New research indicates cannabis consumption may motivate one to exercise

New research from the University of Colorado indicates that cannabis may increase the enjoyment of physical activity and help motivate users to exercise. A summary of the research was released recently and the full results of the study will be published soon by the medical journal Frontiers in Public Health.


Colorado study finds regular cannabis users require more anesthesia for medical prcedures

Cannabis users may need more than triple the typical amount of anesthesia for medical procedures according to the findings of a new study.

Colorado researchers conducted the study by examining medical records of 250 patients who had an endoscopy. Of those patients, 25 used cannabis regularly between 2015 and 2017. It was found that patients who used cannabis every day or weekly required 220.5 percent higher of a dose of propofol during sedation than patients who did not. Regular consumers also required 14 percent for fentanyl and 19.6 percent more midazolam.


Colorado marijuana sales continue at record pace in 2019

Colorado marijuana sales continued at a record-breaking pace in February, according to data from the state Department of Revenue. Although sales dropped slightly from the month before, it was the highest-earning February for the marijuana industry since recreational sales began in 2014.


2 legal marijuana workers in Denver were denied citizenship because of their jobs

U.S. immigration authorities blocked two immigrants’ applications for citizenship because of their work in Colorado’s marijuana industry, their attorneys and Denver officials said, accusing the Trump administration of quietly targeting immigrants seeking jobs in the growing field.

Oswaldo Barrientos said he began working in the marijuana industry in 2014, inspired by the research he had done into medical products after his mother’s skin cancer diagnosis. He was brought to the U.S. from El Salvador as an infant and was granted a green card when he was 13.


Colorado Governor signs Bill approving medical cannabis for Autism treatment

Flanked by a kid wearing a “420 Autism” tee, on Tuesday Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed into effect House Bill 1028, which legalizes medical marijuana treatment for autism. “OK kids, that’s how we make a law,” he told the families and advocates who had gathered for the occasion.


Cannabis-related incidents are sending more Coloradans to the ER

Cannabis-related trips to the emergency room have tripled in Colorado over the past five years since cannabis was made legal in the state, according to a new study.  

The study was published Monday in Annals of Internal Medicine following several instances of tourists in Colorado needing to go to the emergency room from cannabis, with symptoms including a racing heart rate, psychotic episodes and excessive vomiting, especially after consuming edibles.


Colorado may have cannabis tasting rooms in 2020

Coloradans are a step closer to being allowed to smoke in social settings thanks to a bill that was introduced last week.

 House Bill 19-1230 would allow a regulated system for people to consume cannabis in social settings. With a proper license, it would allow cannabis hospitality establishments to run where there would be some product sales but would ultimately provide a space for people to consume their cannabis.

If the bill is passed, establishments could be allowed as early as January 2020.


Mayor Hancock asks congress to approve marijuana banking

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock is continuing his pledge to support Denver's marijuana industry, sending a public letter to the United States Congress in support of marijuana banking reform.


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