Packages of marijuana have been washing up on Florida shore

Officials are urging locals to report the incidents. 

For frequent beachgoers, there’s nothing like finding buried treasure along the shoreline. But it doesn’t always have to be buried to be considered treasure.

According to the St. John’s County Sheriff department, packages of cannabis have been washing up on the Florida shore. But as enticing as 30-pounds of herb might sound, deputies are urging citizens to refrain from bringing the loot home.


Florida: Fort Lauderdale enforces law limiting medical marijuana clinics, even though the state says it can't

Fort Lauderdale officials decided this week to uphold a city ordinance that limits the number of medical marijuana dispensaries allowed to open in the city - despite a state lawthat says it does not have that power.

Florida voters overwhelmingly approved medical marijuana in 2016.

Currently, the four dispensaries that are trying to set up shop in Ft. Lauderdale have applied to open in the same part of the city, the Northeast political district.


Marijuana users being turned away from cannabis industry jobs

One of the first rules of operating a successful black market drug dealing operation is to never get high on your own supply. Well, it turns out this thug-life ethos is being practiced by parts of the legal cannabis industry.

Medical marijuana cultivation facilities, dispensaries and other pot-based businesses operating in the post-prohibition landscape are reportedly rejecting job applicants with a strong admiration for weed.


A candidate backs medical marijuana, and Wells Fargo closes her account

Nikki Fried, a Democrat running for agriculture commissioner in Florida, has made no secret of her support for medical marijuana.

Further expansion of the state’s program is the highest priority on her campaign website. Before entering the race, she ran a lobbying firm, Igniting Florida, and described herself as “one of most visible faces and key activists in Florida’s burgeoning medical cannabis industry.”

Even so, employees at Wells Fargo, where her campaign held an account, had questions about her platform.


Miami-Dade's fifth medical marijuana dispensary opening in Dadeland

Medical pot is on the rise in Florida. Since voters legalized medical marijuana and low-THC cannabis in the November 2016 general election, Florida has added 144,557 patients to the Office of Medical Marijuana Use's user registry, according to the Department of Health’s latest update. For a state with a population of 21 million, about one in 145 Floridians can legally use medical weed.


Florida moves forward on marijuana licenses

State health officials will hold a workshop Aug. 17 to take input on the application process for new medical marijuana licenses.

The workshop, announced Thursday, will deal with one license earmarked for a black farmer who was a member of litigation dealing with federal discriminatory lending practices and four other licenses for applicants seeking entry into the state’s highly restricted medical marijuana market.

The Legislature ordered the new licenses following the passage of a 2016 constitutional amendment that broadly legalized medical marijuana in Florida.


Florida seeks to uphold ban on smoking medical marijuana

Pointing in part to smoking-related health effects, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi’s office on Friday filed a 57-page brief arguing that an appeals court should uphold a decision by the Legislature to ban smoking medical marijuana.

The brief, filed at the 1st District Court of Appeal, came as the state challenges a May ruling by Leon County Circuit Judge Karen Gievers, who said the smoking ban violates a 2016 constitutional amendment that broadly legalized medicalmarijuana.


Scythian Biosciences Corp. moving into Florida medical marijuana market

The deal will see the cannabis company pay $93.3 million in equity and $43.2 million in cash for 70 per cent of CannCure.

Scythian Biosciences Corp., an internationally focused Canadian cannabis company, is pushing into the Florida medical marijuana market after signing an arm’s length, binding letter of intent to acquire CannCure Investments Inc.

The deal will see Scythian pay $93,300,000 in equity and $43,200,000 in cash in return for 70 per cent of CannCure, with an option to purchase the remaining 30 per cent at the same valuation.


Saying ‘yes’ to marijuana money, new bank comes to Florida

Where the big banks say no, Justin Costello is saying ‘yes.’ Foreseeing “a multibillion-dollar industry here,” the head of Seattle-based GRN Funds says his firm has come to Florida to offer banking services to the state’s medical marijuana providers.

It already handles about $500 million in deposits for clients in the cannabis industry on the West Coast. Costello, its chairman and CEO, was in Tallahassee last week to meet with state financial regulators “strictly as a courtesy.” (As a bank, his firm is federally chartered and not regulated by the state, he says.)


Florida gives its medical marijuana office $13.3 million more despite criticism

A joint committee of state lawmakers reluctantly approved another $13.3 million in funding for the state office regulating medical marijuana Thursday, despite being frustrated by delays in implementing the bill that broadly legalized the drug for medical use last summer.

The request from the Office of Medical Marijuana Use, made less than a month after the state’s new fiscal budget went into effect, will go toward several operations, including tracking medical marijuana plants “from seed to sale” through a computer system, securing a vendor for patient identification card processing and paying for legal fees.


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