More cannabis distributors expected to enter Florida

The cannabis business seems to be booming, with new dispensaries opening in all corners of Florida. More distributors are expected to enter Florida’s cannabis sector in the next year.

But there are challenges and restrictions around this emerging market. Attorney Matthew Ginder is senior counsel in the Cannabis Law practice group at the South Florida firm Greenspoon Marder.

“The federal illegality of marijuana carries with it risks. Whether it’s banking, tax treatment, just the risk associated with a substance the federal government still considers illegal,” said Ginder.


Smokable medical marijuana ls legal in Florida, judge rules

Florida voters legalized medical marijuana in 2016. But that referendum directed the Florida Legislature — a group dominated by fear-mongering, fun-hating conservatives — to write most of the rules and regulations for medical pot. After a gigantic political battle, the Legislature in 2017 finalized a list of ways that patients could legally ingest medicinal pot. And though they allowed vaporized weed, edibles, sprays, and marijuana oils, they barred patients from smoking weed the traditional way.


Judge to decide Florida ban on smokable medical marijuana

A Florida judge will soon decide if patients approved to use medical marijuana will be allowed to smoke it.

Leon County circuit court Judge Karen Gievers heard testimony Wednesday from two women with terminal illnesses challenging the state’s ban on smoking cannabis.

Voters approved a constitutional amendment in 2016 allowing the use of medical marijuana. The only mention of smoking in the amendment’s language and in an intent document during the 2016 campaign was that the Legislature and local governments could restrict it in public places.

“I don’t think you need to be too much of a legal scholar to understand it means it is allowed in other places,” said John Morgan, who led the effort to get the constitutional amendment passed.


Florida appeals court blocks 'homegrown' marijuana ruling

Siding with the state Department of Health, an appeals court at least temporarily blocked a Tampa businessman from being able to grow marijuana as he seeks to prevent a relapse of lung cancer.

The First District Court of Appeal reinstated a stay of a Leon County circuit judge’s ruling that would allow Joe Redner to grow his own pot for a treatment known as “juicing.”

Circuit Judge Karen Gievers last month ruled that Redner is entitled grow and possess marijuana for juicing under a 2016 constitutional amendment that broadly legalized medical marijuana in Florida.


More than 100,000 sign up to get medical marijuana in Florida

Florida’s medical-marijuana patient database has hit the 100,000 mark, according to a weekly update issued by the state Department of Health’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use.

As of Friday, 100,576 Florida patients had registered with the office, an increase of more than 2,500 in the past week.

Only 75,208 of the registered patients have been issued ID cards allowing them to purchase the marijuana treatment, and nearly 3,000 more applications for the cards are being processed.

According to the update, 1,314 doctors have qualified to order marijuana treatment for patients.


Feds demand that Florida breweries stop making beers with cannabis terpenes

Much like CBD, terpene oil is a completely non-psychoactive ingredient. Regardless, this isn’t stopping the feds from cracking down on terp-infused brews.


Florida court rules that only one medical marijuana patient can grow his own pot

The decision applies to just one specific cancer patient, but it could set a precedent for expanding the state's restrictive medical marijuana laws.

A Florida court has ruled that one specific medical cannabis patient can grow his own marijuana to be used in a plant-juicing regimen recommended by his doctor.

The state's exceptionally strict medical marijuana laws forbid home grows, but Judge Karen Gievers ruled that 77-year-old Tampa resident and cancer patient Joe Redner could be personally exempted from this restriction.


Six terpene infused brews set cannabis beer trend for south Florida

Several South Florida breweries have recently started using terpenes — the non-psychoactive flavor molecules responsible for the aroma and flavor in cannabis — to create new beers.

Locally, much of the recent experimentation is thanks to CW Smith, director of operations for Boynton Beach-based Terpene Station, a business he established in 2017 with the goal of making terpenes available to local brewers who add them to give beer a flavor boost.


Florida company to bring cannabis training to Cleveland

HempStaff, a training and recruiting agency based in Florida, is bringing their Medical Marijuana Dispensary Training courses to Cleveland Saturday, March 31.

The 4-hour course is designed to educate those in the cannabis industry such as business owners, workers and cultivators.

The sessions contain information on Ohio’s cannabis laws and regulations, the various products offered on the market, how to use cannabis for health and information on dosage recommendations.

HempStaff also offers recruitment assistance to students. They review resumes and provide tips on how to connect with employers at dispensaries and cultivation sites who need entry- level applicants.


The status and future of medical marijuana in Florida

Over 70 percent of the voters agreed that Amendment Two, which called for the expansion of medical marijuana should become law, and that patients who qualify should have legal access to medical marijuana.

On election night in November 2016, Florida voters sent a strong message to their state government and to the federal government that the time for legalizing marijuana for qualified patients was well past.

Over 70 percent of the voters agreed that Amendment Two, which called for the expansion of medical marijuana should become law, and that patients who qualify should have legal access to medical marijuana. Amendment


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