California bill proposes to prohibit employment discrimination against marijuana users

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A bill recently introduced in the California Assembly proposes to prohibit discrimination against employees who use cannabis off the job.

The legislation, Assembly Bill (AB) No. 2188, would amend California’s employment antidiscrimination law, the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), and make it an unlawful practice for an employer to discriminate against an adult applicant or employee based upon the “person’s use of cannabis off the job and away from the workplace.” AB 2188 would also prevent discrimination against an applicant or employee who fails a drug test detecting “nonpsychoactive cannabis metabolites in their urine, blood, hair, or bodily fluids.”


'It's going to be a party': Weed prepares to host blowout 420 cannabis festival

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Where else would you expect a 420 party celebrating marijuana but in the Northern California city named Weed?

The Siskiyou County festival will be centered at a dispensary where you can rent a bong in its "consumption lounge" and there are shops on either side of Weed Boulevard that offer souvenir T-shirts and mugs that proclaim "I (heart) Weed."

The La Florista Cannabis dispensary at 242 Main St. once again will host a cannabis festival on Wednesday, April 20, that promises to attract hundreds of out-of-towners.

"We're going to have the whole street shut down," said La Florista's Jackie Jones, one of the dispensary's inventory managers.

"It's going to be a party. We're so excited."


Announcing Green Horizons, a trailblazing cannabis cultivation and CPG brand campus



Green Horizons’ State-of-the-Art Cannabis Cultivation and CPG Brand Campus is on Track to Make Coachella Valley to Cannabis What Silicon Valley is to Tech

Today Green Horizons announced plans for its massive, trailblazing Canna-Campus in Coachella Valley, which broke ground late last year and is under construction. The first-of-its-kind facility will feature scaled cannabis cultivation alongside CPG brand development, positioning the Company to become one of the largest vertically integrated brand platforms in the world. Green Horizons will also offer campus tours, education and workshops to outside visitors.


Ready Green guide businesses on conversion focused cannabis SEO strategies


Ready Green presents a new guide that educates businesses on conversion-focused cannabis SEO strategies. The guide was compiled by the company’s digital marketing experts and released amid the rise in marijuana legalization across different states in the U.S. The article was published on Ready Green’s website to highlight the need for specialized cannabis SEO for businesses in the industry. 


A new agtech robot enters the crop monitoring category


I’ve suddenly found myself writing a lot about agtech of late. Maybe it’s because spring officially sprung over the weekend – or perhaps it’s that pesky impending environmental collapse that’s frequently top of mind. Whatever the case, I’ve mostly been lamenting a general lack of traction among robotics in the category, so I’m always happy to see a new contender emerge.

A lot of this stuff is also probably top of mind given that the World Agri-Tech Summit is currently happening in San Francisco. Today at the event, Growmark and Solinftec announced a partnership set to bring an unnamed agtech robot to the market. The product is being field-tested for the remainder of the year, and the companies are planning/hoping to bring it to market at some point in 2023.


Black and Hispanic cannabis entrepreneurs in Oakland are facing a harsh reality after years of promises


After California legalized cannabis for recreational use in 2016, Oakland was one of the first cities to grant equity licenses to Black entrepreneurs.

However, a deeper look into the city’s cannabis industry by The New York Times shows the hope of righting historical wrongs is being challenged by troubled business conditions, high taxes, and high-scale robberies.

Alphonso Blunt, a Black man arrested in 2005 for possession, was among the first Black entrepreneurs to be granted an equity license in the state to run a cannabis store, Blunts and Moore.


California bill would legalize interstate cannabis commerce, but isn’t that against federal law?


Cannabis operators in CA could be in for a treat as the most recent proposed cannabis bill will generate more profit for them and the state.

California’s high rate of cannabis production has inspired a bill to commence cannabis exports. California is one of the highest cannabis producing states in the country. It meets its residents’ demand for marijuana every month and still has a surplus to go around. The state could be generating millions of dollars from this product oversupply annually.


Los Angeles’ first cannabis czar Cat Packer steps down


Michelle Garakian, assistant executive director of the Department of Cannabis Regulation, was appointed as interim executive director.

Cat Packer stepped down from her role as executive director of the Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR), home to one of the largest, most challenging cannabis markets in the world. It is with gratitude that we thank her for her service as the city’s first “cannabis czar.” 

Packer served nearly five years, as the first person to assume the role of executive director of the DCR. The department is responsible for administering the cannabis licensing and regulatory program established by the Los Angeles City Council. 


Prison-to-pot farms confront legacy of war on drugs


“Our saying here is we grow weed at a prison to help people get out of prison for growing weed,” said Dan Dalton, a co-founder of the California cannabis company Evidence.

Halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, baking in the 100-degree heat of the Central Valley, a former prison is in the midst of an unlikely second act.

Inside its cinderblock walls, a company is growing the very product that led some prisoners to be locked up there. 

Longtime music manager Dan Dalton and Casey Dalton, his sister, bought the 20-acre site in 2016 for $4.1 million, choosing the location because its dry and sterile environment would provide a secure place to store marijuana.  


California cannabis department proposes new regulatory changes

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The California Department of Cannabis Control is proposing a variety of new changes to “streamline and simplify” the state’s cannabis industry.

The California Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) announced on March 4 that it was releasing a list of changes to the state’s regulations on cannabis. According to a press release, these changes intend to “streamline and simplify” existing cannabis regulations, as well as “enhance consumer protections and make permanent changes that are currently in effect as emergency regulations.”

According to DCC Director Nicole Elliot, these changes are a reflection of the intention of the department to continue bettering the state’s cannabis programs.


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