Armed robber makes off with $1.3 million worth of hemp in Oceanside

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Police said 4,000 pounds of hemp flowers were taken from the business on Seagate Way just before 6:40 p.m.

An armed robber broke into a hemp flower wholesaler in Oceanside Wednesday night, confronted an employee, and made off with $1.3 million worth of product, Oceanside police said.

Someone called police just before 6:40 p.m. to report spotting at least one person outside the Cultivaris Hemp business on Seagate Way, said police spokesperson Jennifer Atenza.

The caller, who was monitoring security footage, also said they couldn’t reach an employee who was at the business.


Licensed Cannabis Growers Can Compete at the California State Fair

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Who will win the coveted Golden Bear award?

The state-sanctioned competition is now open to all California licensed cannabis cultivators who recently became part of the official California State Fair roster of coveted competitors who include the state's producers of wine, craft beer, cheese and olive oil. 

According to Tuesday’s update, the competition will be scored through science-based analysis performed and certified by SC Labs, which is a California-based cannabis and hemp testing lab. In addition, there will be award medals for cannabis flower.

Each cultivar will be tested for chemometric data, using an innovative cannabinoid and terpene reporting platform – PhytoFacts.


Sheriff's 'Hammer Strike' yields 34 arrests, 33,000 marijuana plants throughout San Bernardino County

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Last week marked among the most-sweeping spurts of raids aimed at cracking down on illegal cannabis farming in the High Desert in the more than two months since "Operation Hammer Strike" began.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department said Saturday that since Nov. 1, its five specialized Marijuana Enforcement Teams had arrested 34 people and seized various lucrative black-market goods as a result of 26 search warrants served across nearly a dozen different areas — from Barstow to unincorporated Lucerne Valley, and to Rancho Cucamonga and the city of San Bernardino.


Yes, there are ‘marijuana mortgages’ for California borrowers

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At least one lender has opened the door to income from the marijuana industry buying, refinancing and pulling cash out.

Mortgage lenders knowingly and sometimes unwittingly provide residential purchase and refinance loans to tax cheats, money launderers and even straw buyers.

How so? Lenders typically face a low bar for income documentation, they don’t look too hard and they don’t ask many tough questions.

So, why can’t lenders provide mortgages for legally licensed, self-employed folks in California’s legal marijuana industry?


California legalized weed five years ago. Why is the illicit market still thriving?

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Despite appearances, the state’s cannabis industry is in disarray as legal businesses struggle to make a profit

Five years after cannabis legalization, California is awash with signs of an apparently booming industry. Californians can toke on Justin Bieber-branded joints and ash their blunts in Seth Rogen’s $95 ceramics. They can sip on THC-infused seltzers, relax inside a cannabis cafe, and get edibles delivered to their doors.

But behind the flashy facade, the legal weed industry remains far from the law-abiding, prosperous sector many had hoped for. In fact, it’s a mess.

Voters passed a law in November 2016 making recreational marijuana legal. But today, the vast majority of the market remains underground – about 80-90% of it, according to experts.


Smokable hemp, CBD foods, and cannabis use in California hospitals

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Marijuana activists in California managed to achieve a couple of legislative victories last week. Two bills were put before the governor, the first being the removal of the ban on smokable hemp flower. The second was a measure requiring hospitals to allow qualifying patients access to medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana in California hospitals?

Sen. Ben Hueso (D) has been lobbying for terminally ill patient’s right to use medical marijuana in hospitals and medical facilities. The senator recently sent a letter to the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services seeking clarification on whether the policy change could potentially affect funding for those facilities.


Thumbs down for drive thru cannabis sales in Manteca

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Drive-thru windows to purchase cannabis likely won’t be allowed in Manteca once marijuana dispensaries are legal.

A representative of marijuana retailers pitched the possibility of drive-thru windows saying it would be an effective marketing tool for a Manteca dispensary located near Highway 99. He noted curbside service for orders placed online had been effective and without problem at a number of dispensaries when pandemic lockdown rules were stringent.

The suggestion was made during Wednesday’s City Council workshop on ordinance that would allow marijuana dispensaries and possibly other cannabis related businesses to open in Manteca as early as 2022.


’We’re definitely going to challenge this.’ Fresno denies cannabis shops. What happens now?

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Shock was what Lauren Fontein was left with, following a Fresno City Council hearing on Wednesday that decided the immediate future of five cannabis dispensaries in town.

Fontein’s business, a dispensary/art galley in the Tower District called the Artist Tree, was one of four cannabis licenses denied on appeal by the council during the hours-long meeting.

Also denied were: Haven, at 335 W. Olive Ave.; Public Cannabis, at 1220 E. Olive Ave.; and Cookies, at 7315 N. Blackstone Ave.

A Lemonnade-branded store set to open inside the old Bank of America branch in the Tower was the only cannabis dispensary to overcome the appeal process.

“All of this,” Fontein said, “was done very oddly.”


Grover Beach plans to attract more businesses with reduced cannabis tax

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Producing and distributing pot in Grover Beach is about to be more pocket-friendly thanks to a new drop in commercial cannabis tax.

The Grover Beach City Council unanimously greenlit the plan at its Oct. 25 meeting to attract businesses in the cannabis industry to the beach city. Grover Beach's cannabis industry has been expanding ever since its first legal marijuana business opened in May 2018. In fiscal year 2020-21, the city raked in $2.4 million in cannabis revenue. It's a major leap from the $16,359 the fledgling industry generated that first year.


$8.7 million worth of weed seized from California home

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The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) of the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department (SCSD) didn’t get their man (or woman), but did find a hefty haul of weed with an estimated street value of US$7 million ($8.7 million) last week.

The SIU detectives discovered the 7,000-plus pounds (3,175 kilograms) of processed cannabis after executing a search warrant on a property just outside of Keyes, Calif. at about 7:30 a.m. on Oct. 21, according to an SCSD post on Facebook.

The accompanying video shows a huge number of containers now holding the boxed-up cannabis.


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