L.A. cultivators, Jungle Boys, raided over bogus late fees


TLC, home of the Jungle Boys, was raided by law enforcement over $66,000—which the collective had already disputed, and had a hearing date for.

Tuesday night saw one of Los Angeles’s most storied dispensaries have a rough run-in with law enforcement and The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration.

TLC is famously the headquarters of the Jungle Boys. They are one of the premier examples of urban farmers bootstrapping their way to success in the modern cannabis industry, which has seen so many tragically fall short and have to sell a piece, or sell out completely. So as one of the culture’s best success stories in a world of corporate dogs, the community was pissed to see what they had to go through last night. 


City of cannabis: an inside look on the impact illegal grows have on the Northstate

officer and woman

Mount Shasta is a beacon on the horizon in Siskiyou County with clear skies and beautiful open land.

However, as you drive through the rural communities, greenhouses and trash-filled illegal grows dotting the hillsides create another perception entirely.

“There’s a correct way to grow cannabis and this is not it,” Siskiyou County Sheriff Jerimiah LaRue said.

The Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department received a search warrant to eradicate an illegal marijuana grow just south of Yreka. The parcel had 107 greenhouses, and each greenhouse had an estimated 1,000 individual plants.

“We’re dealing with a city of cannabis,” LaRue said.


Santa Barbara County opens the door to more cannabis processing


But Stiffer Odor-Control Regulations Are Coming in North County, Supervisors Say

The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors this week expanded the burgeoning cannabis industry in the North County and Carpinteria Valley, removing processing buildings from the acreage caps on cultivation there — a change that some residents viewed as a broken promise.

The new rule was part of a final 4-1 vote on Tuesday, with Chair Joan Hartmann opposed, on several amendments to the county’s cannabis business license.

Also on Tuesday, the board unanimously approved a 25,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art processing building at Glass House Farms, where eight acres of cannabis are under cultivation at 3561 Foothill Road in the Carpinteria Valley.


Tax hikes continue to hit the cannabis industry hard



Santa Cruz County is seeing a decline in its cannabis industry, with tax revenues falling far short of projections for the 2021-22 fiscal year.

County officials say that current revenues of $1.68 million are lagging behind projections by more than $1 million, and by $1.6 million for the previous year.

The County currently has 12 licensed retail locations in its unincorporated area, along with 76 non-retail businesses.

A total of six cannabis businesses have closed over the past fiscal year, a trend industry professionals say could continue.


California bill would protect cannabis users from employment discrimination


A new bill in California hopes to end discrimination against those who use cannabis outside of the workplace.

California employers would be barred from discriminating against employees for cannabis use while off the job under legislation introduced last week. The measure, AB 2188, was introduced in the California Assembly by Democratic Assembly Member Bill Quirk on February 15.

If passed, AB 2188 would end discrimination based on drug testing for cannabis metabolites, which are non-psychoactive substances that can be detected in a person’s bodily fluids for up to several weeks after they have consumed cannabis. 


Pocket-sized, potent cannabis beverage drink loud launches in california

beverage cans


Cannabis beverage Drink Loud has launched its tiny-but-mighty cannabis potion into dispensaries throughout California. Made with 100 milligrams of cannabis packed into a 1.8 ounce bottle using proprietary nanotechnology,  Drink Loud is both the smallest and most potent cannabis beverage for a fun, discreet, affordable and fast-acting uplift.

Manufactured and distributed by Rove Brands, Drink Loud is shelf-stable and candy-flavored, available in four tropical flavors: Chill; Kush Berry, Spark; Cucumber Haze, Maui Blast; Pina Colada and Cruise; and Pink Lemonade. Its pocket size, nano-fast onset and high potency, makes Drink Loud potions more like a liquid vape than a traditional cannabis beverage.


Super Bowl LVI: Marijuana sales in California go high during Sunday game

football on a field


A joint, edible or any other cannabis product. All of that will be a first for the Super Bowl. On Sunday, some fans will enter a marijuana dispensary, located less than two miles from SoFi Stadium.

Consumers not only find pre-rolled joints, but also cannabis-infused edibles, beverages and candies, identified with the colors of the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals.


Carpinteria Cannabis Greenhouse Gets Green Light for New Odor Controls; Opponents Plan to Appeal

cannabis crop

Santa Barbara County Planning Commission approves permits for cannabis farms near Carpinteria High School.

One of the largest cannabis greenhouse projects in the Carpinteria Valley, a close neighbor of Carpinteria High School and a flashpoint in the local pot wars, had its permit unanimously approved by the Santa Barbara County Planning Commission this month, amid hopes that an emerging technology from the Netherlands will give residents some lasting relief from the “skunky” stench of pot.


Ski slopes on federal lands in legal states have to walk a tightrope

ski lift at resort

You want to allow cananbis use but your business sits on Federal land, now what?

Ski resorts are caught in the middle of murky legal issues surrounding state and federal cannabis policies.

China Peak Mountain resorts have been forced to position some workers to enforce federal cannabis policies around their property. The recent happenings at this establishment make it a perfect example to describe the contrasting state and federal laws.

The Cannabis Policy at China Peak Mountain

China Peak Mountain is a ski resort in California, located 110 kilometers northwest of Fresno. However, it operates primarily on federal lands. Therein lies the dilemma.


Chico council pushes back on additional cannabis delivery

delivery box

CHICO — The Chico City Council voted 4-3 against receiving more information regarding additional cannabis delivery services.

City Attorney Vincent Ewing brought an item before the board Tuesday requesting that it use its legislative power to allow for additional delivery services within Chico in an effort to provide additional tax revenue.

After giving the green light for no more than three cannabis storefronts in the city, the recent discussions the council has taken part in have revolved around bringing in non-storefront businesses related to the industry such as testing, manufacturing and distribution. The item presented before the board Tuesday would have allowed for delivery-only businesses to come in.


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