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Alabama medical marijuana bill requiring negative pregnancy test ‘clearly unconstitutional,’ opponents say

woman with pregnancy test

An Alabama bill that would require all women between the ages of 13 and 50 to show a negative pregnancy test before being able to buy medical marijuana is “unprecedented” and “clearly unconstitutional,” advocates say.

The bill, introduced by practicing OB/GYN and state Sen. Larry Stutts, R-Tuscumbia, would require “all women of childbearing age” to either test negative on a doctor-administered pregnancy test or show documentation from a “certified medical lab” that they are not pregnant.

The legislation, which passed the Senate Children, Youth and Human Services Committee on Thursday, would also ban breastfeeding women from obtaining medical marijuana.


Decriminalizing marijuana bill set for Senate vote


A bill nearly 4 years in the making to decriminalize marijuana in Alabama is set to head to the full Senate. This comes after the Senate Judiciary Committee passed Senator Bobby Singleton’s bill Wednesday. Senator Singleton’s bill would decriminalize possession of marijuana up to two ounces from a criminal penalty to a civil fine. Two offenses could reach up to a $500 dollar fine with a third offense reaching up to a $750 fine and a possible felony.

Last year the bill made it to the floor before it was shot down by 2 votes.

Singleton said he spoke with many organizations and Alabamians who wanted this bill back on the table this year and he’s hoping the bill can finally be passed.


Montgomery city council approves ordinance for medical cannabis dispensary

cannabis on table

Montgomery city leaders are taking steps to bring a medical cannabis dispensary to the capital city.

On Tuesday, council members unanimously approved an ordinance authorizing the operation of a medical cannabis dispensary within city limits. The law recently passed in the legislature allows for five dispensaries across the state. City leaders say they want to make sure Montgomery is one of those possible destinations.

”Dispensaries are looking for cities to be proactive in saying ‘we’re open for business,” Councilman CC Calhoun said. “It’s an opportunity to create economic development and an opportunity to create jobs. They’re not looking to bring dispensaries into a city that’s not willing to say, ‘hey, we’re willing to do business.’ It’s taxable.”


United States Hemp Building Foundation Brings the Future of Construction to Alabama


 As the world focus falls on COP26 and the urgent need to take drastic action to decrease our collective carbon footprint, the hemp building industry is poised to take a leading role. The building industry accounts for 40% of the world's carbon footprint. High performance sustainable building materials are needed to continue growing as a society without sacrificing the planet. Hemp-lime, or hempcrete, construction is emerging as an answer to this existential crisis.


Alabama hemp growers must apply for license by today

growing cannabis

The deadline is today for anyone who wants to grow hemp legally in Alabama. The plant was decriminalized in Alabama back in 2016. It has to have less than 0.3% of the marijuana-type chemical that makes you high in order to be legal. All hemp growers must apply annually to receive a hemp license. Hassey Brooks is the Deputy Commissioner for the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industry. His department collects and reviews all hemp grower applications.

“Since we started the program in 2019, year one we had about 140 growers. That number drastically increased in 2020," he said. "We had over 400 licensed growers, and then in 2021 we have had less than 200.”

Brooks said industrial hemp is an effective alternative crop.


Medical Cannabis Commission doctor details product mixes, costs

medical cannabis

Commission member Blakemore said it’s crucial to maintain price transparency and breaks down what makes cannabis products work.

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission heard from commission member Sam Blakemore Thursday regarding various types of cannabis products that could be made available.

Blakemore said the maximum number of days that could be purchased at a time will be 60, while patients will be allowed to possess up to 70 days worth of cannabis at a time. The maximum dosage would be 75 mg a day of Delta 9 THC and the maximum potency for minors would be 3 percent.

However, Blakemore said there could be room for deviation in some instances.


Alabama can learn from other states’ medical marijuana programs, expert says

The Alabama Political Reporter spoke at length with Dr. Jan Roberts on Alabama’s pending medical marijuana legalization program. Roberts is an Alabama native and an internationally recognized psychotherapist, educator, and speaker, as well as a founder of Holistic Integrative Psychotherapy, and The Cannabinoid Institute.

APR: Alabama has an epidemic for opioid abuse. Have Alabama doctors been over-prescribing opioids and would medical marijuana make more sense for many of those patients rather than being prescribed opioids or any hard narcotics?


Group to begin work on Alabama’s new medical marijuana program

The 14 people who will oversee Alabama’s new medical marijuana program will gather for the first time Thursday.


Applying for a License to Dispense Medical Cannabis in Alabama

Alabama became the 36th state to allow cannabis for medical use when Gov. Kay Ivey signed into law the Darren Wesley ‘Ato’ Hall Compassion Act on May 17, 2021. The act establishes a process through which applicants will compete for a limited number of licenses in the following categories: (1) cultivator; (2) processor; (3) dispensary; and (4) “integrated facility” (which can cultivate, process, transport, and dispense medical cannabis under one license), as well as a to-be-determined number of licenses for secure transporters and testing laboratories.


Cannabis cards in Alabama? Not so fast, says Alabama Board of Medical Examiners

Despite some businesses claiming so, you can’t yet register for a cannabis card in Alabama.

Wednesday, the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners warned the public to be on the lookout for businesses claiming they can help them receive or get pre-registered for a state cannabis card by having a physician evaluate them.

The state medical cannabis law passed in May still requires several steps before medicinal use is legal in Alabama.


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