—a 12 hour stay in the Orange County jail, writes Calvin Hughes.

Hester Jordan Burkhalter, 69, had been planning and saving for her trip to the Happiest Place on Earth for two years, but the fun was over almost as soon as she arrived, after she was caught with CBD oil by police officers outside of the Magic Kingdom.


Florida is the Nation's fastest-growing medical marijuana market

Despite ongoing efforts by the Florida Legislature to thwart the will of the people, Florida likely has the fastest- growing medical marijuana program in the nation.

More than 213,000 people are enrolled, with 10,000-plus signing up every month.

New York, by comparison, implemented its medical marijuana program 18 months before the Sunshine State and has fewer than half the patients – even though the number of prescribing doctors is similar.

Arizona, which is probably second to Florida (no one group keeps comparable numbers), had almost triple the number of medical pot users at the beginning of 2018. By the end of March, the last numbers available, Florida had 8,000 more.


Bill would hike smoking, vaping age from 18 to 21 in Florida

The minimum age for Floridians to possess tobacco and vaping products that deliver nicotine would rise from 18 to 21 under legislation approved by a state House committee.

The measure that cleared the House Appropriations Committee on Tuesday would also establish 21 as the minimum age for smokable forms of medical marijuana. Members of the military would be exempt from the age restrictions.

Sponsors say the bill would improve public health and reduce government costs of treating cancer, heart disease and other smoking-related illnesses. They say the health effects of vaping are largely unknown and that the practice could lead young people to tobacco.

The vaping industry and some health groups say it can help people quit or avoid smoking tobacco.


Patients, Veterans and scientists react to Florida's proposed THC cap on medical marijuana

A proposed bill to limit the strength of medical marijuana in Florida is garnering some much-deserved criticism from patients, veterans and experts, writes Calvin Hughes.


Florida's latest cannabis legalization Bill is dead

A bill that would have legalized recreational cannabis for adult consumption in the Sunshine State has failed, writes Calvin Hughes.

The bill introduced by Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith (D) would have established a regulated retail market for cannabis, and allowed individuals age 21 and older to possess, purchase and consume cannabis. However, Smith's bill was killed before it began its journey through the legislature.

"It got no hearing, no debate, no vote," Smith told the Sun Sentinel. "Just like they always do."


Florida Lawmakers considering limit on THC in smokable medical marijuana

On March 21, smokable medical cannabis products finally became available in Florida dispensaries. But already, House lawmakers are proposing legislation to limit THC levels in those products. It’s a move that critics say undermines the recent repeal of the ban on smokable medical marijuana. THC limits, they argue, will simply force medical cannabis patients to purchase and smoke more cannabis.


South Florida medical marijuana dispensary offers drive-thru service

There’s a new spot in South Florida where medical marijuana users can pick up their prescriptions without even getting out of their car.

Curaleaf opened their doors about a week ago along 72nd Avenue and about 54th Street off the Palmetto in Miami. They are trying to spread the word about their drive-thru feature.

Curaleaf is the only medical marijuana dispensary in South Florida that can sell through a drive-thru.

The managers say customers are already using the drive-thru on a daily basis.

This is Curaleaf’s third location in Miami-Dade. They said customers were requesting a drive-thru to make it easier for those who have serious conditions and have trouble getting out of the car to get their medicine.


Florida distillery launches cannabis-infused gin and vodka that doesn't taste like 'bongwater'

A distillery in Tampa, Florida has launched cannabis-infused gin and vodka–accompanied by the ringing endorsement that neither beverage tastes like “bongwater.”

Fat Dog Spirits Distillery has created a specialty brand, Nirvana Spirits, that is hemp-flavoured and distilled with cannabis. Though it sounds like a solution for the multitaskers among us who like to get simultaneously lit and liquored without having to do two things at once, it’s a hemp-based product—meaning you’ll only achieve the latter effect.


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