EU Cannabis: when prohibition does not equal lower consumption

In Europe, the legislation varied from one country to another. And the most stringent laws do not necessarily produce the best effects.

According to the French Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (OFDT), nearly one in two French smoked cannabis. However, France has one of the toughest laws on drug use, even so-called "soft" drugs. In Europe, laws differ. On one hand the countries that decriminalize, are tolerant, do not condemn. And conversely those which are very severe. Scientific studies are struggling to establish links between the laws in force and the actual consumption of drugs. If consumption is sometimes tolerated in different forms, the sale and cultivation of cannabis are of course mostly misdemeanors.

Countries that tolerate


Belgium on board the drugs deregulation train

A generational challenge on the legalisation of cannabis is taking place in Belgium, where young members of almost all political parties have submitted a bill to revise drug policy. They say that so far this has failed. In fact, despite the repressive laws, marijuana is the most widely used illegal psychoactive substance in the country.


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