Niche Marijuana microbusiness may be on its way to Michigan

Niche marijuana microbusiness may be on its way to Michigan

A tool and die shop along Ford Road has its sights set on the marijuana industry.

R&A Tool and Engineering, 39127 Ford Road, is looking to add a marijuana microbusiness, called Ancient Herbs, to its property.

Westland City Council approved the business last summer. Owner Greg Raymond is now seeking a special land use approval for the microbusiness, and planning commission members voted to recommend council approve that use during a Tuesday, May 7, meeting.

"I’m going to do my best to make this a win-win situation for the city and for my employees," Raymond said. "I understand the responsibility that comes with a license, and I’m willing to take that on."

Microbusinesses can grow 150 plants on site and then process and package those plants into products people can only purchase at the microbusiness. Because of their independent nature, microbusinesses tend to offer a more unique product.

The shop, if approved, would be the second to open in Westland. The city expects to see a significant tax revenue boost from such businesses in the next six years.

Raymond said the tool and die shop has struggled in recent years, and he sees the marijuana industry as a way to keep a property that's been in his family for decades afloat. Raymond said he'd continue to operate the tool and die shop for as long as possible, but it will eventually cease operations. He hopes to add about 30 employees for the microbusiness.

"That building has been in my family since 1968," he said. "We’ve had that tool and die shop there forever – at least 50 years. The business has kind of gone downhill because a lot of stuff in the automotive industry went to China. We’re just trying to play the cards we were dealt."

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