Colorado marijuana sales in March hit highest monthly total ever

Marijuana sales keep breaking records in Colorado, where dispensaries collected more money in March 2019 than in any other month since recreational pot sales started in January 2014.

According to the state Department of Revenue, legal marijuana products totaling over $142.4 million were sold in March, with recreational pot responsible for the bulk of that. Both recreational and overall sales set records for a single month, beating out the next-highest month, August 2018, by a little over $1 million.


Has cannabis legalization led to fewer teens smoking pot?

In recent years, the idea of the youth being adversely affected by the legalization of marijuana continues to be a common refrain of those in opposition. As recreational marijuana has existed in several states for nearly half a decade, we have the benefit of hindsight and can know with a reasonable degree of certainty if the voters that approved the legalization of marijuana thought of the youth of America.


Chew on this! Wana Tarts adds another micro-dose option to product offerings

Boulder, Colo. (May 6, 2019) — Wana Brands, the No. 1 edibles brand in the United States, has added handcrafted Wana Tarts to its carefully curated line of trusted adult-use and medicinal cannabis products. Available in Mixed Berry (Indica), Hibiscus Lemonade (Sativa) and Black Cherry (1:1 CBD/THC), Wana Tarts burst with fruit flavor and are now available in Colorado, with plans to expand into other legal cannabis markets over the coming year. 


European foothold for ‘World’s Largest CBD Extractor’

Colorado company Mile High Labs has established its first European base in Northern Ireland and recently recorded its first sales in UK and Europe.

Mile High, which describes itself as the ‘largest extractor of CBD isolate in the world’, began operations in Belfast, last year, and in a press release says it has since built out a dedicated team to lead its expansion in Europe.

John Wallace, Managing Director of Mile High Labs U.K./E.U. said: “We are very excited to officially launch European operations with our first sales into the U.K. and E.U. Quality and consistency are of paramount importance in the European market, and we are proud to bring Mile High Labs’ products and standards to customers locally.”


Study: No link between legal weed & traffic deaths

Concerns about road safety are often cited as an argument against cannabis legalization. Now that seven years have passed since the historic votes by Colorado and Washington state to legalize, there is enough data for a statistical analysis of whether these fears are warranted — and one scholar has risen to the occasion. 


Colorado: Marijuana Consumption and Hospitality Businesses passes Legislature

Somehow topping themselves a day after they approved commercial marijuana delivery, Colorado lawmakers just passed a bill that will allow dispensaries, restaurants, hotels and other businesses to apply for pot consumption areas.

Although marijuana has been legal for recreational use since late 2012, proposals that would permit social consumption businesses in Colorado have failed for six straight years. But on May 2, just a day before the  session ends, House Bill 1230 passed through the Colorado Legislature after the House approved technical amendments made in the Senate.


Cannabis and fashion explore sustainability together

Cannabis and sustainability were the focus of Fashion Group Denver’s latest discussion, “Green Is the New Green” on Tuesday, April 23. Entrepreneurs in the cannabis and fashion industries came together at Blanchard Family Wines to discuss how sustainability can be used to a company's advantage, as well as how to create awareness for consumers about what sustainable products look like.


Daniela Vergara: Cannabis research is in dire need of funding

How Genetic Research Impacts Business and Why It’s in Dire Need of Funding

The University of Colorado, Boulder is one of the few universities in the country with a robust cannabis research program. Their team is comprised of some of the most respected scientists in the space, including evolutionary biologist Dr. Daniela Vergara. As the Director of the Agricultural Genomics Foundation and as a Postdoctoral Researcher, she has made a considerable impact in the way cultivators look at their crops. In this interview, Vergara reveals how federally supplied cannabis is creating flawed studies and why genomic research is vital to the growth of the industry.


Legal immigrants being denied citizenship for working in legal cannabis industry

Mayor of Denver, Colorado, Michael B. Hancock, is speaking out after immigrants who work in Colorado’s legal cannabis industry have been denied citizenship.

Mayor Hancock sent a letter to mayors of pro-cannabis cities across the country including:

  • Oakland, CA
  • West Hollywood, CA
  • Portland, OR
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Thornton, CO
  • Everett, WA
  • Seattle, WA

The above cities are part of the Government for Responsible U.S. Cannabis Policy Coalition. Hancock urged the mayors of the cities to protect immigrants who have or are currently working in the legal cannabis industry.


Post-mortem THC tests can not reliably determine intoxication at time of death: study

Impaired driving has been an eternal point of contention in the conversation surrounding cannabis legalization. But many of the reports involving casualties may not be as accurate as previously believed.

The Colorado study, executed by toxicologist and assistant to the coroner Andrea Tully of the El Paso County Coroner’s Office, showed that post-mortem THC testing isn’t adequately reliable to accurately determine whether the deceased was inebriated around the time of death.


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