Joe Rogan’s Kill Cliff is revolutionizing hemp as a caffeine substitute


When functional beverage powerhouse Kill Cliff decided to launch a new line of drinks they turned to ECS Brands for complementary botanicals — specifically, full-spectrum organic hemp oil and CBD.

Kill Cliff Octane uses ECS Brands’ cannabinoid-rich broad-spectrum hemp oil to soften the caffeine’s edges and deliver powerful results for consumers. Each can of Kill Cliff Octane contains 125 mg of ECS Brand’s broad-spectrum hemp oil and 25 mg of CBD.


Federal law still treats marijuana as an illegal drug, creating headaches for states

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States making up 44% of U.S. population have followed Colorado in legalizing adult use

Most states in the U.S. are in violation of a major federal drug statute.

The 1971 Controlled Substances Act lists marijuana in the most dangerous category defined in the law, on par with cocaine and heroin because of its supposed potential for abuse and lack of medical applications.

But 36 states plus the District of Columbia allow either full legalization for adult use or wide scale medical use, putting them at odds with federal law. Congress so far has been unable to come up with a solution, despite support from leading Democrats for a smoother relationship between the states and the federal government.


Department of Corrections Facing Scourge of Smuggled Drugs

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Colorado Department of Corrections officials say there is a scourge of narcotics flowing into the state’s facilities, including ultra-potent, hard-to-detect synthetic drugs that can be absorbed into paper and mailed to inmates.

Prison staff had no idea what was happening when an inmate suddenly lost consciousness at the Limon Correctional Facility in May.


Hydroponic greenhouse gets $140K as incentive to build in Windsor


Windsor's town board on Tuesday unanimously approved a $140,000 incentive package to help attract a $17 million commercial indoor hydroponic farming operation to the Great Western Industrial Park. 

Gotham Greens, founded in Brooklyn, New York, in 2009, wants to build a 120,000-square-foot greenhouse south of Vestas to grow leafy greens and culinary herbs for the Colorado market, co-founder and Chief Financial Officer Eric Haley told the board.

The greenhouse can grow nearly 5,000 tons of lettuce and herbs per year, according to a letter co-founder and CEO Viraj Puri wrote to the town board. This would be the company's ninth facility across the U.S., including a facility in Aurora.


Who will be the Amazon/Tesla of the cannabis industry? Key To Life Supply fits the bill


Who will be the Amazon or Tesla of the cannabis industry? Key To Life Supply fits the bill. With exciting new technologies and products via their re-imagination initiative, Key To Life Supply is now being considered among the Amazon of the Hemp Industry. Its eCommerce website boasts hundreds of new products and grows by the day. It's evident that Key To Life Supply has an ever-expanding group of industry-leading partners that continue to push innovation, technology, and sustainability for all sectors of horticulture.


Colorado Marijuana Tax Revenue Breaks Annual Record


Colorado's annual marijuana tax revenue haul has already reached a new high for the seventh straight year, according to the latest data from the state Department of Revenue.
The DOR's latest monthly report on marijuana tax revenue shows that November's $32.5 million in combined marijuana taxes and fees pushed 2021's overall total past $392.8 million. That's nearly $5.4 million more than the previous record, made in 2020 — with one month left to spare.


Drinkable weed: The newest trend in craft brews

drinkable weed

Cannabis-infused beverages are gaining momentum

Inside a small garage near Golden is another potential budding American success story.

“Apple computer started in a garage. Microsoft also started in a garage,” Keith Villa said.

“This location is exactly 10 minutes to the front door of Coors. I drove it for 32 years.”

Villa’s name might sound familiar. He founded Blue Moon Brewing Company under the Coors brand in 1995.

“My claim to fame is that I started Blue Moon Brewing Company,” Villa said.

“It took a while for Blue Moon to take off. And then, in 2001, people just couldn’t get enough.”

Now, Villa is brewing up what could be the next big thing in the Colorado craft beer market.


Lamar Marijuana Ballot Survives Challenge

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“The Elections Division of the Secretary of State’s Office (Division) moves the Deputy Secretary of State to dismiss the above-entitled Lobbyist Complaint on the grounds that Complainant failed to specifically identify violations of Colorado lobbyist laws under section 24-6-301, et seq, C.R.S.”


A lot more drugs are being confiscated in Colorado prisons as inmates die from overdoses


The Colorado Department of Corrections is asking the legislature for money to create a K-9 team that detect narcotics coming into state prisons

Prison staff had no idea what was happening when an inmate suddenly lost consciousness at the Limon Correctional Facility in May.

It turned out the man was overdosing from fentanyl that had been snuck into the facility on the Eastern Plains. The drug is an opioid said to be 50 times more potent than heroin and 100 times more potent than morphine.

The inmate’s overdose was fatal, and an officer who responded to help him was exposed to the fentanyl and became extremely ill. The officer was given Narcan, an opioid-overdose reversal medication. 


Wellington marijuana initiative officially passes by a single vote


After a recount found no change in the vote totals, Wellington's marijuana ballot measure has officially passed.

The town will repeal its ban on marijuana dispensaries, effective in February. Voters favored ballot measure 2B by a one-vote margin, with 1,678 voting "yes" to dispensaries and 1,677 voting no in Larimer County's final official election results.

The vote totals also stayed the same for the other two ballot items that got recounts: In Loveland City Council's Ward 4 race, Jon Mallo retained a one-vote lead over candidate Caitlin Wyrick, and the Larimer County Harvest Heights Public Improvement District No. 72 Ballot Issue 6B remained tied 15 to 15, meaning the measure to create a special taxing district for road maintenance failed.


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