Michigan recalls 1,100 Marijuana joints believed to be infused with untested additives

Michigan recalls 1,100 Marijuana joints believed to be infused with untested additives

Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency Recalls Nearly 1,100 Pre-Packaged Marijuana Joints Over Safety Concerns.

Nearly 1,100 pre-packaged marijuana joints already sold or in inventory at 20 dispensaries across Michigan were recalled over public health concerns Wednesday, May 15.

The Cannabis Regulatory Agency accused the manufacturer, Flavor Galaxy, which operates a processing facility in Hazel Park, of adding ingredients to the joints after they underwent safety testing, in violation of state rules, and of failing to properly enter tracking data in the statewide monitoring system, known as METRC.

Denise Policella, a Lansing-based attorney who represents Flavor Galaxy, said allegations that the manufacturer added ingredients after initial safety testing “simply did not happen,” and is an “assumption by the CRA” based on a former Flavor Galaxy employee who manipulated data in the statewide marijuana tracking system.

The CRA recall bulletin said investigators “discovered that Flavor Galaxy did not submit certain infused pre-rolls for testing in their final form” and only tested the raw marijuana flower contained in the product.

Manufacturers “infuse” marijuana flower by adding distillate, which is concentrated, high-potency THC oil, and terpenes, naturally occurring compounds that enhance smell and taste.

According to testing rules, if a manufacturer adds terpenes or distillate, the product must be retested in its final form before being sold to customers.

Beyond the recalled pre-rolls, the CRA issued a consumer advisory on other Flavor Galaxy products, including vaping cartridges and pre-rolls, that the agency believes may not have undergone required safety testing. A full list of those affected products are posted on the CRA website but they were not recalled.

“In this case, the facts available to the agency supported a recall for certain products and an advisory for others,” CRA spokesman David Harns said.

“We wish to assure our valued cannabis consumers and trusted retail partners that at no point has Flavor Galaxy ever added any marijuana product or ingredient to any of our products after safety compliance testing or after they were in final form, and any suggestion otherwise is as bizarre as it is offensive,” said a statement issued by Flavor Galaxy. The company said its products passed testing, are properly labeled, have not caused any negative health effects and remain “unequivocally safe.”

Policella said the CRA placed nearly half of Flavor Galaxy’s product on hold in February while the investigation was ongoing. The hold on those products that were not recalled has been lifted.

This is the first formal product recall issued by the CRA since July 2021, based on a review of the previously posted safety recalls and advisories. The CRA has issued at least two consumer advisories and five voluntary recalls since that time. A voluntary recall indicates the manufacturer doesn’t dispute the CRA investigation’s findings.

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