California Marijuana Taxes Will Increase New Year's Day

After having avoided an increase in state taxes on legal marijuana, California officials changed course Thursday and announced MJ excise and cultivation taxes will go up effective Jan. 1.

High state and local tax rates have been an industry problem that have made legal businesses less competitive with the illicit market: Unlicensed retailers can lure customers with lower prices, since rogue shops don’t pay any taxes.


Dozens Of Los Angeles Cannabis Retailers Raided In City’s Largest Crackdown

By the time the sun came up on Friday the thirteenth, cannabis law enforcement agents had seized $8.8 million worth of cannabis products, including some 10,000 counterfeit vape pens and $129,000 cash, from two dozen unlicensed cannabis shops in Los Angeles, California. From December 10 – 12, investigators with the state’s Bureau of Cannabis Control and the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Cannabis Enforcement Unit served search warrants at dozens of cannabis retailers, rounding up and arresting staff and confiscating products and cash.

The week-long mass raids represent the largest crackdown on the illicit cannabis industry in Los Angeles. And chief cannabis regulators vow there’s more to come.


California declares marijuana smoke, THC a risk to pregnant women

A California panel voted on Wednesday to require warning labels for cannabis products sold legally in the state.

California’s Developmental and Reproductive Toxicant Identification Committee made the decision after concluding that marijuana smoke and its active ingredient, THC, are harmful to pregnant women and the development of the fetus, says Tracy Woodruff, a professor at the University of California, San Francisco, and a member of the committee.

“We reviewed probably several hundred studies,” Woodruff says of the committee’s research. “We were focused on the effects of exposure to cannabinoid smoke and THC on development, so development of the fetus.”


San Francisco's first black owned dispensary to open this month

Growing up, San Francisco’s first Black dispensary owner Shawn Richard sold marijuana on the streets of the Haight Ashbury neighborhood. He was far from the first person to do so. The Haight gave birth to the 1960s hippie movement and cannabis has long been a cornerstone of the area’s culture.

But now, on December 21, Richard will open the doors of Berner on Haight, the neighborhood’s very first legal marijuana dispensary.


California Could Declare THC A Risk For Pregnant Individuals

More than three years after California voters broadly legalized marijuana, a state panel is considering if its potent, high-inducing chemical — THC — should be declared a risk to pregnant women and require warnings.

Studies have indicated that a rising number of mothers-to-be have turned to marijuana products for relief from morning sickness and headaches, though it’s effectiveness has not been backed by science.


How California Is Killing off High-end Cannabis Edibles

Would-be cannabis entrepreneurs might commit a drastic act to have Christopher Schroeder’s problems. The founder of Somatik, a San Francisco Bay Area-based cannabis startup that manufactures THC and CBD-infused coffee drinks and chocolate-covered espresso beans produced in concert with existing, well-known consumer brands, launched his company to a round of positive press. The warm reception was an object lesson that in the cannabis legalization era, there was a big market for high-end cannabis edibles. Schroeder’s stated dream — to see Somatik cold-brew coffee on tap in high-end cafes, next to the “unleaded” cold crew and the kombucha — seemed within reach.

Then legalization happened.


New rule proposed for out-of-state medical marijuana users

Rhode Island agencies have proposed a new regulation on the sale of medical marijuana that would require out-of-state patients to present identification from their state as proof of residency.

Last year, state lawmakers began allowing dispensaries to sell to out-of-state residents, and 6,500 people who were Rhode Island residents changed their patient card addresses to California, according to the Providence Journal.

Many patients are looking to California because the patient-card rules there are more relaxed there than they are in Rhode Island, the paper reported.

“(The California card) was easier to afford. ... I make no money and have a lot of medical bills to pay,” user Alexa Coffey said.


These Three US Cities Smoke More Marijuana Than Tobacco

These are the only three American cities where residents smoke more cannabis than nicotine.

For a portrait of what marijuana normalization resembles, look no farther than Seattle, San Francisco, and Portland. Those are the only three American cities where residents smoke more cannabis than nicotine, according to analytics firm Nielsen.


What Travelers Need To Know About Flying With Weed

With the laws surrounding cannabis -- both marijuana and hemp -- constantly changing, confusion for cannabis consumers arises when it comes to traveling to and from states where weed is legal. This is especially true when it comes to flying with weed. 

Cannabis consumers should empower themselves with an understanding of the laws and regulations concerning cannabis so that they can consume weed legally and fly safely. First and foremost, that means knowing that marijuana possession is illegal under federal law. 


California Raises Cannabis Business Taxes, Legal Operators Worry It Will Drive Illicit Market Growth

This move will only further oppress an already weak legal market and fuel the thriving illicit market, according to industry insiders.

The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration has announced that it will increase taxes on the regulated cannabis industry yet again. The markup rate for the marijuana excise tax will increase from 60% to 80% on New Year’s Day.


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