The sale of cannabis peaked in Belgium

From 2012 to 2014, the number of cannabis possession charges increased from 21,000 to 30,000 in the country, an increase that exceeds 40%. In ten years, the number of established events was doubled.

This is what was indicated Friday the Last Hour.

Meanwhile, the number of cannabis sales made increased from about 4,000 to 5,000, in two years (+ 20%). These figures relate mainly to marijuana and not cannabis resin. These developments are largely due to the activity of the police in Antwerp, Brussels and Liege with cumulative sales and possession made up a strong increase of 45%.

This is a "historic high" according to Michel Bruneau, the Commissioner for Federal police narcotics section.


Note this article was translated from its original in french.


Belgian teenagers seeking help for cannabis use

Increasing numbers of Belgian teenagers are seeking help for cannabis use, De Standaard reported on Monday.


Belgium Authorises the Spray Made from Cannabis

After France, Belgium also gives the green light to the commercialisation of Sativex. An oral spray containing cannabis as ingredient and addressed mainly to people with multiple sclerosis.

The Minister of Health, Maggie De Block, has signed the royal decree which allows the distribution of the drug in pharmacies since the end of June.

The distribution is, of course, subjected to medical prescription.


Belgium: medical marijuana to be sold as from this summer

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BRUSSELS, June 12 (Xinhua) -- Medical marijuana is to go on sale in Belgium as from early July, De Morgen reported on Friday.

A royal decree legalising the sale of cannabis for pain alleviation was signed by Health Minister Maggie De Block on Thursday.


Belgian Cannabis Social Club Mambo has high hopes for appeal case

Cannabis Social Clubs are the solution, not the problem.

HASSELT, BELGIUM – On Thursday May 28th, the appeal in the case against Mambo Social Club will be held in the court of Antwerp. Mambo is the second Cannabis Social Club in Belgium and was sentenced by the Court of First Instance last year, for cultivation and possession of cannabis. President and founder of Mambo Social Club, Michel Degens, expects a positive outcome: “Cannabis Social Clubs offer a safe alternative to adult consumers who don’t want to buy cannabis on the black market. It’s a non-profit model of cannabis production and distribution that promotes health, safety and responsibility. Cannabis Social Clubs are the solution, not the problem.”



Legal status of cannabis in Belgium – an overview

Belgium has an unusual history in terms of drug policy. For decades after prohibition, all drugs were treated similarly harshly. At the turn of the 21st century, cannabis laws were relaxed and personal quantities tolerated. However, a change of government late last year may spell an abrupt end to this tolerant approach.

Legal aspects concerning consumption, possession and cultivation of cannabis

Cannabis possession & consumption

Belgium has several cannabis social clubs supplying small quantities to individuals in need


Energy up in Smoke: The Carbon Footprint of Indoor Cannabis Production

What kind of facility has lighting as intense as that found in an operating room (500-times more than needed for reading), 6-times the air-change rate of a biotech laboratory and 60-times that of a home, and the electric power intensity of a datacenter?

The emergent industry of indoor Cannabis production results in prodigious energy use, costs, and greenhouse-gas pollution. Large-scale industrialized and highly energy-intensive indoor cultivation of Cannabis is driven by criminalization, pursuit of security, and the desire for greater process control and yields. The practice occurs across the United States and in many other countries.


EU Cannabis: when prohibition does not equal lower consumption

In Europe, the legislation varied from one country to another. And the most stringent laws do not necessarily produce the best effects.

According to the French Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (OFDT), nearly one in two French smoked cannabis. However, France has one of the toughest laws on drug use, even so-called "soft" drugs. In Europe, laws differ. On one hand the countries that decriminalize, are tolerant, do not condemn. And conversely those which are very severe. Scientific studies are struggling to establish links between the laws in force and the actual consumption of drugs. If consumption is sometimes tolerated in different forms, the sale and cultivation of cannabis are of course mostly misdemeanors.

Countries that tolerate


Belgium on board the drugs deregulation train

A generational challenge on the legalisation of cannabis is taking place in Belgium, where young members of almost all political parties have submitted a bill to revise drug policy. They say that so far this has failed. In fact, despite the repressive laws, marijuana is the most widely used illegal psychoactive substance in the country.


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