Denver dispensary offering 1-cent weed deal to support teachers on strike

On Monday, union teachers in Denver, Colorado went on strike. Coming on the heels of a late-January victory for striking teachers in Los Angeles, the Denver teachers’ revolt is taking aim at many of the same issues. More than simply a movement for better wages, striking educators across the country are fighting back against the austerity, privatization and “education reforms” that are shuttering schools and disproportionately harming young students of color. In short, the strikes are about better schools, not just better pay. And for that reason, they’ve garnered massive popular support across the country.


Bill introduced to allow Colorado cops to use own judgement in cannabis DUI arrests

In Colorado, legislators are considering a bill that would leave the criteria of cannabis DUI arrests entirely up to police officers, getting rid of the current legal bloodstream limit of five nanograms entirely. Proponents of the plan rightfully say that the amount of cannabis in the bloodstream needed to inhibit a driver varies from person to person. What could go wrong with letting cops be the judge of when someone is driving under the influence?

“This will negatively impact people of color and poor people,” Larissa Bolivar of the Cannabis Consumer Coalition told Westword.


Top selling edible CEO shares advice on getting into cannabis

Nancy Whiteman is the founder and CEO of Wana Brands, a Colorado based company that produces cannabis infused edibles, and more recently WanaCaps XR, a series of extended released cannabis capsules, writes Lorna Evans. Wana Brands was founded in 2010 and is now a leader in cannabis edibles. Wana’s sour edible gummies not only dominate the Colorado market, but the brand itself is one of the United States' top edible producers. Wana currently supplies markets in Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona, and is looking to expand into Florida, Illinois, and Michigan this quarter.


Calling all coders: The pot industry is tech-hungry

The first rule of cannabis coding: well, there are no rules...yet. Legal cannabis is still very much the digital Wild West for coders.

The Coffee Joint, Denver's only licensed pot lounge, has been hosting a series of sessions called CannaCoding, bringing industry professionals and prospective cannabis coders together to talk about the developing trade. The lounge initially teamed up with Jamison Ordway, a software engineer and regular Coffee Joint visitor, to give cannabis technology (dubbed "cannatech" by those who work in it) a meeting point.


Bill aims to help parents who buy medical marijuana for children

Christine and Matthew Cerrato are grateful to live in Colorado. The state's medical marijuana program has allowed them to better treat their four-year-old son, Ethan, who has epilepsy and chronic kidney disease, among other conditions. Being able to use THC and CBD instead of opioids or other prescription drugs is essential for a better quality of life for the entire family, the parents say.


Yet life for the Cerratos is far from easy.


Future weed: Formulations, patents and where cannabis is going next

When you think of weed, you likely think of a sticky bud, an oil, maybe even a tincture. But what if you reconfigured your notion of cannabis to instead envision an abstract scientific equation? Sure, this may sound like the stuff of stoner sci-fi, except that it’s the real-life direction that the cannabis industry is headed.

That’s because the future of weed is in formulations.


Pot revenue could fund new education and law enforcement programs

The Colorado General Assembly has been in session for less than two weeks, but lawmakers are already hard at work and have introduced more than 200 bills so far.

A key part of a bill's success or failure is how much money it would cost taxpayers and where the money used to fund the initiative would come from. Since 2014, one of the easiest targets for funding has been marijuana tax dollars.


Is smoking cannabis the key to happiness?

Cannabis consumers make more money, spend more time outdoors, volunteer more and are generally more happy about life, according to a recently released study. Is smoking cannabis the key to happiness?

According to BDS Analytics, the “well-adjusted lifestyles seen among cannabis consumers serve as a common theme in the findings in the company’s series of reports, called ‘Public Attitudes and Actions Towards Legal Cannabis’.” The data firm conducted the study in California and Colorado. Research is under way in Oregon and Washington.


Marijuana hasn't hurt booze sales in the three states where weed has been legal the longest

Industry observers expected that the marijuana legalization trend in the U.S. would hurt liquor sales, but a new study from a booze trade association says that hasn't been the case in the three states where weed has been legal the longest.

Overall industry trends remained consistent, according to the Distilled Spirits Council, which did the study. Spirits sales went up in the three states – Colorado, Oregon and Washington state – although wine and beer stayed on their mixed to negative course.

"At this point, we've seen no impact on spirit sales from legalized recreational marijuana," said Chris Swonger, CEO of the Distilled Spirits Council.


It's been 5 years since recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado; Here's where the tax money stands

In just a few days, Denver will hit the five-year mark for the country's first commercial cannabis market. Jan. 1 is the anniversary of legal and recreational marijuana in Colorado. As Denver approaches the milestone, the city shared the following statistics looking back over the years:


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