Cannabis may have originated in northwest China, study suggests

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Cannabis' earliest roots may have stemmed from northwestern China -- not South Asia as commonly believed, according to a study published on Friday.


China bans cannabis cosmetics yet remains a huge hemp producer


  • Since 1985, China has classified marijuana as a dangerous narcotic and possession of hemp seeds is illegal despite the country being the world’s biggest grower
  • CBD skincare and beauty products are trending globally, and Chinese millennials are keen for organic ingredients currently banned at home – will things change?
China says no to cannabis products –including CBD – in cosmetics, despite the growing global trend. 

China Announces Plans to Ban Cannabis for Use in Cosmetics

The future of cannabis in cosmetics in China looks bleak following an announcement by China’s National Institutes for Food and Drug Control (NIFDC) that it plans to ban cannabis compounds for use in cosmetics.

According to the Notice on Amending Inventory of Prohibited Cosmetic Ingredients for Public Comments posted on NIFDC’s official website, the authority is proposing to prohibit the cosmetic applications of cannabis-related ingredients, including cannabis sativa kernel fruit, cannabis sativa seed oil, and cannabis sativa leaf, as well as CBD.
The public has until April 19 to submit their feedback.


Death Penalty for Cannabis: Which Countries Will Kill You

name plate that reads Death Penalty, and legal gavel on a desk

It’s almost hard to believe that as the UN voted on recommendations to globally open the legality of cannabis, that some countries are still so against it that they’ll kill you for crimes related to it. Yup, it might be 2020, but you can still receive the death penalty for cannabis crimes in many different places.


As Medical Cannabis Industry Booms, China Remains Quietly on Top

When a new industry really comes into play, it creates a paradigm shift in its wake, a changed world due to new laws, regulations, business possibilities, new lines of revenue, and new collectors of this revenue. When it comes to the burgeoning global medical cannabis industry, while Africa pushes towards a new paradigm shift, China still remains firmly on top…for now.


Made In America – Domestic Cannabis and Hemp Companies Are Booming Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Amid growing concerns over the coronavirus outbreak impacting global trade, domestic cannabis and hemp manufacturing companies are booming.

Since the beginning of the year, coronavirus has quickly taken over the media and spread around the world. We know that many people think the stories are over-hyped. We also know that, for healthy people under 50 years of age, coronavirus is no more a threat than the common cold.


Coronavirus and cannabis: Vape supply is a concern due to China shutdown

Amid a widespread market selloff due to investor concerns about the COVID-19 outbreak, cannabis companies also have to contend with disruptions involving vaporizer hardware, the vast majority of which is produced in China.

In a normal year, weed companies buying vape hardware from China expect a winter disruption of roughly a month surrounding Lunar New Year, but coronavirus is expected to extend that pause another three to six weeks, according to KushCo Holdings Inc. KSHB, -2.00% Chief Executive Nick Kovacevich. Many companies stocked up ahead of the new year’s celebrations, Kovacevich said.


Vape retailer says coronavirus outbreak will hit cannabis industry

As the coronavirus outbreak wreaks havoc on global stock markets, one company says the unfolding crisis is bound to hit the cannabis industry.

California online vape retailer ProVape said Wednesday the coronavirus is creating issues for industry around the world as Chinese vape manufacturers are being shut down due to their government’s quarantine of millions of people.

The factory shutdowns mean shipments from China of vape hardware such as coils and batteries have dwindled to a “frightening number,” ProVape said.


Can Pot Stocks Benefit From The Coronavirus Virus?

Pot stocks are highly subject to market fluctuations caused by world events. Because of this, anytime a big news story breaks, it could have either a positive or negative effect on which marijuana stocks to buy. Currently, the outbreak of the Coronavirus in several new countries has resulted in world markets tumbling by significant amounts. While this may be only for the short term, it looks like there are some ways in which pot stock investors can benefit from this news.


The surprising way coronavirus affects the marijuana industry

Since its arrival in December, the coronavirus has infected more than 42,000 people and claimed more than 1,000 lives. Many travel plans and routes have been disrupted as well, with some cruise ships facing strict quarantines to diminish the coronavirus from spreading. To further prevent the disease outbreak, at least 24 Chinese provinces have shut down businesses and factories.

This move, while critical to world health, has had a substantial impact on global trade. That includes the cannabis industry, where marijuana vaporizer companies often rely on Chinese manufacturers to produce hardware. You might be surprised to learn that almost every component of vaporizers come from Chinese factories, with cannabis oil serving as the only American-made good in many vaping products.


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